Monday, October 3, 2011

UN email copy (sent after 1st email)

I sent my first email to the UN civil society department and infodesk, on September 2nd or 3rd, 2011. I got a personal response from a woman who had an Eastern European sounding name, something slavic, and the first name was Ingrid or Ingride and then a last name with about 6-7 or more letters and she responded from the Civil Society department, not the info desk. She wrote about her concerns and explained about inquiries, and forwarded a link and then I wrote again, and said before I make a formal inquiry, could someone investigate? My first email was to the point and stated my mother and father were forced to work for the United States, we were all being tortured, and we are being held hostage. I sent it on September 2nd or 3rd, 2011, got a response immediately, and wrote again. Someone deleted my emails from the 3rd (I guess because they don't want anything that might show the entire Department of Education suddenly decided to quit processing my loan for college right after. Then, within a couple of days, the U.S. threatened the UN with a 22 billion dollar cut-off. This is the second email I sent, and it's more wordy and all over the place. But the first one was succinct and I got a response from a specific woman.

Since that date, I witnessed my parents being tortured more, along with me, severely beaten by the FBI, interrogated, and then they were issued "passports" with fake dates to make it look like they've had them all along and are free to travel. After they took the photos and issued the passports, my mother had her cut again and lightened so it looked like the photos were older when they're not.

The FBI went out of their way to beat my parents, and obstruct justice and they tortured all of us and then my case for Appeal to have my son was lost.

I can prove the FBI is involved, because I am able to identify the passports as fraudulent documents they concocted in case the UN or I or someone else wanted to see if they had them and could leave.

The U.S. tortured us, beat us, and raped us since I made this report on September 3, 2011.

Here is the second email which was not deleted by anyone like my first email and response was.

Report of Torture in U.S. for Inquiry‏
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Hello Madam or Sir: I am writing in regard to a series of actions taken against me and my family in The United States of America. I would like to make a formal individual complaint, but before I do, I also read that sometimes your committees may make independent inquiries or investigations into allegations of torture. I have several severe allegations of torture, including but not limited to, systematic and regular physical and bodily torture against me, my parents, and my son and I believe there are others as well. I'm aware that most of my complaints to your organization should be able just myself or someone incapable of making their own complaint (such as my son), however, I include my own parents in this complaint because it is my belief that they are incapable and unwilling to make a complaint for themselves because they are restricted from doing so by persons who work for the U.S. government and possibly, there is additional mafia association with the U.S. government parties involved. When I say restricted, I mean they are tortured or somehow they may have been blackmailed to do as asked (i.e., if you don't, we'll kill your kids,...) I have repeatedly tried to get the attention of the FBI in the United States and several of them blocked me from entering the building after telling me to come down in person and then my email contacts were ignored. I also telephoned and was told they "Do not take complaints from Cameo Garrett." (Seattle, WA FBI field office). I have attempted to obtain whatever is in my file about my name and person, for almost a decade and they ignored all of my written requests. After 2 years, they sent a notice that said they had nothing for a "Mr. Garrett". I made my complaint again and they constantly send back replies that said they could not find me and came up with excuses. At last, I got one from Washington D.C. headquarters and they said they had nothing from me. I know this to be untrue because I had made contact with an agency myself and was visited by a supervisor. Since this time of contact with the FBI supervisors in Portland, Oregon, I have been harassed to no end by police and law enforcement from one state to the next. I had to move and relocate because of false tickets and vandalism occuring to my car and property at least once a week. I repeatedly asked for help and got none. At the same time, a complaint I made of being raped when I was a virgin was thrown out and I was told not to pursue it. While I was being told not to pursue it, by Detective Gross, when it was a good case, I then found out the Portland police Sgt. was bribed to drop a complaint of sexual misconduct that I made about 2 FBI agents. A defamatory article was published about me with my face on the front page of the 2nd largest paper in Oregon and I am not sure who was behind the funding for it. I began having repeated break-ins and robberies and my medical records were stolen. I was refused access to other medical records that I had. I moved to Washington State in 2004-2005 and began having conflicts with my parents after I was targeted by a hit-and-run driver in Tigard, Oregon, and after I reported FBI for misconduct. The conflicts were regarding my lawsuits and I believe it is at this time that some group tried to put the squeeze on my parents to get me to stop. They later went after my grandparents with a letter in Washington State so it is my belief they went to my parents first. The letter to my grandparents was a threat from a law firm that represented a Catholic Archdiocese and Abbey that I was suing. I attempted to move from Oregon to Washington and I was followed by police and pulled over a number of times without reason. Once or twice I was speeding and other times I wasn't doing anything wrong. Then, I had a clean record and hadn't been charged with anything in my life and I was supposed to receive $50,000 for the hit-and-run to file by a deadline. I was arrested on false charges for the first time in my life and thrown into jail until the deadline expired. Immediately prior to this, I had a Judge in Wenatchee, WA collude with the law firms I was against in Oregon, and he put out a false alert to have me pulled over with a suspended license. My license was not suspended and even though he knew it, he refused to correct it. I had to have it corrected by the DMV in town. It cost me over 1 week in a hotel and money to prove I was innocent and right after this, I complained about this Judge and he had police go out to arrest me on false charges. The charges were dismissed and I had lawyers in town offering to adopt my baby before it was born. I said no. I found out one of the women who kept following me around was a social worker for Washington State and she was present when I was approached by a lawyer's wife to give me unborn baby away. I was 30 years old and said no. Then the social worker sat down and tried to pressure me, telling me it wasn't good for a baby to not have a father and I should give it away. I was polite and I refused. This was when I was about 6-7 months pregnant. At this time I tried to get records about legal matters from Oregon and from the FBI and I was either ignored or mailed notices that said they knew nothing about me. When I had my son, I had an abnormal delivery with excessive force. It was more than abnormal, it bordered on criminal. It was in a hospital where I had told them ahead of time my first doctor said I could not deliver naturally and it had to be a C-section. Instead of doing this, the midwife who was licensed there, turned off all of my painkiller and epidural drips and she inserted her fingers into the womb and pushed on a part of my son's head for over an hour. She was preventing him from being delivered. Instead of allowing my son to be born, she pushed him back and used forced against his skull which resulted in a hemmorhage and damage. She yelled at me and insulted me during the delivery, telling me I wasn't pushing. And then she grabbed a vaccum and forced him out when I had been asking for the C-section from the start. She is married to a police officer who felt insulted that I was trying to find accountability for what the law enforcement and Judges in the town were doing. I was later followed and pulled over by police after my son was born and I dared complain about what happened. I was stopped and pulled over about 30 times, for no reason, in 2 months time. When my son was born we were all extremely injured and not released from the hospital for 2 weeks. Then I was on a catheter for a month. My son's head injury was so severe he couldn't nurse without extreme pain. I started looking for a law firm and vandalisms to my car and house began. It was 2x/week and sometimes more often. Police in Wenatchee refused to take reports even though I called and would say over the phone, "Oh yeah, yeah, we believe you." Then an officer came out and told us to move out of the State. I was sobbing and he said, "If you don't like it, you can MOVE." I said, "I've already moved from Oregon to Washington." Next, as I was trying to file a complaint against the Judge who illegally put me in jail and said my license was suspended and while I was calling Portland police to make my sexual misconduct claim against the FBI, another Judge in town had his wife come to my house and they threatened me and then I was told an offer was made by CPS and the State. They wanted me to leave the State of Washington and move to Utah and they were going to pay for the cost. It was an offer made by my social worker. I was in counseling at the time of my own accord and had no mental illness. It was regular counseling. The psychologist confirmed that I had no mental illness. Then, when I refused to leave WA state, my son and I started experiencing something that I couldn't explain. I didn't know if we'd had something bad to eat, or drink, or if it was a toxin in the air, or if it was technology. We became extremely ill and then I noticed it was only at night and both of us would twitch the entire night and feel hot. My son was twitching as much as I was and he was a baby and slept next to me. Then too, an acquaintance who visited me at my house was shot and killed one day after visiting me. My computers had a ton of problems but the main problem I had was with the community and FBI and police harassing me. My son and I were so extremely ill, I took both of us to the hospital and from there, doctors and others who knew I was tryiing to file a medical malpractice lawsuit for damages started making complaints saying I was nuts when I wasn't. Someone or some group began torturing me and my son. It was no small thing. It was the first time in my life I ever experienced anything like it and I might have doubted myself at first but I saw that my own son was having the exact same symptoms and reactions that I was having. We continued to be harassed and stopped by police but the torture was so severe that my son couldnt speak anymore. He was speaking very early and then he lost his ability to articulate and everythingn came out in gibberish. I asked for help and no one helped us. We moved and then it was worse and so severe I began having almost black outs and epileptic seizures that were triggered by what was happening to us. My son got a burn mark under his diaper from what looked like a laser and the Dr. said he didn't know what it was but said he'd never seen anything like it and it wasn't from me or a cigarette burn (I didn't smoke). We were so ill we could hardly move at times and the cat and all of us were hunched over and had uncontrollable diarrhea. My son would grab his genitals and scream for no reason at all, like someone had just hit him with something and the cat would freak out and start racing through the house like it's tail was on fire. Months later, the same cat disappeared after I asked someone to safeguard it. I wanted someone to hold onto the cat because after what happened to all of us, the cat ended up with all it's bones hunched up permanently and with crooked tail and legs when it had been normal and nothing wrong with it. I knew the cat's body and bones would have evidence of the torture my son and I went through. It got so bad I left for Canada with my son after the FBI in the United States did nothing. I had zero mental illness and had been in counseling with someone who said there was no mental illness. Then, 2 different psychologists came to the hospital and confirmed there was no mental illness. I left with full custody and guardianship of my son and with no mental illness and nothing but a political asylum and torture claim. On top of all of this, I had an attempted rape on me in Wenatchee, WA and I did a rape kit exam at the hospital. They gave it to police and the police told me they were not going to have it analyzed. I asked for copies of the photos and things they'd taken which I knew proved something and they told me everything had been lost and they couldn't find it. Right before leaving for Canada, I contacted several U.S. human rights groups and tried to let them know some of the things that were going on. I got to Canada and then found out the U.S. went after us. They lied and told Canada I was nuts or on the run from a father when they already had records that proved they knew I was not on the run from any father and they had records showing I was not nuts. I later found out they colluded to have me arrested on false charges because it was the ONLY way they could take my son from me. They lied to get a court order and after they arrested me with no charges or grounds, they took my son and shipped him back to Washington. I asked to speak to the lawyer I had talked to upon entrance into Canada who assured me I was there legally and Canada refused me medical care and refused to allow me to call my lawyer. They threw me into an immigration hearing and told me if I wanted to see my son again, go back to "America". I did, but I knew something bad would happen in Wenatchee so I stayed at a distance and looked for work and began working even though I still had injuries from childbirth. It was all downhill from there. No one wanted to admit they were wrong. They called me and said "What if we throw out the whole thing" and when I said, "I'm suing anyway" they spent millions on my case and dragged it out for years and lied to cover up their original crimes of collusion and fraud. To this day I have not seen evidence I was entitled to, which they withheld. Then, I found out through the course of being shocked at what was happening, that my son and I were being used for U.S. government research projects and then I found out my parents had been forced to do things as well, and forced to work for the U.S. as government remote viewers and psychics. I am able to prove this. I cannot prove all of the torture, but I can prove this other thing. While I tried to get my son back, I had many, many law enforcement officials and U.S. government workers, try to entrap me and have me imprisoned. Even in Canada they tried to entrap me to agree to prostitution in exchange for medicine for my son. I refused and they arrested me later with zero grounds and said I was just "there" illegally. Every single thing the U.S. tried to entrap me for, I didn't fall for. I committed no crimes. Then, I ended up knowing a few higher ranking officials in the U.S. and things got worse, to the point that I was almost assassinated. I became pregnant in Washington D.C. while trying to get analysis of what torture had been done to me. I remember feeling shocked that not one U.S. military research place wanted to help me and then I realized it had to be because they were in on it. I was then almost killed in a miscarriage where my child was intentionally killed after it was a healthy 3 months old. I almost bled to death. I was still looking for help for my son who was taken from me and met someone from Colombia and we became engaged. It turned out that some were for this and some were against it and when I broke up with him, I was turned over to be tortured without end. I was repeatedly raped, drugged, medicated, hynotized, and constantly tortured with infrared and other technologies whose effects I can describe and I have marks and evidence from it as well. My son was being tortured and used to be a child soldier for the U.S. It was U.S. government. Police covered for what was done to my son, and my son was visited by many strangers who did things and tried to coach him. He was tortured through technology and poisoned when I was poisoned. He had acid poured onto his finger and his family was told to be quiet or worse would happen. Everyone in my family has lied except me so I'm the one the U.S. has targeted to be designated as "mentally ill." But I have never been mentally ill. No one else in my family has been taken in or called nuts, but only if they lie and pretend none of these things are happening. It is the FBI that has protected the criminals. I tried repeatedly to contact them and get help and then I realized they were also part of defaming me and they were telling other I was crazy. After this, I realized more about what was happening. I started researching mind control experiments and psychic work for the government and all kinds of research the U.S. has and does engage in, with non-consensual use of humans. They have done some of the exact same things to me, my son, and my parents. I believe my brother possibly and maybe even others, but with 100% certainty, I know it's being done to these of us I've mentioned. I believe since some of this is black site kinds of research, the U.S. has involved gangs and the mob to cover for them and make it look like it's not the NSA or any other U.S. agency that's involved. But they are involved and this is why they have lied and put specific people in place to block me from even having a chance to get my son back. It has been bad enough that when other citizens think the FBI doesn't care what happens to us, and that since they might be involved, no one at all will help us if they also join in to harass us, torture us, belittle us, or try to use us. My mother has scars on her face from being tortured. She lied and said she did it to herself this last time and she didn't. She has a 2 inch knife or razor scar down her cheek and she has been raped and told not to tell. She's also been beaten. My Dad has been beaten in my own apartment when I wasn't there, with his head rubbed into feces and then smeared across my shower stall. They have been tortured with technology because I've been in my place when it's happened and I've also been in their place when it happened. I saw several proofs of torture on my son and all the State workers lie about what happened. The visitation monitor lied as well and even did some of these to him herself. I witnessed her telling my son about some things. Then, she would sit in the room and ask us if we enjoyed being tortured. I tried to record visits and someone was jamming my equipment. Then they got an order to block me from photographing or taping anything in visits. As soon as they got this order from the corrupt Judge, at the next visit my son showed up with a huge cut to his face. The social workers for CPS said it was a scratch and I took a photograph even though I was told not and posted it online to prove to the world it was not a scratch. Me, my son, and my Mom and Dad are in danger and we have been in danger in this country for a long time. I believe this also includes my brother and I don't know about others. Possibly some of my son's foster relatives. I know without any doubt that we are in very serious and critical danger. I am able to prove why the U.S. would have an interest in blackmailing and using my my Mom and Dad. It sounds weird to say they are gifted or have been forced to work by the U.S. but that's what happened and it's bad people in the country right now that are making torture possible. My mom doesn't slash her own face. If she recently cut her face a little on one side, it was to let me know she was lying, because she said, "I cut myself shaving" and the cut was under her eye. She doesn't shave under her eye. We are being tortured in this country and we all need political asylum by a country that will not use us in this manner and we need protection. The FBI here has shown itself to be nothing but corrupt. I have more information but I first need to know that an inquiry will be made on our behalf: Please look up: Robert Guy Garrett, Jr. (my Dad) Dicksie-Dael Baird-Garrett (my mother)Cameo Loree Garrett (me)Oliver Robert Guy Garrett (my son, who is 5 years old), and Levi Gannon Garrett (my brother) Thank You, Sincerely, Cameo L. Garrett

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