Monday, October 17, 2011

Dad Tortured This A.M. & FBI hate crimes

My Dad was tortured this morning sometime between 9:30 a.m.-11 a.m. I saw him at 9:30 because my Mom had just left for work and he was putting things into the truck and his hands didn't look beat up then. Then, he came back for lunch and his hands were all red and swollen on the knuckles again, and I think he was tortured in other ways.

The torture against me quit, the technology used that hurt my neck and jaw and only the side of my jaw with my one mercury filling. I have only 1 mercury filling and it's on the same side of my body where my neck was also hurting. That quit after I left the house and walked to the end of the property and looked around at the houses around it. Then I went back to the house and it wasn't happening anymore there, as if severe pain requiring medication would just quit like a miraculous healing. It quit because someone quit what they were doing.

I'm just wondering what is WRONG with the FBI. They are required by law to answer to these kinds of things and they block reports. Then I made one and haven't even been contacted by them yet. At one point, THEY were telling ME to talk to the DOD or "CIA". And then literally, the CIA said to me over the phone (a man) to take it to the FBI because it was the FBI's job to investigate. I said, "Well they just specifically instructed me to call the Central Intelligence Agency."

I called an FBI number in Washington D.C., in 2010, and the Headquarters specifically instructed me to contact the CIA. I did not bring up anything remotely sounding like CIA jargon, ideas, nor did I make any reference to anything CIA. But the D.C. Headquarters was the one to come up with the idea, on their own, and told me what was going on was a "CIA matter".

So if it is, I'd like to know why the CIA isn't being forthcoming.

I hadn't said one thing that would make it sound like I had a CIA problem and I wasn't referring to anyone else or anyone in my family or strangers. I talked about myself and torture and poisonings that were occuring. And the FBI said it was a CIA matter.

Maybe something like this is true. But I also noticed that some of the govt. people I called almost seemed to be imitating what the Abbey did to me when they gave me the run-around for months upon months while I was seriously nice, patient, and polite. I wasn't rude to them even once, not for about 6 months until after they had said, "It's not our responsibility--it's their responsibility--calll so-and-so" and I found later they were all trying to provoke me.

I don't believe normal govt. employees would do this. The only ones who might want to imitate something they already knew had been done to me, which got their church friends ahead of the game, are those who are members of the same church or who allied with them. So those who passed me back and forth between FBI and CIA and US Marshalls and local police, who deliberately did so knowing one of their church friends was about to pick up the line as they were then on-duty, are those who first did this to me to defame me and then try to drum up a bogus complaint against ME, claiming I harassed them by making phone calls, when they were the ones who told me to keep calling.

I remember I had been in tears, and then got angry, after months of this. Because then too, I actually believed they were "christians" and not just some kind of retired military Catholics who kept a fort on a hill as a base for terrorism, and safe place where members of other cells could go to convene, from law enforcement, judges and lawyers, to teens and higher ranking officials.

I remember I then called to monks and nuns out of the area because I was shocked and wanted to see if they could give any advice to me if I was annonymous. Out of all the people I called, from all these different monasteries, I can only remember one or two who answered the phone and actually seemed to be concerned and sincere men. Every single nun I talked to was horrible and mean and acted like I was the enemy. Most of the men I reached were in total denial, but there were a couple of Franscican guys who were normal, or at least sounded more normal.

So it's really interesting, when one stops to think about the PTSD I acquired from what I went through with these guys, and I was seriously traumatized and shocked by the treatement. To this day, nothing has shocked me more or made a greater impact than what these people did to me, and I later found out some of them joined with some Jewish to do it. Different motives maybe. Even being physically tortured and seeing my family tortured has not impacted me the way the Abbey and their use of law enforcement shocked me. I have never had such a reaction or been traumatized, the way I was to find out they knew I was innocent and had a great background and history, and then set foot to trash it. It was the first time in my life, I lost faith in law enforcement and the justice system. Up to that point, my entire life I thought FBI, lawyers, and police were "the good guys", and the ones I used to wave to from my car as a little girl. I waved at the truckers and wanted them to honk and I waved at all the police. I went all the way through high school and even several years later, never getting lawyer jokes. I thought lawyers were noble. I viewed being a lawyer as a noble profession of helping others and making the entire country proud of what we stood for.

What have these people done?

They first grossly defamed with Abbey officials and possibly Jewish or Mossad interests in the background. They gave me the runaround to such degree and harassed me when I had never done a mean or rude thing to anyone in my life, or said anything wrong at all, having a clear and conscionable record, that I then tried to find out from Catholic officials in other states if this was typical, or what I should do.

Then, the Catholic church used people in the FBI to trigger the exact same response, when I had actually been interested in being a lawyer and applying to the FBI to work for them.

The only thing that makes sense is that one of the Abbey lawyers was already working for the FBI and didn't want competition. It's not as if there were not a lot of people surrounding me at that who were not connected to the FBI and other interests. So to ruin my odds of getting into the FBI when they knew I had a good chance, was to bring out their own guys and try to trigger in me the same response they already got from my mistreatement by Benedictine and Archdiocese officials. One of those lawyers was FBI. One or more. And this explains why they were able to get all the surveillance on me they wanted, and discover what I was going to file and when, before I did it. They used the FBI as an excuse to get information on how I was proceeding in the cases against The Willamette Week and The Catholic Church. And when I had first reported the Koch guys and OSB/PLF, they forced my parents to move to Koch-hill. My parents didn't even know that I had made a complaint to the FBI but they were punished for it, having someone think it would be a great joke to then tell my parents to move to Coquille. It's pronounced "Coke-eel" just as "Koch" is pronounced "Coke". By the time I showed up, some of the disc jockeys for radio here were calling it "Coke-Hill".

First, Catholic officials triggered my trauma by shocking me with their conduct and ruining my ideas about how they were christians and cared about people. They smeared me so badly it was not to be believed, and then they used their connections in the FBI in Portland, Oregon. 2 years after they first defamed me, trying to say there was something wrong with me after harassing me, they applied the exact same tactic and used their friends in the FBI in Oregon. They already knew I had faith in the FBI, to the degree that this is why I was getting my GPA up and working so hard in college. I specifically stated a clear goal of going to law school and working for the FBI to combat corporate crime and white-collar crime. So they brought in their Catholic FBI personnel to shock me again, knowing that the shock and trauma of what the FBI employees did to me, could likely be used the same way the Catholic church used my trauma to deliberately cause distress. I then went to the FBI about it, just as I had tried to go to the Catholic superior 2 years earlier, and what happened?

The same Catholic church and jewish interests used this new trauma created by FBI misconduct, which was a shock to my perception of justice, to then give me the run-around and provoke me to such degree that they hoped to create angry reactions from me which they would then use to show other law enforcement and attempt to prejudice me with it.

They were not just prejudicing me, but my entire family.

Sure enough. What did I do? I did the exact same thing I'd done when I had the same traumatic shock from the monastery--I first tried to get somewhere locally and attempted to find out what I should do and then when they began to ignore me or treat me with hostility when I was nice and I was the innocent party, I then reached out to other States to see what someone out of the area might say.

The FBI was instructed by Catholic supervisors, to give me the runaround. It wasn't because that's how the FBI works. They did it because they had the majority of church members there and already used intentional infliction of emotional distress to advantage with the lawsuits. Deliberately constructing a problem with the FBI was going to alleviate their fears that I might get onto good footing with someone in the FBI and heaven forbid, even work for them.

Not only did these supervisors know it was going to trigger an identical trauma and response, which would keep me out of employment with the FBI, they would also use it against me to support what the Catholic church and some Jewish interests wanted, when they knowingly defamed me as being unstable when I wasn't, and when any normal person would have reacted in the same way. This was also their way to cover all the bases, state-to-state, in a federal sense, to make the defamation against me and the torture and crimes against my family, nationwide and not just local.

The Catholic church is nationwide and government-agency-wide. But they knew they needed a way to make it appear to all law enforcement and intelligence, that there was something wrong with me, and the only way to get anyone outside of their church interests to agree with them, was to deliberately use harassment and provoke me and then be able to get away with lying about me in the NCIC and private records.

After they laid a false and defamatory foundation secretly within law enforcement and FBI, they knew this would enable future church members or interests, to lie about me and do things to my family, and it would prevent anyone objective from stepping in to investigate. They didn't WANT anyone normal in the FBI on my side, or for me to work with them because they knew the crimes they were committing against my family might then be investigated. They knew it. And they didn't want any U.S. government agency supporting me because they wanted all of the U.S. power and controls, with their church and synogogue interests.

After the FBI did this, with primarily Catholic FBI involved in it, they then moved to have their known nurses and doctors harass me with medical assault, refusal of care, and defamation. The Catholic chuch liked using the idea that Bujanda and Garza "reported" I had Vicodin in a sealed bag for my migraines even though I'd had prescriptions for it. Now, with the Catholic church insiders knowing how the FBI reports against me were running, they told Catholic doctors and nurses in Wenatchee, WA to refuse treatment of my migraines and to start defaming me as being "drug seeking". By refusing treatment of severe migraine that lasted days, which their friends in the DOD triggered, they hoped to create distress with me crying and getting angry and also being tortured with them to the point that my attempts at litigation would finally fail.

Use Barb and Tim Greenman for purposes of attempting to separate and alienate family members in order to allow the new 2004 CIA director to get involved, to be working with the FBI which would then have a motive for not investigating anything and for taking a self-protective stance.

Since torture with migraines worked against Ms. Garrett, in combination with being blocked by Catholic Judges and police who prevented her from visiting her family, implement latest license to torture through the DOD, NSA, CIA, and FBI on board.

Call it "research" to cover for hate crime.

1. 2001-on. IIED (intentional infliction of emotional distress) works for the Archdiocese and Jewish interests.

2. 2004. IIED. Repeat exact same technique to create the same conditions and keep anyone decent in the FBI out of it. Use self-defense motives to further agenda of those who want to create a foundation for validating prior defamation and to create grounds for allowing future assault.

3. 2004. Use antagonism with Oregon FBI to permit torture and harassment against parents. Use defamation to create antagonism with Washington state where victim leaves.
One of the boyfriends I dated while in high school, was Brian Parker. He singled me out and approached me in 1992, about the same time Shara Lerman's family moved to town.

I thought about him last night after grabbing this notebook I found, which says "Life" on the top of it and I had been writing in it with a pen. I hadn't opened up the pen until last night, and out of curiosity, I unscrewed it to see what was inside.

It said: "PARKER". There's an arrow on it, going through an oval shape. I think someone who broke into my house maybe left it behind by mistake or something. But I thought about Camilla Parker-Bowles and about Brian Parker, the guy who wanted to date me in high school. We dated all the time, for months. His house was down the road from mine and he and his Dad had antique cars which they refurbished professionally.

Their main business was antique cars. Roadsters, classic cars, from the 1920s-1950s and 60s. They did extremely detailed handwork and painting and fully renovated antique cars and sold them and did work for people all over the entire world. They traveled around the world, going to auto shows for antique cars, took orders and did work for people, and everything. It wasn't small work--it was top-of-the-line which is why they did the work internationally.

I've only known or heard of a couple of guys that were into this kind of thing: Dick Whittemore, and I think I later vaguely heard of someone in the Middleton family.

Anyway, I remember seeing these cars. The work done on them was meticulous. They had property in the woods, like we did, but I think they had more acreage and it was wooded and then very, very large shops for housing the cars and roadsters. Both he and his father traveled internationally with regard to the business.

Anyway! wouldn't it be strange if Brian Parker knew the Parker family in the UK? I think that's a stretch but it would be absolutely shocking. I just know they go international. My mother wanted me to marry him because she thought he was handsome but I didn't want to get married at all then--I wanted to go to college, but I was forced to wait until I was 24 and considered an "independent status student."

I think Brian Parker and Robin Bechtold didn't like eachother. My friend Geoff thought Robin was a user. I think Geoff thought he got away with a lot or something. I was best friends with Geoff but liked Robin and then I really did like Brian as well. Brian at least dated me and spent effort getting to know me as a friend, but then I remember he seemed upset about something to do with Bechtold and when I next saw him he was cold towards me. He was with a girlfriend and I was in Wilsonville and we happened to meet and I was very friendly but he was cool towards me. I had thought it was maybe because he'd felt slighted or disrespected at some point, or possibly that he looked down on me because everyone did, since I had not been able to go to college right away. Everyone in my group went to Ivy league or similiar colleges except me. I couldn't go because I had some group controlling my family and wanting me to marry off to the first guy that came around, or be a trade school grad. They blocked my family from helping me with college, and my parents made too much money for me to qualify for grants and loans. If I had known I could have emancipated myself or found another way to go, I would have. Instead, I had to wait for 6 years from the time I was 18-24 to become "independent" and have a college only look at my finances. It was 1998 when I became "independent" and I told Lorraine Rose I was going to college and she didn't like it. I was raped upon arrival (practically).

I met Brian at this time, when I was in limbo and having to work smaller jobs first.

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