Friday, October 14, 2011

Obstruction from FBI-FEMA & Lerman, Koch

I made a call at 5:30 p.m. to the FBI toll free number for assistance.

I am reporting the response that I received.

I pressed option 9 and then option 4 and asked who I was speaking with after someone answered. He said his name was "Michael" and politely I asked for a last name and he said he was not providing this. He said how may I assist you and I said, "What agency are you with?" and he said, "FEMA." I would like to have your ID number then" and he said, "I'm not giving you that."

I said, "I think you're required to provide that to any member of the public so they are able to refer to who they spoke with" and he said, "Unfortunately, I am unable to assist you."

Then he kept the line open and didn't hang up, just kept it recording and I said nothing but opened up my blog and after I did, then they hung up.

I say they, because he wasn't the only one on the line.

Not only that, this guy just took the call and when I was absolutely polite, he blocked me from being able to say a word.

I would ask if this is a typical "FBI" or "FEMA" response.

I was polite and not demanding, and he refused to give information that's required to be provided to the public if they ask and then he made it plain he was not going to help no matter what, and put me on recording after he said he was unable to assist me. I said, to that, I'd like to talk to a supervisor and they just kept me on the call, recording the background noise, until I was typing into my Blogger account to report them.

It's sort of indicative of how we are treated. It shows that the federal persons already know who they're talking to and that their pattern is one of obstruction.

I had FBI in Washington State, with "Mary" on the phone, telling me when I called, "We're not taking any calls from Cameo Garrett."

Well. Sure enough.

So what does that say about what kind of responsibilities and duties the FBI has repeatedly failed to provide.

After they disconnected me, I ran out to see what kind of condition my Dad was in, because when he came back from lunch I could tell he had been newly tortured. The lower part of his face showed some kind of torture and then my Mom showed up with the same thing.

Before I called the FBI-FEMA, I ran out to see how my Mom was because after lunch she went to the dog groomers and I went with her, and then she said she was going out to the shop. She was gone from 3-4 and then I didn't see her until right before I called the hotline. Her eyes were newly outlined and creased with dark black corners, from torture.

First they tortured her one way and then she showed up with evidence of torture from another technique. It was Patty or one of Patty's buddies.

So after I saw my Mom like this, I was being recorded by the FBI-FEMA and I noticed my parents were about to leave. I hadn't seen my Dad since after lunch, when he said he was going "to work". So I ran out to see what kind of condition he was in, and his eyes were newly marked with torture. It wasn't as obvious at lunch, just my mother and father showed signs of something else being done to their faces. But I looked just now, and caught him before he left, and he'd been tortured. His eyes were newly darker in the corners as well.

And for some strange reason, the FBI doesn't want to take my call.

I think the combination of seeing my parents show up with signs of being tortured, combined with the treatment by federal employees who claim they don't know us but prove they do by blocking our attempts to get help, is indicative of the failure of responsibilities and duties they take an oath to provide.

Funny how they have refused to provide the most basic identifying information so a citizen is able to know who they are talking to, and that they are who they say they are, but they have required all kinds of ID from us.

I think this call also showed me that the man I worked for in Nashville, TN, who told me he was with FEMA, is connected to the FBI.

I hadn't realized FEMA uses FBI phone lines, paid for and provided for by the FBI, until tonight. The man I worked 1 day for, at this deli where I was seriously mocked, and where he invited a whole group of military, police, and internationals to parade past me and mock me, was FEMA. He was former military (I think) and FEMA (for sure) and I was tortured at his business.

Not only that, he put on this whole Chris Dabney act. He put on all the mannerisms of Chris Dabney and it was obvious he did it knowingly. Everyone thought it was hilarious. But in reality, my parents were being tortured in Oregon by law enforcement while I had the same thing happening to me in Nashville, TN and they were laughing about their accomplishments.

I guess I worked more than 1 day, but not much, because right after he or his coworkers used military technology on me, in the workplace, he fired me the same day. Before that, I was positive he or a coworker had drugged something I ate because I had a horrible reaction. It's like they got me in to drug me and make fun of me and he tested out whether or not I knew when he was looking at me, and whether he predicted things or not, and then I was fired.

He had his parents (supposedly) pulling up in some old black Mercedes or jaguar and then the entire time, he just made a game out of me. That was in Nashville, TN in December I think. I had just arrived. Right after I worked for him, I was mocked by the DEA...

Oh, and DEA.

Funny how my mother might want to say there was something wrong with me, under pressure by Brad Uhl from Florida, newly arrived to work at the DEA in TN. I showed up in TN and that man got the first flight out of Florida to be in Nashville, TN.

Do you know what he and the others at the DEA, hospital, and FBI did there? they defamed me and put up little lights in their offices to commemorate what they were doing. In the Department of Justice offices in Nashville, TN, at night, they had no lights on. But after I had gone to the Nashville FBI to try to get an investigation, after Diane Harsha (who is connected to some diplomat like all good FBI-CIA connects are) told me to go to Vanderbilt to have the white lines and visible marks of torture screened by the hospital, they had all set me up ahead of time. It was Harsha with the FBI instructing me to go specifically to Vanderbilt and then go back to them. Then I had gone to the DEA and he said the same thing. So after I was repeatedly drugged there in TN and assaulted, on an almost everyday basis after that first month, I walked to Vanderbilt. I saw the windows of the Dept. of Justice building at night all the time. They never had any kind of special colored lights on. But here's how messed up they are--they put up one window with an all-orange light and then another window with an all-blue light, and it was only out of the DEA offices, and then I passed their offices walking to Vanderbilt and the staff there had set out all kinds of orange and blue decor in every single room they took me to, and I was tortured IN the ER as well. These guys fully zapped me with something when I was THERE and they had been clearly expecting me. Then they got all these medical doctors and nurses around me and didn't examine my hurt knee at all, not even by touch, and didn't do one single thing about looking at my nails and just instantly sent me to the psych ward.

What did they do after they threw me in there? They used military to assault me. Military who ordered that I be injected with Haldol and who imitated Chris Rozollo and kept saying "It's all good" repeatedly, and "That's the way I ROLL."

I had no idea that while I was being tortured there, my parents were being assaulted and beat over here. Not only that, based on my Dad's reaction when I told him they assaulted me or tortured me with technology when I was in the law library here in Coquille, I know someone had my Dad go into that same basement law library and most likely, HE was tortured there. They would have done this to him when my parents were forced to move to this God-Forsaken place and tortured by "friends" and that was in about 2002. Most likely, while I was trying to do research at Lewis & Clark law library for my cases, these assholes locked him up and forced him to work at their shitty black site "law library" at the same time. I wouldn't put it past these people to have not only tortured them, but forced him to try to guess what books I was getting for research. Why? because this country has been assaulting my family members on a daily basis since at least 2002 and probably earlier than that for my parents.

They're not free to leave even for vacations. The FBI faked passports and backdated them to cover up what they're doing and to make it look like anyone can leave anytime.

It's just interesting because all of these people are 100% corrupt and the FBI covers for them. It was in 2004 that a former FBI employee told me straight out: "They're corrupt".


Who would have thought. They don't have the "bravery" or "integrity" to even give out an ID number for refering the call to, but we're supposed to think they're the good guys.

The FBI has had a motive and incentive for defaming me. I wonder if it has anything to do with their Koch connections. Why else would Mueller want to sit down and talk to his wife. Small problemo? Did we figure out whose idea it was to send Fowler over here? It's sort of funny, cause there's this new movie about Fowlers or some comment about birds or something, and it's like Ben Affleck or some Jewish humor movie and then we find out the new FBI man just came over from Koch-ville, NYC.

Koch and his Coffey people. My mother was forced to take photos of herself looking terrified, in April 2010, in front of an old-fashioned poster about coffee. Not that this means anything, but...

We have the Koch who is clearly a Middleton fan in NYC, who was mayor, who Fowler worked for; then we have the Koch who has been a county prosecutor in Coos County since 2002 and he's never helped my family; then the Koch people who made fun of my mom when she sold them a house, I guess because they wanted her so they could see what my family was like and gain proximity to her and my Dad for torture or blackmail reasons; and then, wow, David Koch worked for the law firm that just screwed me over and my son over intentionally. And to think, I can recall having reported a "Koch" to the FBI all the way back in 2002, and I dealt with a Jacqueline Koch.

Does anyone think this is maybe something to talk to the wife about? Or what? we need to find out if any of these people are connected to "The Koch Brothers" or something?

Why is Fowler-Loves-Koch in Oregon and why are my parents being tortured as of his arrival. Like this whole package with "62" on it from Fed Ex has nothing to do with the Middletons. Are the Middletons even British? Why isn't someone asking the important questions.

Because if they were, I don't think the CIA and FBI (mainly Catholic) and Mossad, would be mowing the turf for them.

What does William say to Kate, "Kate, I didn't know your family was Mossad and what's going on with the Koch people...?" She says, "We are Mossad. So what. Who do you do think YOU are?" Oh, that's Gary, or Michael with his Uzi.

So in 2007 they broke up. What happened? Anyone and everyone suspected of leaking information about the big cocaine business that funds "Party Pieces" got rounded up by U.S. corrupt FBI-Koch connections? How many pieces of glass do they sell for snorting. I wonder if they put a little U.S. flag sticker on the back of the pieces of glass and get MI5, Mossad, or disc jockeys for their distribution. I think the Middletons got Italian mafia support by some group after they did a few nose-dives for the Pope. I'm thinking this is true because of the slander by some Italians who used police they knew to cite me with false arrest. It was a bunch of Italians cruising through Nashville who wanted to watch a cop take me to the psych ward. How strange, since the DEA and FBI were the ones responsible for defaming me and telling me to go to Vanderbilt.

They set me up and then the rest of their crew shows up. I guess maybe it had something to do with the Italian young woman I went to the FBI offices with, who was from Chicago and who most likely had a mob connection. So why did Harsha know who she was?

Yeah, I went to the Nashville, TN FBI offices with some Italian woman from Chicago who showed up for no reason at the women's shelter to check me out. And then it was Italians passing me and laughing when I was in the cop car on the way to the psych ward.

I didn't know this young woman, I just wanted a witness present so the FBI couldn't say I said or did things I didn't say or do. So I asked if she wanted to go. She went and saw what happened. And Harsha knew who she was. So what does that say about Ms. Diane Harsha with the FBI. Next thing I know, Harsha is telling me, in front of the Italian woman, to go to Vanderbilt. All these Italians lined up for the show.

Willy. Do you know any Italians.

But I'm supposed to think the FBI is not corrupt. Then SHOW me someone who isn't.

I think Shara A. Lerman knows some of the Koch people. She came to mind and I looked her up and she's a lawyer who went to Georgetown and she's licensed to practice in NY, CA, and Oregon. She's the one who showed up in town my junior or senior year of high school.

I'm thinking back to some older contacts because of Aaron Bourne, this Jewish guy who lived up the road from my family who was horrible to me later. He showed me this Albert Einstein artwork he had done. It was the only thing he or his brother worked on, the guy with the tongue out. Then what was bizarre, is I was in Nashville, TN, trying to go to the "Friends" church and it was just ridden with FBI and Jewish interests and this woman named Caroline Kiev had this huge photo of the same thing on her carseat when she wanted to pick me up. She kept talking about my doing grant writing but it was more like she was just driving me around doing favors for some other interest group. It never amounted to anything more than games.

Well, my hunch must be right, because Google doesn't want to be forthcoming in my search for Shara Lerman AND Koch. I'm positive there's a connection though. How funny, she looks like she's wearing Kate Middletons' wedding dress under her jacket in her attorney photo.

Some link to her name says she worked for "Roll Internation--

Yeah. I got that far. I found quite a lot of information that supports the fact that my family has been targeted with hate crimes by a lot of people with plenty of money.

Nice employer list Lerman.

Shara Lerman's family was from NY I think and they unexpectedly arrived in Sherwood, to move next door to us, in 1992. Which is the same year someone tried to run me off the road and almost killed me. She lived right off of the same road in the same neighborhood, which was sort of in the hills and had all the equestrian people and barns.

Fascinating to see where she's been and who probably knows her family. Hi Carol.

I was even driving back to my house after leaving Robin Bechtold's house. Maybe it was someone who knew I was there because they intentionally ran me off the road. I wasn't allowed to drive my entire Sr. year after that accident/attempted murder.

It's just a little strange to find that so many digs and insults directed to my parents also have vague sometimes connections to Shara Lerman and where she's been working, who she knows, and probably more importantly, who her own parents knew.

What's odd, is that for me at least, I never ever thought about the Lermans. I mean, I knew about her from high school and that was so long ago...I never kept track of her or who she knew and then it's odd to find out maybe someone was keeping track of me. I was never jealous of her. I found out later my ex sort of dated her but I hadn't cared as I wasn't dating him then and it didn't matter to me.

She had wanted to get close to me I remember. Which is understandable as she was new to town and I was polite but she was younger than me and I thought she was boring. I didn't pick my friends for how much money they had. I had a best friend whose family had a lot of money and then when I moved, my next choice for best friend was someone whose family lived in a trailer park. I lived around all these rich kids but the person I had the most fun with, who was smarter than most of them too, was living in a trailer park. So I went by personality, and how creative we could be and make eachother laugh, not income or family connections. Shara Lerman was not someone I could drive through downtown Portland with, playing a tape loudly that had barnyard animal sounds or loud train whistles. She wasn't fun like that. She wasn't going to laugh with me as we made faces at people in the fastfood drive through or put on some kind of silly act to amuse ourselves. She wasn't going to strip down to a bra with me in hot weather, with music played full blast as we put on chain after necklace after necklace and leigh and danced around and laughed hysterically and spritzed eachother with a water bottle until her mom came over and we laughed even harder at her expression. She wasn't going to like driving around in circles over and over as we laughed our heads off. She wasn't going to pick up a necklace made of black velvet ribbon and a green emerald stone in the middle, and try it out around her forehead as a headband instead of around her neck as a choker. She wasn't fun, even if she was pleasant.

Shara took ballet. Yawn. Shara was a model. Yawn. Shara took photographs. Yawn. She was boring as hell to talk to and asked a lot of questions and never said anything interesting. Ballet was great but it's not exactly a team sport or something you do with a friend.

So her family popped up out of nowhere from NYC, I guess to spy on my family. I wonder if it was her Dad who was hoping to get something recorded that made it sound like Bechtold had accomplished something with my virginity (he had not) in 1992.

She was always loitering around me. Pleasantly loitering but while she seemed so quietly nice, I thought there was something else to her family that I couldn't put my finger on. She asked a lot of questions about MY family for one thing. But she was incredibly secretive about her own family and my boyfriend was very secretive about her too, which I now look back on and think is a little odd.

I remember one evening at dusk with her. I agreed to go for a walk with her. She lived about 1 mile away from me and I ran that direction, and sometimes took the road. Her family came in and I think they started building a house or it was that they bought but I think they were building. And she was just secretive about everything but all these questions about my family. So I decided she was boring and that's all I remember. I think on the day I went for a walk with her she actually took her camera and I can't remember why. I mean, I took art photo and had great shots, but I wasn't trying to be a photo-journalist. I did it for art's sake, not money. I remember asking what occupations her parents had and she told me but she was so guarded about them. I think even back then I wondered if they were spies. But maybe it was just an idea.

So, that's all in that regard. I didn't pay any attention to her. Then the next thing I know, here we are and I'm looking at her work history and it's just weird. I feel like all my life I've been oblivious and just tried to do my own thing, whether someone else liked it or not, I pursued what I wanted, and then I got blocked and targeted and never knew why and one day, I wake up to find this massive wake of haters behind me. I mean, I never cared to bring any of these other people down and I didn't keep track of them for purposes of structuring or rearranging their lives and I've never had a big political agenda either. Suddenly, I realize, all these people were assaulting and controlling my parents? and then went after me too? for what?! And then I think to myself, "You have GOT to be joking."

I found some links between the Lermans and the Koch's, but not sure which one(s) is significant. Then I found a site that shows her employment history and if it's true, she's now working as a "tax attorney" for Fenton Nelson. Before that she worked for "Roll International". ('cause that's the way she "rolls"? or that's how her little group rolls others right into psych wards they don't need?). She worked there, at the "Roll" place from Spet. 2010-Feb. 2011. Before that, she worked for...just guess...

Gorry! Which sounds like The Goring Hotel but it's sort of different of course. She was working at a law firm of Eisner, Frank, & Gorry (at 700 Beverly Hills, CA) from May 2008-July 2009. All the way through the wonderful wedding & a funeral. Before this, she worked at Akin Gump Straus Hauer & Feld in Washington D.C., which was right down the road from me. Before this, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher in Los Angeles and before this, she was in NYC at Skadden. She got her JD at Georgetown in 1999-2002 and went to PSU (where I went) from 1998-1999. I guess she left Portland after I was raped. Huh. That's what it says. It says she went to PSU in Portland, Oregon from 1998-1999 and then she took off for Washington D.C. to go to Georgetown. I wonder if maybe the Rose-Lewis', Koch's, Lermans, and Gatovs all know eachother. Schumer too? I mean, plausible.

I will finish here tomorrow...need to sleep right now. I just want my son.

What is wrong with these people that they allow torture, literally, and assault and then kidnap my son and drug me too...

More tomorrow. Stop harassing and torturing my family.
I just tried to go to bed, at 8 minutes until 10 p.m. and guess who is directing technology where I sleep, as they have done with my family too. You people need to stop now.

The military has literally targeted our beds. It's like when Christa Schneider asked me where my bed was that I slept in with my son, in my house, before we started being tortured. The U.S. has already had people in my house and in my parents house, and my son's house and probably my brother's house too. They know where our beds are and they've targeted us with military technology, seriously, while we sleep.

This is crazy. I mean, I start thinking about the things the FBI has allowed, and are you people OUT of your minds? You are totally and completely CRAZY. I cannot believe you've allowed the things you've allowed or done half the things you've done. What is it, like 50% Irish Catholic and 50% Italian Catholic? and a few Mormons and Jews?

They're doing the same thing they originally started when I had my son with me, using technology that causes all the muscles under your skin to move because the U.S. is heating up your muscle tissue with their crappy excuse for hate crime. It's not restless leg syndrome or normal twitching. We all know what it's like to have normal twitching after a long day and then you lie down and sometimes your muscles will be at rest and twitch a little. Yeah. I am a human being. We know what that is and how it feels.

What the U.S. military has been doing, with full consent of the FBI, is using military technology directed by satellites, in the middle of the night and early morning, to experiment on us, and that's the excuse because they don't care if it ruins us. I was sitting at a couch and table and nothing at all. At my computer nothing, but then I go to bed and instantly, it's clear the U.S. military doesn't know how to do anything except rape people.

The FBI and military and CIA and NSA might have something like propensity to rape in common. Maybe that's why they excuse it and think it's a joke. They rape literally and they cover for rape of even children and then they use military technology on us and refuse to take "No" for an answer. They even rape us as research projects and why? it's not for the military. It's for the motives of how many hundreds of thousands who work in law firms like Shara Lerman worked in.

Behind every successful lawyer is a lot of sucessful lawyers, criminals, and intelligence operatives. I look at all these different firms and the games they all play into and they're big money and think, "Are you kidding me." The story of David and Goliath is one thing. It's one man against one man. How about a story where it's one family against billions of rotten families that only want to make money off of someone else's suffering? The decent billions are intimidated into silence so far, or I guess they're not Catholic, so they didn't get the "boost" they needed.

So let me guess what Lerman's family really does for a living. Wouldn't it be great to find out they work for the FBI and that's why she was so nosy? Or would she be in with some other group, if the Middletons are that important to Americans. I have more to say about what I discovered tonight, tomorrow, but for now, my family deserves to have some peace.

I swear to God I will sue the last pair of underwear off of the FBI if they refuse to do their job. How come you guys don't want me to bring forth any witnesses for my case with my son? what happened? you guys didn't like my report of misconduct so you kidnap children and torture their parents? Or was that just a church favor. Don't tell me it was all for the Middletons. I mean, what kind of losers would need that much help if it's all about them.

Do you know what the U.S. FBI and military have done? Since I've been over here, they've used the exact same technology they used on both ME and my SON and then tried to call ME "crazy" over. Until I escaped to Canada and for a split second they didn't know what to do. What was the Alvaro thing about? Just the FBI's way of trying to set me up again and then getting pissed when it didn't work?

This is truly's completely U.S. government. 100% federal government knows about it. Okay? I've accepted this. I didn't believe it for years. I think when they realized I was going to find out, that's when they went in together for the lottery and wanted to get "lucky". So they all went together to call me crazy. And then I realize, yeah, there is some mafia influence, but he was telling me the truth. That lawyer, and that woman...about the federal government. The U.S. federal government absolutely knows about this and they are the ones in charge.

They kidnapped my son after allowing us to be tortured. Literally. The United States government did this. The Iranian man was right. They have been using satellite technology on their own citizens. I had a hard time even believing him. It's one of those things where you hear it and you experience it and see the evidence even and it's still so shocking and awful you cannot come to terms with it. Yeah, one ear and out the think it's big, but then someone tells you it's big and you start to wonder, "Well, is it really? it couldn't be...How could they allow this?" It's like asserting something is the truth and then after hearing it back, you think, "Wow. Out of someone else's mouth that just sounds nuts. It can't be true. I know it's happening to ME and my family, but no, it must be impossible."

Well it's not.

My family is being tortured by the United States federal government and the federal government has full and complete knowledge of what is going on. Do I know which specific agency is getting the ear-marked money to pull my son's ears out from his head, and assault him and pour acid on him with state approval and then to torture all of us with military weapons and satellite technology? No, I don't know exactly which agency is getting the most money but I'm sure some non-governmental groups are putting money into the kitty.

I'm getting sick of seeing military assholes driving past my parents to reward them with smiles if they get something right or correctly predict something. If you think we want little rewards and treats, you must be crazy. I suppose crazy and FBI are interchangeable these days. The only people they want to call crazy, are the ones who are IN their right mind.

Gangsters and mafias might pull strings with friends who are in U.S. government programs, to torture people, but they are not the group with the satellite technology or the funding for research who mask the hate crime.

I know this about federal agencies: CIA or NSA or Army would handle most of the psychic warfare funding and research. Air Force gets some, but not the most, except for their nifty transporting bugs and birds ideas. Psychic research is not funded by the FBI. The FBI may act as bouncers for the other groups, or contribute to covering it up, or refuse to take reports so the other agencies can continue to torture, with their help, but they do not fund psychic research. The FBI does not man the satellite technology either.

FBI, NSA, FCC, military and local law enforcement and persons would contribute to telephonic harassment. They would contribute to beating up people who try to report crime or torture or who try to get out of their sick operations and programs. They would work on a domestic level to cover up kidnappings of children and would work to block access to the courts. They would be responsible for making it appear there is no one to turn to and they would personally show up to crack hands. They would do whatever it takes, on a domestic level, to harass anyone they were trying to get rid of for their own reasons, or who they were encouraging other agencies to abuse. FBI would personally poison people, kill, and harm, just like the CIA but they would use intimidation on a domestic level and on counter-intelligence, imagined or not, domestic or international, they would allow their friends to harm and poison others. The FBI has as many ties to the mafias as the CIA, they just use them differently for different reasons. The FBI uses them for personal reasons while the CIA claims it's for the good of the nation. The FBI will defame and smear someone for their personal reasons or on behalf of another group or federal agency. If they have to write up and allow defamation and incorrect psychological evaluations, they'll do it. It's a domestic task, and the FBI will work with other domestic organizations to accomplish this, whether it's through media contacts, psychologist contacts, or the State.

FBI, law enforcement, criminals, lay military, and intelligence would all have certain LTL (less than lethal) weapons at their disposal. Some things proven, and other things in an "experimental stage."

Satellite technology on civilians is not the FBI's forte. It doesn't mean they're not influencing what is allowed or that they have no knowledge. It just means they are not the ones who are "following orders" with long-range missiles, lasers, or anything to do with satellites. I have never, in my life, heard of an FBI subsection that utilizes satellite technology for FBI means of intimidating or controlling any person or population.

Satellite technology would be Pentagon (Department of Defense) business, military, and then if it's for research, it would be done in conjunction with the CIA, NSA, or a psychic research component in the military. So it would be either all military, and strictly military funded, or it would be a collaboration.

Which starts to look like conspiracy when you throw hate crime in and immunity out.

The only thing the FBI would do, is to provide assurance that no one is going to be investigated or get in trouble with them. And they would provide tactics for imprisoning the person or population to force them to accept being tortured and abused. And sometimes, the FBI will join in and show up in person to make their point to the other agencies, to the criminals, and to the victims.

What better way to acheive such a task than by combining military experience with FBI positions.

Now that I know what my parents are dealing with, I know without any doubt, that the FBI knows exactly what's happening and they are allowing and encouraging our torture and abuse against us. If it had just been isolated to me, I might have thought only a small group knew about it. But no, the FBI has proven they have no problem with torturing my family and that's what they've done and allowed, since 2004 at least. Probably earlier for my parents, though if I count my migraines being deliberately triggered it would go back to at least 1998.

There are at least 3 levels to the hate crime and torture against my family:

1. CIA, DOD, NSA or ? for the research excuse component, and funding.

2. DOD for the majority of the action taken and weapons used, torture, assault and harassment, with minor parts played by CIA, FBI, mafia and civilians. Most of what we are dealing with is DOD (military) connected.

3. FBI for cover-up, with local and state persons involved for back-up.

And then, aside from what appears to be an official U.S. government program or torture regime, the other groups factoring in are: a., churches and their relative positions of power, b., media, c., civilians who are not religious, d., doctors, scientists, lawyers and professionals who must agree with the plan in order for it to be supported, and e., mafias and their relative positions of power (the FBI seems to target just the ones that aren't part of their own church first), and f., international and national politics.

As Hillary said (in part), "It takes a village..." to raise up and support homegrown and U.S. sanctioned terrorism. I consider what has been done to my family to fit the definition in every way.

I had thought this one lawyer was "out there" for calling collective sex abuse of children "terrorism" and I think it meets RICO definition, but by very definition, the actions taken against my entire family are acts of tortue and also acts of terrorism.

I am pretty sure. Let me check.

Well, yes, it does fit. I wasn't sure, but the shoe fits!

Official United States Government Definition of Terrorism
"[An] act of terrorism, means any activity that (A) involves a violent act or an act dangerous to human life that is a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or any State, or that would be a criminal violation if committed within the jurisdiction of the United States or of any State; and (B) appears to be intended (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or (iii) to affect the conduct of a government by assassination or kidnapping."
(United States Code Congressional and Administrative News, 98th Congress, Second Session, 1984, Oct. 19, volume 2; par. 3077, 98 STAT. 2707 [West Publishing Co., 1984])

What has been done to my family fits the section A (violent act or act dangerous to human life that is a violation of criminal laws of U.S. or any state)...(i.e., hate crimes, torture, assault, use of military technology), AND B, appears to be intended i) to INTIMIDATE or COERCE a civilian population...

And that's all we need, right there. How is hate crime different from terrorism? I don't think there is a difference unless it's to say hate crime is only applied to a smaller group. A "civilian population" can be a family or group of families. It doesn't have to be a large group to be called terrorism.

The reason it might not apply to the Vatican sex crime rings, is because it would be impossible to try to prove any clergy sex act was done intentionally for the purpose of intimidating or coercing Catholic members of a church. If a group could prove sex crimes were allowed and done for this reason though, they could claim terrorism. So, if an Anglican group of clergy sexually assaulted a bunch of kids and said, "Don't you try to fight for your child in court" or "Don't tell on us", that Anglican group would fit the definition of terrorists, and if in any way you can link religious or other forms of hatred to politics too, it would be a sure thing. If a Catholic church group of clergy committed sex crimes against a specific group of Catholic kids, telling them and their parents, "We don't want you to vote next year", that would be an act of terrorism. Even telling them, "We don't want you to forgive your enemy" would be an act of terrorism. Any violent act done for the purpose of intimidating and coercing a group of people to "forgive", "accept", relinquish rights, forfeit property or liberties...that's all terrorism.

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