Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Preliminary Injunction to Protect Visitation

I filed for Preliminary Injunction in 2010, to not only protect my legal right to guardianship, but to protect my son's legal right to visit his own mother.

I had a very strange string of events occur from that courthouse, where they first accepted my emailed documents to court and then at the last minute, wanted to change their minds. So then I mailed a back-up copy, and to this day I have NEVER heard back from the court or the Judge it was assigned to:

Edward Shea.

Re: FW: Emergent Preliminary Injunction For The Federal Courthouse.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Professional‏
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Please call me at the clerk's office to discuss this matter. We cannot doanything with these emails until we hear from you. My phone number is(509) 458-3400. Thank you. Penny LambCase Administrator(509) 458-3400


Anonymous said...

You should get an injunction from your own mental insanity. A chemical injunction administered by a psychiatrist.

Anonymous said...

If your parental rights have been terminated, you have no right to visit with your former son. Basically you have no legal rights as to your son. What you need to do now is take care of your mental health by seeing a psychiatrist. Maybe some day when you recover your sanity, whoever adopts your son will let you have some kind of non-parent relationship with him. As it stands now, I wouldn't let you near your former son because your mental illness is unchecked and from your posts getting worse. See a psychiatrist. Get on medication. Try to save your sanity.

Anonymous said...

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Mama said...