Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dog Traumatzied By Seeing Knife

I found out about something else our dog witnessed that he started shaking over.

Last night, our dog reacted to the signt of a knife in the kitchen. There were a couple of other things happening with technology because I was standing there and literally I was zapped in the head, on the top of my head, twice, on the right side.

That is only done by U.S. military--not "neighbors".

It wasn't psychological, as I was standing there at the breadboard looking at a new loaf of bread my mom took out of the breadmaker. As I stood there, I was zapped in the head and it wasn't like a migraine pain--it was 100% military and anyone, in any country, who is military, would be able to figue out what it might have been.

They have done this to not just me but my mom and dad. I'm the only one who talks about it, so they designate me as crazy as a favor to the rapists and religious hypocrites who first wanted to cover their tracks.

The dog started shivering and shaking uncontrollably, like he had before, and then he just stopped, when we went to another room. It could have been technology, but to check, I had the dog go back into the kitchen with me and I took out some knives that had been out for cutting the bread.

I wanted to see how he reacted to the sight of the knife.

The dog freaked out.

There was a large knife on the board and then my mother had been looked for a serraded knife bc it cuts better and we couldn't find it. And then I was there so I asked for a knife too, a better one to use at my place.

When I saw the dog start to shake, I thought, "I wonder if he's remembering something someone did with a knife and it's scaring him."

Wouldn't it be something else if we found out his trauma at seeing a knife, which matched the trauma of hearing a British accent, were connected?

Maybe they're not, but the dog did have a reaction.

So I picked up this serraded knife and he didn't do very much. Then I picked up my little knife and he didn't do much. But when I picked up the knife that had 2 lions on it, and initials R & S on it, he freaked out. He looked scared and started looking down and froze and was frightened.

It's a knife that has 2 lions, one on each end, sort of half-standing on hind legs, and pawing out, and the dog definitely reacted to seeing that knife.

My Dad said, from the other room, "What are you doing in there?" and I said "Nothing" and then he asked again and I said, "I'm just showing the dog some knives to see how he reacts."

It might be though, that is scared of another knife too, if it's held in a way that resembles something he might recall. But the one knife that made him look afraid was the R. S. knife with 2 lions on the blade.

I think it is possible the dog witnessed something involving a knife. Whether it was that knife specifically or one that resembled it, I don't know.

But for some strange reason, a group of people wanted the knife scar on my mother's cheek to be removed and I can't imagine why none of her coworkers ever brought it up. A long knife scar on my mother's cheek? And then I write to the UN and someone is whisking my mother away to Roseburg and having her apply something to her face to remove the scar?

So far, it is possible the dog is so traumatized by a British accent that he goes into uncontrollable shaking and vomiting.

Secondly, it is possible the dog has witnessed an incident involving a knife and is similarly traumatized.


Anonymous said...

Your dog should be terrified because (1) you are mentally insane and (2) you have a knife in your hands. Simple mathematics. Insanity + Knife = scared dog. Go get psychiatric medication and psychiatric care. Your insane ramblings are sad.

Mama said...

What might you be covering for with this kind of defense?

Did you personally knife my mother?

Because I saw the scar and I've seen what this town has been covering for.

You can make your own arguments ad hoc if you like, after I've filed a FOIA lawsuit against your police friends and the FBI for refusing to provide public records they're required to provide upon request, within a reasonable timeframe.

Mama said...

Secondly, I held up 3 different knives at separate times and the dog only had a reaction to one of them.

It's kinda like when the dog goes berserk because he hears a different accent--a British one, and gets so sick he's trembling and vomiting for over 24 hours...and trying to hide.

The only thing that was different at the house, was the British accent coming on at 8 o'clock.

Get yourself a lawyer asshole

Anonymous said...

What about a British accented Catholic FBI agent holding a knife? Now that would really freak out your dog, don't you think? Go to your medicine cabinet. Grab the yellow bottle that says anti-psychotic medication and take a pill. Go with your dog to psychotherapy. And try to fix your mental health. If you do, your parents' lives will substantially get BETTER! And so will your life. Go do it Cameo, you need help. Please.