Thursday, October 27, 2011

Corruption With Oregon State Police & FBI

I haven't found the connection yet, but I think my mother's employer Debbie Sweetwater-Burt is linked to Janet Bechtold. I can't find it online yet but I think it's true.

And even though I've withheld on things out of respect for old time's sake and the fact that I knew this "boyfriend" from the past, his behavior and the treatment by his family torwards mine, is not okay.

I think there may be a link between the FBI as well, which would explain why he was the one who didn't want me to report on them and then why later we were all subsequently tortured.

Robin Bechtold's brother, Nathan Bechtold, was already a cop for the Oregon State police (I believe) when I called up one day to report the fact that Robin Bechtold tried to buy prescription drugs from me.

And it was after this, combined with my litigation, that I had horrific treatment by police. It was Janet Bechtold who was happy that I was homeless when I ended up getting pushed out of all work and housing and even college, and she made comments about it.

It's not that big of a deal, in the long scheme of things, to try to buy prescription drugs off of someone...really...not at all...but the thing was, I was totally innocent.

I had no criminal record. I never used or bought drugs ever. I didn't party, nothing. And all that went down the drain with not ONE former "friend" standing up for me. Instead, they served self-protective interests.

I think this may be part of the reason the FBI doesn't want to give me FOIA. They don't want me to see who is connected to who or who tried to defame me and my family later.

And honestly, I would not even write about it NOW, if it were not for the fact that my baby and I were TORTURED and Robin Bechtold is sitting in his downtown Dallas, TX office saying to me over the phone that I need to get "help".

For what.

For his own cover?

Somehow, one of these guys is not just working in with police and corrupt law enforcement, but they're in the FBI. And they have been instrumental in destroying my life, reputation, and all credibility.

I cannot take it anymore.

I have family members dying over this and being tortured. And here I am, still too "sweet" to publicly denounce my former boyfriend and his family for trashing my entire family to save themselves after I made one small report out of my conscience.

I had no grudge against him and I wasn't fawning after him either. I had been literally shocked to the core.

Never in my life had anyone propositioned me to do anything illegal before and it was coming from my one high school boyfriend from Sherwood, Oregon with the cop brother and the mother who taught Talented and Gifted students.

I don't even know if maybe his best friend's Dad, Lund, who died as a Judge, is or was a better man. I don't know.

But I'm TIRED of seeing my son tortured while Elisabeth V. Bechtold and Nathan Bechtold and Robin George Bechtold do whatever they want in life as we suffer needlessly.

I think the FBI is "in" on it--some of them are in with them, because how else would all these things happen?

Maybe it was just an innocent defensive move to kinda trash me...I can, how smart was I to call up police when his brother is police?

I didn't think about it then.

I was already being harassed by litigants in lawsuits.

I remember the first time I ever called police about anything to do with drugs. It was when I was still in high school, or just out of high school and I will never forget the response of the cop because he basically sneered at me over the phone and I was just an innocent kid thinking "Just Say No To Drugs" and I thought it was public duty and service to inform on illegal stuff, because it "ruined kid's lives."

So there was this wooded area in Sherwood and I noticed people stopping off at different times and I thought it was a drug drop place. Then I never called about anything again, until after I was the victim of a hit-and-run.

Janet Bechtold already hated me. She always did, always will. She resented me and hated me. Even when I was still in high school she hated me. She hated me because I said I wouldn't formally be her son's girlfriend because he was Catholic and not Protestant. She blamed me for driving him to drink and her son blamed me for his own future sexual hang-ups, bitterly claiming that my refusal to be with him or lose my virginity to him made him feel self-conscious. He used to get rip-roaring drunk over me. Then later he was bitter and said, after he'd gone to an Ivy college, "I used to think you were better than me, but I don't anymore." He always had this thing about how I made him feel inferior and then one day he decided, "I am better than YOU!" I'll never forget it. And his mother had her college buddies then try to insult me with a $1,000 scholarship when my voice was worth more and they all knew it. It was their way of "getting back". They were full of revenge and motive for revenge.

I even told him, even in high school, "Robin, your mom doesn't like me at all" and he would laugh it off but he knew it was true. Later, this dislike turned into an almost seething hatred and then satisfaction when she was saying "Oh. You're HOMELESS." I said, "I'm not homeless." It was right after my car was illegally towed when Judge Gerald Warren put a suspension on it illegally so I couldn't drive.

I was then stuck in Oregon without housing and she started mocking the fact that I was "homeless". It was the first time anyone had even suggested such a thing to me and I was shocked to see she was glad about it.

That was 2004.

It was 2004 that Janet Bechtold mocked the fact that I was homeless and it had been 2003 I believe when I called police to report her son had offered me money for prescription pills.

It was right after I was recovering from a hit-and-run because I only had prescription pills from Dr. Jonathan Greenleaf for a couple of months because I weaned myself off of them. I could have asked for a lot more but I didn't, because I have never liked being on drugs and I had been doing well in college and with my lawsuits.

So I was sitting at the house one day and didn't talk to Robin much, and it was before I met the FBI guys from Portland, Oregon.

I wasn't attached to him at all. I rarely talked to him but now and then we would chat. That was after he basically took advantage of me on Thanksgiving Day one year when he came back from college in California. My own good friend was the one who witnessed it and brought it up to me. I realized she was right but when I asked him about it, he tried to turn it around on me and even by email. I forgave him for that. I forgave him even though I had already been raped as a virgin. I forgave him and let it go.

I don't think he ever let it go, because I think it was in the back of his mind that he never wanted to get in trouble for anything. I didn't report it to police ever. Not to this day. I just talked to my friend about it and then I let it go.

Next thing I knew, it was 2003 and Robin Bechtold was on the phone with me and said what did I have, and how strong was it and he would "buy it" from me. I was totally shocked. I said, "What? what do you mean?" and he repeated that if I wanted to sell my oxycontin to him, he'd pay me per pill.

I said...



I said "No".

I had never done any drugs my entire life and I had never, ever, been asked to sell my prescription drugs. I said, "No, I need them." And I used them for my pain from a broken femur and dying necrotic bone in my femur. I mean, I had SERIOUS pain and that's what I used the pills for and then I only had the prescription filled maybe twice even though I wasn't recovered for 1 entire year. I still had a hole showing up on my X-ray where the bone transfusion hadn't filled in yet and bonded to the rest of the bone in my knee.

So I was still healing, but I never asked the Dr. for any medications.

However, I did call Portland police. I think I was so shocked that anyone would try to pay me for pills that I didn't even think about it...I did what I thought the "Just Say No" people do.

I reported it.

Which was probably a very, very, stupid thing to do. For one thing, the guy I was reporting...well, was a member of the Catholic church I was suing for one thing and for another thing, did they know the Rose-Lewis's? I don't know, but his BROTHER was a cop.

After that, and already having litigation issues and being stalked and having my cars vandalized, all of a sudden, I had police all over me and not being very friendly either.

Hating me.

Between Abbey and Willamette Week lawyers, having reported the OSB/PLF to FBI in 2001, and then Christa Schneider's connections with the DOJ and "sugar mills" and rich people she always alluded to, and then with my reporting Robin Bechtold, I got into the danger zone.

I didn't know people were already taking it out on my parents and torturing them.

I reported attempted solicitation of purchase of prescription pills by Robin Bechtold in 2003 and Portland police refused to investigate. I called more than one Portland officer and I think then an Oregon State police officer. They all refused to take a report of solicitation to buy my prescription pills. I said, "I don't know if he's using his law firm as a cover for major dealing or what."

The Portland police and Oregon State police were already hostile after Mt. Angel police used their church members to defame me. But after that, and after this horrid article about me, they were then giving me false parking tickets left and right and stalking me.

And then some guys in a long black mercedes with slicked back hair in ponytails started checking me out at my house when I sat outside still healing from my broken knee.

Up next?

FBI Raul Bujanda and Armando Garza in 2004.

For some reason, all of a sudden, the police and FBI and legal community didn't like my legal prowess in court as a Pro Se litigant and they all sank their teeth into me at once.

They all lied about me and then they turned it around on me and started calling ME a prescription drug abuser.

I went from being the innocent person who was sexually assaulted, harassed, defamed, and propositioned to sell drugs (who said no) to being accused of being a criminal and mentally ill.

To WHOSE advantage?

My SON has been TORTURED. My whole family has been TORTURED because of FBI fuck-ups.

Suddenly, Robin Bechtold was telling me, "Don't report the FBI guys." I said, "Why not?!" And they were the ones in my apartment trying to ask ME if I had weed for them and looking at 10 or so of my 5 mg. Vicodin which I had for severe migraine.

I did not even know that some of my migraines were not even naturally triggered.

So then I reported the FBI in 2004.


All of a sudden, police blocked my freedom of travel and I wasn't allowed to visit my parents. I was slandered by Judge Gerald Warren in Wenatchee, and a couple of doctors in Wenatchee tried to say there was something wrong with me, and I was forced out of college, out of my vehicle and driving even though it was illegal, and I was stalked.

Then, I was thrown in jail when I was innocent. I had police and FBI, along with former legal adversaries, who wanted to trash me. So they told me I was "known by police from WA to OR" and I was being arrested for assaulting Granny.

Literally. I went from innocent volunteering citizen who stands up for the general public and their rights, to "Granny-assaulter and mentally ill prescription drug user".

Take my advice:



After they smear you they turn you over to their friends in the military.

Does anyone have an idea why maybe the FBI hasn't wanted to hand over the FOIA and records since I've been asking them for this, starting in 2004?

It's a whole new thing.

Ask for FOIA and get TORTURED.

I guess once the FBI and police have friends who want to discredit you, after they do this out of hate crime and to cover their own interests, they come up with this "nifty" idea to try to pass it off as some kind of U.S. government privileged "research".

RICO by FBI dressed up as research. I wonder what that would like if I could paint it. I would like to paint that idea.

Here's the strange part.

I never told anyone about this, about reporting Bechtold and his tie to police and what happened later...I didn't go back and keep trying to report. My son has bled for Janet Bechtold. A baby has been tortured because of people like Janet Bechtold. And when I was so satisfyingly "homeless" all that time, with no one standing up for me, I didn't talk about the Chief of Strategy with the Pentagon for years. Even though I was forced to grovel in the dirt while I and my entire family were tortured.

It's not difficult.

It's easy.

YOU PEOPLE quit torturing and defaming my family and you don't get away with it anymore. YOU will return my son.

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Anonymous said...

Can you please clarify all of the members of this overwhelming conspiracy? So far I have Catholics, Jews, medical professionals in at least three States, law enforcement in at least three states, numerous roommates, the military, FBI, CIA, the English Middletons, various neighbors, the judiciary, attorneys both representing you and representing others persons, random people in cars, various employers, ex boyfriends, social workers, your relatives. Have I missed anybody? Is there anybody NOT involved with the conspiracy? Maybe just maybe there is no conspiracy and you are mentally ill. That would be too simple an explanation but worth some consideration.