Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Plates from Tennessee (just a few)

I don't have most of my information with me right now, from TN unless otherwise indicated, but here are a few plates and I'll put more down later. These are all from people who went out of their way to harass me:

993 JDT
5871 (Indiana plates but in TN,)
875 PXF
336 JKB
503 DED (kansas)
GV 7761 (police officer passed several times and another officer approaches to harass me)
ONEBURN (following police)
377 ZLY
467 ZRL (white BMW, white man nodding to Officer Campbell)
973DX1 (I think, oklahoma)
11B4378 (Alabama)
328 73W
165 NLG (June 8, 2 kids)
380 76R
381 WWA (Iowa, woman with dark hair)
869 SNN (woman with dark hair)
169 RT2
2935 (SUV with 2 women)
DNA 9296 (NY plates)
067 ZAA
927 WDY (other country)
GV 364B (gov. truck)
(Tim Pace (from greyhound bus from nashville to knoxville, TN, Irish, knew English accented couple also on bus--used some kind of technology while sitting next to him so I moved. The phone number he gave me was 856-982-4432.)
538 ZDT
459 OFJ
249 DKR
BPS 2983 (Georgia)
SAW 0052
I have more from this area and other areas, but that's all for now.

Also, the lawyer with the Koch firm in Seattle, Washington knew people in TN who were there harassing me. There was a huge conflict of interest and I asked them to withdraw because of it, which they're required to do, and they didn't. They lost my case, after papering it up and making it completely impossible for me to fight against. There is no possible way to fight and review everything and respond, or make motions, when you're being tortured and your family is also being tortured.

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