Thursday, October 20, 2011

Disclosure of Torture by Neighbors Now

I guess Dempsey and O'Reilly know some of our neighbors through...Debbie Sweetwater Burt?

This entire night, someone is using several different forms of torture, and using extremely strong levels of it.

I already know one of those things is local and I will have to go out and disclose the names of those living around our house.

Not all of it is from neighbors, but some of it is, and if someone didn't believe me, my guess that our neighbors are mainly Catholic, maybe they will after they look up records for their houses and vehicles and find out they are either military or Catholic church connected.

I got several vehicles' plates the other day but I can go ahead and make it more personal by disclosing the house addresses so others can look up the real estate records on who bought and sold the house or who rents it out.

See if I'm wrong.

Stop what you are doing now.

STOP your illegal use of torture.

I''m making a few guesses, but all anyone else has to do, is a small amount of research to see if it's right, that my guess is that we're surrounded by military-connected and Catholic-Jewish neighbors.

How else would Debbie know what we're doing unless she has a friend spying on us who lives next-door, or a camera is on our house and for some strange reason, she's tight with police or FBI?

They are using the torture that harms my neck and metal in my neck, which also seems to affect mercury fillings, they've been using sonic things to the ears all night, at my house and over at my parent's house from a different direction, they've used the "ink bursts out of the pen" technology and they just started up the heating of my muscles and tried to trigger twitching throughout my entire body, about 1 hour after I tried to go to bed.

All of these things, all used at the same time, are not "research".

What this would be, is U.S. military hate crime combined with a local effort.

There is zero justification, even from a research standpoint, for doing this. And not from psychic research standpoints either.

Also, my parents were saying something about psychic stuff and saying I wasn't sounding christian when I talk about "psychic" things and whoever is trying to manipulate my family has issues. I've already said this, and my parents know exactly what I mean...that when I use the term psychic, I don't mean psychic like people with crystal balls. Maybe someone in the Catholic church is trying to convince someone to torture us by claiming we have problems and any gift is from "the devil". That's not true. In the Bible, it talks about "seers" and there were seers who were false and ones that were appointed by those in the temple and early churches. Seer is a word that sounds strange, but I use the term psychic in the same sense...mean to apply to abilities that are gifts beyond the natural and these are sometimes from bad sources and people acquire them through magic or things and other people have these gifts from God and it's IN the Bible too. "Word of knowledge" (wise advice or knowing something about a person that no one could know through any natural way--like, I can tell or see she has a scar on the inside of her ankle), "prophesy" (predictions), and other things, including dream interpretations.

There are people who fake it and abuse it, for money or political gain and then there are people who use their God-given gifts as God intended, or want to use them that way and get forced into slavery over it.

My family has been tortured over it.

I'm taking down the posts in the morning, NOT tonight. But when I get out and about, I'm disclosing all of the houses in this neighborhood and all their vehicles too, including the people who first said the police wouldn't do anything and then apparently broke into my parent's house to assault them or had a friend do it in their place.

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