Saturday, October 29, 2011

Howard Garrett Murdered

Well, now he's been officially murdered.

I thought maybe something had happened because I tried to dance today and I couldn't, and then someone started using technology on me again, after quitting for the first part of the morning.

So I was trying to find a way to fly over and looking things up and then I was told someone basically pulled the plug on him.

They didn't even let him come out of his drug-induced coma.

These people put him onto such heavy medications, he couldn't respond if he wanted to, and I saw him opening up his eyes when other people were telling me he never did, that he was in a coma.

So I guess later, people saw him open his eyes, but this was an act by Martin Dempsey. I think the Catholic church in Bonner's Ferry and at that hospital, and in Idaho, had something to do with it.

They didn't want him to be able to talk or anything, after what they did to him.

And no, I do NOT believe he wanted to die and I know it wasn't "natural".

He had a lot of problems, serious health problems, but he didn't DIE from anything "natural".

I think that someone got worried about him still being alive and "gifted". They didn't want him talking and knew he could sue if he wanted, or share information they didn't want to have shared.

I don't even know which ones in my family I can trust, because not everyone is always on the same page. None of us were around when my Grandpa Garrett died of a "heart attack" in 2002. No one in my family at least, and I wasn't even allowed to go over and see Howard when I wanted to. I could take one look at his skin and nails and things and be able to tell if he's been tortured or not.

My mother has been working around the house all day, looking and acting like "Anna" from TN shelter, the one Obama "pardoned".

They put a hit on him. I wouldn't have had this impression about something going to his brain with technology if it didn't happen.

Between that and the other things they were doing, no one expected him to live.

They got him sick enough to have to go to the Bonner's Ferry hospital and then knocked him out there.

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