Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pentagon & Heathly Competition (Child Kidnapping)

I got another "get out" this morning, for no other reason than arguing about who is responsible for what's happening to me. I think my Dad knew what going to happen bc he said something and then my conversation with my mother evolved into her telling me to get out, and I used one swear word, but that was it. I said, "I'll give you the ----ing Pentagon." So since I used a swear word, I was shown the door.

First I was talking about my friend and saying I don't know why he hasn't emailed and then that conversation led to my mother guessing out loud that most people thought I was mentally ill. I said I thought it was maybe bc he was worried about problems for his family but I didn't know. I said, yeah, I have sounded mentally ill when I'm in the middle of being tortured and drugged. Then I said, "I'm not being enough to be mentally ill." My mother said I made no sense and I said, "Having everyone lie about what's going on, and about is this working? it's NOT WORKING." I said, "7 years of all these people being forced to lie, and how is this working at all?" I said, "The U.S. HAS people they pay to be crazy and I'm not one of them. I don't have some $200,000 salary going into a slush fund." My mother said, "Name one person who doesn't think you're nuts." I said, "I'll give you more than one. I can give you at least 2 dozen." And then I added, "I'll give you the entire ----ing Pentagon and the DOD!" My mother said as she was pushing me out, and saying get out, "Someone who will SAY you're not nuts." I said, "They all know I'm not nuts. They're not talking right now, but they know."

At one point I said, "I was born and bred to be a Patriot. And Uncle Sam isn't paying me a THING."

And then that's when I said it's not working. I'm a big sacrifice for WHAT. All these people lying for WHAT? to cover for torture? because if we all lie long enough maybe they WON'T torture us anymore?

Like THAT's working. It's NOT. Lying to cover for people who torture others is NOT WORKING.
I went over this morning and asked how everyone slept because although I was able to sleep part of the night, I woke up to being tortured again. I don't know how they slept but probably not very well bc my Dad was on the couch and he doesn't do that unless they can't sleep. So my Mom said she didn't sleep well because the dog pooped all over the bed.

She got upset with me yesterday because I said I gave the dog some of my soup that I made yesterday and she wanted to know how much because she said the dog either got constipated or had diarrhea.

So he was up around my Mom's head, and worried, and then she found out why and then he went back to another bed and pooped again and then pooped on her pillow. She said the dog looked guilty like "I'm sorry" so she was saying don't feed him.

I guess other times the dog has had seizures and I think they are technology-triggered. Like what was happening to me when my son and I were being tortured.

I made split pea soup and that's what I gave him.

I remember I went to bed last night thinking about Will Wagler's facebook and his link to "I peed on my kid" and then overnight the dog pooped all over the bed. I had gone to his facebook page because I had just sent email to find out why things are happening to my parents--medical symptoms and wanting to know what kind of military tech creates it, and I was then eating soup in a cup and thought about Cup-O-Soup or Cup-O-Noodles and looked up his facebook.

I've made some really good soups lately. Since I've been Vegan, I've used a LOT more oil and vinegar. I use it for everything. I don't have cheese or butter anymore, so oil and vinegar are major components of what I use for seasoning things with. I've even been eating popcorn (already buttered) with balsamic vinegrette drizzled over the top. (that, and with cayenne pepper on the top but I did that in the 90s and the vinegar is a new idea). Or put the vinegrette onto a plate and then popcorn over it, to soak a little into the balsamic. And I use it in salads and in soups. Olive oil, apple cider vinegar, and balsamic and I almost bought red wine vinegar last time I shopped too.

The last time I used a lot of vinegar it was in D.C. when I ordered fish & chips and put malt vinegar on them with lemon. I had fish & chips with malt vinegar for almost a month straight. Now, I'm not eating fish but I use vinegar on everything.

I made my split pea soup with flax seed last night. I guess I'm trying out random ideas for Vegan cooking, without cookbooks. Some things have been great, and other things not very good.

I put olive oil in the pan and it was sizzling and then I added milled flax seed to it, with a splash of apple cider vinegar. I stirred it up after sauteeing a little and added chopped onion, added green split peas and covered with water. Later I added a little balsamic vinegar, honey, yellow mustard, and 1 whole freshly squeezed lemon with a pinch of salt.

The dog LOVED it.

I think my mother knew ahead of time what was going to happen because we give him people food sometimes and it's no big deal but when I told this time she said, "Oh much did you give him?" and I said, "Just a little." Well, the truth is, he liked it so much I gave him about 1 full cup's worth of split peas.

The liquid sort of absorbed so it was more like very flavorful creamy split peas than an actual soup. It was soup, but a thicker one. So yeah, I guess I gave the dog too much but I figured it was really healthful with all of the flax seed and legumes.

Last night I gave him some of my Whoppers malt balls. Dogs can't have chocolate but he kept staring at me, so I ate all the chocolate off of the outside and gave him a few pieces of the malt center. He loved it!

I think he's an intuitive dog too because at one point, I had this piece of cardboard I was moving, and it was a rectangular shape and I don't know if anyone used that to force my Dad to kneel on and the dog saw, because when the dog saw me holding it, he started to look really worried and whimpered and then I put it to the side and he was okay. I thought, "He's traumatized. I think he has PTSD from seeing something." So I had him hop onto the couch and patted him and yesterday I had gone out with the ball too.

I never take the ball out of the house...rarely, but I took it out and was tossing it back and forth in my hands and throwing it out to him and I thought, "I think someone I'm connected to is playing baseball maybe" because I was tossing it back and forth and then this came to mind but I didn't know for sure. That night, the news came on and showed The President at a ball game.

I thought maybe it was someone else, but I piped up and then my parents had me say nothing.


Yeah, the lying is working really well.

How about I get my son back now.

What's weird too, is that before I looked up Will Wagler's facebook, I had an impression, while I filled up my cup with soup, that someone had said "It's William of Wales". I thought why would anyone try to project this to me right now and looked up Will Wagler instead. He's the cup-o-soup guy.

I wonder what the various governments would do if all the MK-Ultra kids (and their kids) banded together and confronted them and stood up for their rights, from Canada to UK to US. Like, we all go Nikita on them.

(I then left this laptop to use the bathroom and when I did, I grabbed some lotion sitting out for my hands and put it on. Then I looked at the name on the lotion and thought, "That's weird." It's "Ultra Healing"). "...Penetrates through 5 layers of skin's surface to start healing at the source..."

I wonder how many layers there are to this program that has so many kids and adults enslaved to a system that profits only the slave drivers. My Dad doesn't like Obama and says he's picked people and has done things he doesn't agree with. I said I felt sort of sorry for him and that I think it's people around him controlling him. My Dad said, "He picked them. He's had so many people grooming him for this--" and I said, "Yes, I don't agree with what he's done, but that's why I feel sorry for him, because I think he's been groomed and is like an MK-Ultra kid. I think Biden and others control him and get him to do what they want and he's trapped." And then I said I had come across something that said even Whitey Bulger, the guy the FBI just got, was an MK-Ultra kid. I said, "I don't know if it's true, but it's possible and how did someone find out?"

Don't you wonder why some of the politics and competitions between the UK, Canada, and US are interconnected? Why are some of the naturally gifted lying for people that torture them? and why would anyone in any government want to support this and keep quiet when they know about it?

Do people in the Pentagon think it's fun to watch? It's no big deal when religious interests start to masquerade as political interests and people get tortured for it? Whether someone sits at an administrative desk or military intelligence desk, they should feel reticent about supporting others who harm children and families and are trying to slap security labels on it.

I said to my Mom, when she was saying everyone thought I was nuts, I said, "When I was being tortured with my son? yeah, and then all of a sudden I'm NOT nuts if I'm with the Catholic guy from Colombia? Why is that?" I said, "Within days, Mykal Holt was claiming I was 'psychotic' and slandering me as having weilded a knife against her when I never did. If I did, why didn't she call the cops? Isn't that what a normal person would do if someone holds up a knife? call 911?"

She didn't, because no such thing happened. My mom said so what and it didn't matter and I said, "It DOES matter, because then CPS used this and tried to say I was unstable and mentally ill and dangerous to my child, when it was a lie."

And that's when I then went on to say I am not being paid to be "mentally ill" and how has this helped or benefited anyone to lie and say I'm nuts. It's allowed others to torture people and get away with it. So that's why I say, "This is NOT WORKING."

What am I getting out of this? NOTHING. And I was the one, along with others, born and bred to be a Patriot, and is this the treatment I get? Does someone think that I am "impressed" with Air Force programs and their ideas about getting things to disappear? Oh, cool? I am not impressed and I'm not impressed with torture and last minute ideas to slap new programs onto people to cover up for crimes against them and justify hate.

I did not volunteer myself for this and no one in my family volunteered themselves either. Any claim to that effect would be one made under duress and coercion. You can't create and groom an MK-Ultra child to be an adult and then torture them until they're willing to do anything to get it to stop, to the point of hoping that if they maybe volunteer for something, the Hate Group in the U.S. will quit freezing assets, employment, college, and stop torturing them. That's not voluntary. You don't hold people hostage and then force them to think of extraordinary means of freeing themselves, to push them into a bargaining position that benefits only the criminals and bullies.

I never signed a contract with the U.S. I never volunteered myself or my son for govt. use in a position where I was not already under severe duress, torture, and coerced to think of creative solutions. I never agreed to have my child stolen from me after we were tortured, just because the U.S. needs kids for research. I don't even think it WAS research. I believe it was Hate Crime and then those who committed the crimes got scared and suddenly found their Big Brothers in government to cover their tracks and make excuses for them.

It's not that we're not "Patriots" maybe. Maybe it's that we don't appreciate watching the interests of our nation being sacrificed for the agendas of those who control these programs with self-serving motives. Like, sacrificing and torturing the ones who aren't members of their own church, for starters. When those who are being tortured have arguable more talent and value to the nation and to preservation than those who are jealous. How does it benefit a nation and make our country stronger to TORTURE and try to tear down the people who are talented and who were motivated and inspired to serve others, who could have done a lot more in higher positions than those who stepped on them to get ahead?

Talented people have been tortured to support mediocrity.

This does not The Country ahead but sets it back by putting others at risk. It allows people who do not really care about the nation to further their own personal and religious goals ahead of actual National Security.

What did Martin Dempseys daughters do? They served a stint in the Army and became Suburban Moms. How psychic are they? My guess is that they are not psychic at all. And all that comes to my mind is one of them letting people take shots off of her boobs at a bar or party. Go U.S.A. On the other hand, I was setting aside marriage to go to law school, fully independent and without help from my parents, and to fight corporate crime. I've been an activist and supported the rights of the most vulnerable. They carry a gun and do boob shots and we're supposed to think they are our nation's "talent".

Torturing people who have talent and brains, and claiming it's for the nation's interests, while allowing mediocre people who get jealous to be in charge of these programs, is not putting the country ahead.

If there are people with gifts, you see them as assets to a country, not as personal liabilities to the future of your own children and "church". You take pride in people who are in the country and don't go on some kind of jealous Duck Hunt.

By the way, putting people ahead who are mediocre and torturing those who are talent, is not something one does for "political" reasons. Political means one is concerned about the future of the country and nation. It's religous when the only thing that's different from one U.S. employee to the next, is religious affiliation. This means we have people in the U.S. government who are putting their church and religion ahead of the country and nation as a whole.

And I should add, it's not that I'm anti-Catholic in general, because I've dated and even supported victims who are of this religion--it's that a lot of what's happened to me and my son has had mainly people of specific religions involved and after years of it, there is no possible way not to notice.
I also want to add that I was relieved to talk to some people the other day on the phone who felt like my speed, or just, same kind of line of communication. I don't know their religion and I am not saying they were/are good people bc I have no idea. I just know I thought it was nice to interact with them and it was a woman named Mary with one group, with customer service, and then a bunch of people from NYC and it was so nice to interact with them.

What I liked, was the straightforward style and how, even if I had questions or talked fast or was to the point or even direct or brusque, they didn't take it personally. I don't know how to explain it, but I noticed some of the communication of NY and also DC feels like good match. It's partly a sense of their own personal security, like they don't feel threatened. I also like CA and some people there, and the values of the NW and midwest, etc, but sometimes I've noticed, I start to feel normal around the NY/DC style of communication. And I am NOT claiming they're all good people or that I think they're better or anything. It's just some kind of "say it like you mean it" and "no big deal" attitude.

It's like in CA too, or some big cities, I like downtown CA driving. They are all okay and comfortable with shooting the gap, weaving in and out of traffic, and going fast. It's like they're all agreed it's defensive/offensive driving and no one assumes you are trying to be personally rude to them, or slight them. They know you're not trying to offend them and that you're not're just making the most of your space and time, like they are, and everyone is okay with someone having to try to shoot that gap bc they've all been late for work before's sort of an allowance. It's not that I'm trying to "get ahead of you"--it's "I'm late and trying to get there on go ahead too!" I don't mind if someone is getting ahead of me now and then. I understand. It's like "fun driving"--sort of like playing a video game. Here is a spot that's open and can my car fit into that spot? It's Tetris on the Road. But if you try that in other cities and small towns, it sends a totally different message--that you're mean, impatient, thoughtless, and deliberately inconsiderate and even "trying to cause an accident."

I guess I get along with people who understand I am sometimes just daydreaming or careless or not thinking but I never intend for this to be any personal slight. Or if I'm direct or trying to get to a conclusion, I'm not trying to avoid niceties or it doesn't mean I don't like someone...I'm just trying to get something done. It's not personal.

I like people who can handle the "it's not personal" thing, when they are not themselves mean or trying to be personal. It's the unconscious ability to give a small allowance and not make a big deal out of something or assume something, or think that bc someone is in a bad mood or says something, that's how they always think.

I think maybe it's having enough personal security in ones own ego and self-esteem, to not feel they have to tear you down or jump to a conclusion about something. You know, like the fast packed driving in CA is not personal and can be fun, and the direct business style of the East Coast is something anyone can use. I do like to socialize, though I haven't been able to lately. I always have. But aside from making conversation at parties or being curious about people and their interests, I don't care to make a lot of small talk in business, for no reason. I'm not there to create a false impression and get something out of you because I'm pretending to like you. I don't like the fake stuff.

And I align with some Canadian-style ideas about protecting animal interests or trying to be humane to others. I met some of the wrong ones in B.C. but I agree with some of their ideas. I did meet some good people but there were a lot of others sort of "waiting" for me to arrive, which was very odd. I still hope some of the good ones might have figured out the motives of the bad ones by now.

I think it comes down to a roommate argument I had with even my best friend, who I had the most fun with, but she felt personally offended that I left a few of my belongings on her side of the room. To her, she hates messes and if I left something out, I didn't know she viewed it as a personal disrespect because to her, her entire environment of pristine cleanliness, was HUGE. It affected her moods, her work, and her life. To me, environment of my surroundings is secondary to mental environment. Who cares about a little mess if it's an accident of putting together a project, or being rushed for time bc of college? small details of hanging up a shirt do not fill me with great pleasure and joy. I do not clean a house and look around and think "Ah. This is beautiful and I feel like I just ate an entire box of chocolates in the tub with a glass of wine and a good book." I do not feel like my "soul" has been restored. I feel like, "Things look better now and where was I on that important project?" I had to explain to my friend that it wasn't that I valued her less or was being thoughtless...I really didn't know, because other things matter more to me and I never imagined it could be taken personally.

What's strange, is that we were best friends because she was intellectual and could be as weird and wacky as me, even though she was totally anal. I just couldn't really live with her because of the anal part. Working for employers who are anal when we're not even friends to start with, doesn't work for me. Though I didn't mind this one woman housemate Terri either. She got peeved all the time, writing little post-its about crumbs from toast on the counter, and I thought she was fascinating in other ways, and I think she was raised Catholic but there was no strange religious thing with her. She made her own bathtub beer, she was creative and artistic, and there were things about her that were quirky and made it funny to be around her.

I feel like the people who hate me the most are the insecure ones. And you can have insecure men and women all the way across the board, from the richest rich to the poorest poor, who have high positions or low ones, who are attractive or not attractive, and intellectual or not. There are people with serious self-esteem issues who somehow get to the top and I think they get there because their self-esteem issues lead to brown-nosing. They don't become people pleasers because they love people (though some people really do love people), but because they don't feel confident in their own worth enough to take an independent stand on anything. Then, when they get to the top, they are still nursing their old injuries and grudges against others they were jealous of, or who they had felt made them feel inferior, and they try to get revenge.

Which is why I think you have a lot of psychological problems with employees in government positions, because some of those people are using their positions to mask self-esteem problems. They use a position to make themselves feel better, rather than feeling the reward is within, they get their confidence from acquired power. Their job is what makes them feel validated, not who they are. And these are the people who torture others, typically, or who harbor secret grudges or are willing to lie about others. They're not able to take constructive criticism because it creates a reflex to the trauma they feel from their low self-esteem issues. Instead of shrugging it off, they latch onto this perceived insult and then want to get revenge which will then help them to regain and restore their personal feeling of worth. It's sort of obsessive-compulsive. The need to be validated, and this reflex, is created by comparison structures. They don't think of themselves as A. Whole Person, wonderful and unique, separate but equal to B. Whole Person, wonderful and unique, separate but equal to A. They don't feel whole, which is why they use comparisons to gauge for themselves where they might be on the totem pole. Instead of then accepting person B as separate but equal to A, and leaving them alone to flourish in their own right, they target and torture the person that they believe is detracting from their own image.

It's not self-defense, as in, someone attacking a group out of self-defense because they're tortured. It's self-protective with regard to image perception and social acceptance.

It's kind of like the saying of John the Baptist, about Christ: "I must decrease so that he can increase." John the Baptist did this for right reasons, because he felt his own worth was detracting from the worth of Jesus. So he didn't want to compete with Jesus, and wanted the focus and attention to be on Jesus.

Some people though, use this in politics and for their own positions, thinking, "If I trash this entire family and force them out of housing, work, and college, I can put the focus and spotlight on how successful and wonderful my own family is. And then maybe we'll get more funding and better business."

Healthy competition cannot be derived from unhealthy competitors. So when you have groups who torture others, to get ahead, out of a competitive spirit, they are not interested in healthy democracy, healthy competition, healthy national security, and heathy self-esteem. Those who use torture in their means to an end, are the very groups the U.S. should NOT be supporting. Groups that torture others are displaying an extremely low self-esteem and also exposing the fact they do not support a healthy competition. This translates into unhealthy economy and national interests.
So yeah, I don't feel depressed in the least.

Why should I be depressed when I am not responsible for torturing anyone?

People who rely on external factors to measure success, will get depressed if things don't add up. That is because these people are dependent upon position for self-esteem and mood. Those who count on position, professionally or socially, as a ruling stick to measure themselves by, will be depressed if things don't work out. Those who already know real worth is the person themself, not the position, do not get depressed if they don't have a certain position or standing.

They get depressed by corruption and cruelty, but not by what others do who are jealous. Why should anyone whose family is tortured ever be depressed about themselves? they might be depressed by pain from the torture, or by things that occur as a result of torture, but no one who is a victim for trying to do the right thing, is going to be depressed that bad people kept good people down.

I have never once felt bad about myself. I've thought sometimes I did something wrong, but not once have I ever doubted myself or wished to be someone else or wanted to deceive someone in the public eye into thinking I'm something I'm not.

I think some of my family's greatest strengths have been exactly why we have been targeted for torture.

Am I supposed to feel sorry for myself that we've had religious fanatics and those with poor self-esteem spend millions of dollars to harass my family and call on their friends to torture us?

I've felt humiliated before, sure.

But I do not feel depressed when the only reason I should be depressed is if I did something wrong. If I had done something wrong to my own son, I couldn't live with myself. But I haven't. I've never done anything to feel bad about myself over.

My family has not done anything wrong either. I see my parents now in ways I never noticed before. I now know why my family has been targeted to be tortured, literally. All this time, I never even knew how gifted they were and it makes sense, finally, as to why some groups got Government involved in torturing even them.

People who have little talent are always jealous of those who have highly unusual gifts.

In every sense of the word, those who have mass-harassed and tortured us, have acted exactly like some of the jealous Germans acted towards the Jews. Only with us, some of those against us have also been jewish. It's really no big deal that some of the govt. psychics used to try to thwart us are Catholic either because many Catholics are genetically Jewish.

So when I wrote about the groups that have inherited psychic abilities or tendencies, and said it's primarily certain groups and listed them out, if someone wanted to know where the Logan's Catholics and Joe Moneagle's come from, they come from Jewish stock. During WWII, more than half of the Jewish children rescued were "adopted" by Catholic families and sheltered by monasteries. The adults were pretty much disposable and all killed, but some of the children were saved by those who thought it wasn't the children's fault and maybe they could convert them to Catholicism.

This has happened, historically, to the Jews since Rome. If Jews didn't convert, they were killed. If Jews didn't intermarry with Catholics, they were killed. If their parents refused to convert, the Jewish children were kidnapped and adopted to Catholic families. So there is a lot of Jewish blood and heritage among Catholics today, because of their intermarriage with the Jewish. When it comes to WWII, you can find a TON of historical links and records to the numbers of Jewish children adopted by Catholics after being taken by them. Even when the parents, some of them, survived concentration camps, they could not get their kids back because they couldn't find many of their children. Their kids had been taken, and sometimes the names were changed, and they were adopted into Catholic families. Even if a Jewish family found their child, they didn't get them back because the child was already adopted.

So basically, it's my opinion that some of the Reform Jews today ignore Vatican atrocities and complicity and work with Catholics that they already know are half-siblings. And the psychic abilities or some of the physical traits of the Jewish are found in the Catholic. I think the only thing that matters to the Jews today is money. I mean, American Reform jews in general. They don't care what the history is--they live for today and care about money.

They don't care if people are tortured in the U.S. today. They are too busy serving their own interests and maligning those they discarded in favor of better gambling odds. They don't care if the religion is Catholic or Jewish, as long as money lines their pockets, that's who they support.

Which is what has happened in the entire case with my son.

If you notice, the U.S. "Holocaust" museum, even, is more interested in being politically correct with the Catholic church than in exposing the truth for what it really is. While countless records survive about the mass kidnappings by the Catholic church, of Jewish children, the Holocaust museum makes no mention of it.KIDNAPPINGS OF CHILDREN
Initiated as early as 1940, a number of Nazi agencies became responsible for the selection of children in occupied countries whom they thought could be 'Germanized' by placing them in German homes. In Poland these children were simply kidnapped from their homes and orphanages or torn from the arms of their mothers on the street, their only crime being that they had fair hair, blue eyes, or they just 'looked Aryan'. The main reception centres for selection and racial testing of these children were set up at POZNAN, PUSHKAU, BROCKAU, POTULICE and the special home in the monastery at KALISZ in Poland, and in the Lebensborn home at BAD POLZIN. Once in these homes the children were forbidden to speak Polish, instead were drilled in rudimentary German before being sent to Germany already bearing the names of their designated foster parents. In Poland, over 200,000 children were kidnapped by the SS and the NSV (the female counterpart of the SA, known as the Brown Sisters) This is a rough estimate and includes children born of parents deported for slave labour to Germany.
Between 40 and 50 thousand children were kidnapped in Russia, and in the Hungarian Ukraine another 50,000 were kidnapped. Children under six years of age were adopted out to German families who were told that their parents were killed in air raids. Children from seven to twelve were placed in special institutions such as State Boarding Schools, Reich Schools, in Napolas Schools (Nazi Political Training Schools) or put in the B.D.M. (League of German Girls). This deliberate perversion of children's minds was one of the most monstrous characteristics of Hitler's Germany. Children who failed to pass the selection tests were simply put on trains leaving for Kalisz or Auschwitz, to disappear without trace. After the war, the International Refugee Organization and the International Search Service at Arolsen under the supervision of the International Red Cross, searched for these children who were put up for adoption. Only between 15 and 20 per cent, about 25,000, were traced and returned to their families.

25,000 just from Russia and Germany and that's an underestimate. That means at over 120,000 children were kidnapped from families and adopted out, and that's a gross underestimate.

That happened just 50 years ago.

That would be like having the U.S. government or Catholic church kidnap 2,000 children from each of the 50 States in the U.S. and put them up for adoption, in a matter of 5 years time. To break it down so the numbers don't overwhelm, this would be like having 1-2 children from every single town in any given State, kidnapped. Coquille has a small population. It would be like 1-5 children disappearing or being kidnapped. Then in Coos Bay, it would be 5 children kidnapped, in Portland, Oregon, another 25 children kidnapped.

Most of those kids ended up "Catholic" as a result of kidnapping and conversion. It's my opinion that as some of the Jewish-Catholic converts were found by the Jewish families, instead of asking for repatriation of their children, and holding people responsible, they decided to become allies of The Catholic Church and The Vatican.

Their own blood was kidnapped and bought by the Vatican. It's not like the Jews today have any interest in defending themselves or anyone else who has been tortured recently. It's Jewish-Catholics that work in the psychic research programs for the U.S. and they don't even know how they ended up as Catholics to begin with. They know nothing about their own family history. They just persecute and support torture like everyone else.

The Jews today are more allied with the Catholic Church than any group that is sincerely humanitarian. The entire Supreme Court is Catholic and Jewish. The Justice System is Catholic and Jewish. Protestants are just the ones they bribe, while they are working together to block anyone else from making the money. They've all intermarried-out the conflict or independence that would be required for accountability.

That's what they do these days--intermarry. How will the family sue or take legal action if the daughter victim is married to the perpetrator husband? If the victims family and the enemy family intermarry, the enemy doesn't have to worry about going to jail or being sued. In fact, they don't even have to return stolen goods and property.

Peace with a ring, or a yoke. Who wins in this kind of deal? The victim and victims family? Or the enemy?

The enemy was the one that had something to lose, not the victim.\

Regardless of who one might designate as "Perpetrator" and "Victim", the victim was the one that had a right or rights stolen from them. If the perpetrator has not been held accountable, it is only the group that supports the perpetrator that would be worried about any liability or loss from their actions.

Therefore, a union between the Perpetrator-Guilty group and the Victim-Innocent group is going to benefit...?

It benefits the Guilty group only. The only possible way it benefits the Innocent is if, by marrying the Guilty, the Guilty promise to no longer continue torture of the Innocent.

So that's not really a marriage--that's coercion to intermarry or else be tortured. If the Innocent decides against the marriage offer, and the Innocent family continues to be tortured, this is terrorism.

Not only that, it firms the Guilty's resolve to make it even worse for the Innocent, because now they do not have the "security" that had sought, by attempting to "Herod-Out" and protect themselves against prosecution for crimes.

What would the "Guilty" gain by intermarrying into the "Innocent Victim" family?

The party that has the most to "gain" by successfully marrying into the Innocent Victim family is the Guilty. The Innocent Victim family would not have to even know that the person one of their members is marrying is a member of the Guilty family.

2 scenarios with unknowingly marrying into a guilty party and knowingly marrying into a guilty party:

1. Unknowing. The primary advantage for an Enemy or Guilty Party marrying into the Innocent Victim party, if it done where the Innocent do not know or realize the group they're marrying into is Guilty, is cover. There would be, could be, NO greater advantage or cover than to marrying into the Innocent party. First of all, if all members are unknowing, the advantage is that it would then be highly unlikely anyone would later suspect people associated with the Guilty. If criminals succeed in seducing and wooing an entire family to accept them, if the honeytrap member succeeds in winning affections, once they are married, there is little to no chance anyone will ever be investigated, caught, or prosecuted. First of all, the marriage itself will protect against suspicion or investigation and even "love" (what is love, anyway? an illusion? a feeling? a dream?) will stop anyone Innocent from suspecting the Guilty they just married. If their own emotions do not stop them, the family will bring out their friends and contacts to make it seem impossible and will cast shadows of doubt upon everything else but them. How often, seriously, do people marry and then discover years later they married someone who tortured or committed acts of crime against their own immediate family members? The odds are maybe 1 in a google. First of all, if all Innocents are unsuspecting to the point of marriage, this secures the idea in the enemy's mind, that all tests have been passed. They seal the deal, and it's over. Home free for the enemy.

If some family members know or suspect criminal alliance but the main target does NOT, the enemy will work primarily to reinforce the target's affections and determination. The only way to persuade a knowing family member to keep silent is through an aggregious blackmail or torture. The torture might not even be known about if family members are separated or do not see eachother on a regular basis. If any member suspects but it is known they have no proof or haven't acquired the necessary information to confirm their suspicions, the enemy will identify the main targets as a questioning member who isn't likely to be blackmailed but must be kept confused and in the dark, and the target for marriage. I would suspect the main way to get a questioning member out of the way, is through sending them away, occupying their time with other matters of love, affairs, work, or some pressing matter. At the same time, someone would work to slowly introduce bits of "information" here and there, casually and over time, to create grounds for suspicion in another direction or to make the original question seem impossible.

Once the persuasion is made, which might take years, and there is no concern about a leak or plan falling apart, the marriage would be made. In the meantime, it is quite possible that the originally Innocent Victim or member, which is targeted for the marriage, while having no suspicions against the Guilty or his-her paramour that's affiliated with the extra insurance, it would be the enemy's objective to attempt to secure some kind of blackmail insurance against him (or her). Additionally, if the enemy is not truly enamored of the victim target, it will be the enemy's objective to attempt to entrap or find blackmail assurance in case they decide that after a time they want to divorce and leave.

2. Knowing. The only way to persuade an Innocent Victim family to intermarry with The Guilty Party, when some or all of the members know the Guilty are guilty, is through extreme tactics in torture, blackmail, coercion, threat, and freezing of all assets.

The Guilty Party will need to make this marriage "essential" to the safety and preservation of the Innocent Victim family. This could also be done to unknowing innocents, by making calamity look inevitable from one "shell corporation" or party if the secondary enemy (the real enemy) is not known. So the Guilty might go ahead and expose themselves and do the harm themselves and say "Catch me if you can", using extreme tactics and power interests to terrify a family, or they might instruct a shell group to do most of the work for them and hide underneath it, hoping this will force the Innocent Victim member to turn to them, and seek protection.

If a marriage falls through, when a Guilty Party expected this marriage to be their liability insurance and protection against prosecution, the torture and abuse might be expected to double or triple. First of all, they will want to see if they can terrorize someone into "reconsidering" and secondly, they will more worried than before because now they are worried about 2 separate issues: the first is the initial set of crimes they wanted security from through intermarriage and the second is the new set of crime originating from coercion to marry and concealment of the crime.

They might think "the Innocent Victim member knows, or found out about us" and assume that's why the member decided not to marry. If this is what they think, they are going to pull rank in every single organization they have Guilty members attending, and take out savings and loans to protect all of them from exposure. They will torture, invalidate, drug, medicate, terrorize...whatever it takes to keep the Innocent Victim family quiet.


And that means, it doesn't matter what religion or group the Guilty Party or Perps are with, it could be Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Hindi, socio-national, whatever. It means that if there is an enemy, this is a strategy they would use and they would be interested in using a shell corp or cover for it, if necessary. There might be more than one layer.

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