Friday, October 21, 2011

Patching Up Torture

For the record, my Dad's hands looked like normal yesterday. I don't know what someone is doing because it's almost like they're torturing my parents to the point of death and then giving them things to take the swelling down to cover up the evidence later.

Like, repeated torture but if anything like evidence shows, they use something to force it to away.

If I were examining my parents yesterday I wouldn't have thought my Dad's hands had been broken or damaged. The swelling was gone and his hands looked normal but I know they've had people beating them up.

It's like the nurses and "doctors" in town are covering up crime.

They have all these people to beat you up and torture you, with govt. supervision and approval, and then medical personnel and even Red Cross coming through, to try to correct evidence so there is less documentation.

I know the worst of it can't even be seen with the visible eye.

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