Thursday, October 27, 2011

Heart Attack Ordered Against Howard Garrett

I wrote an email to my mother and sent a copy to my cousin Char, whom I've not contacted for almost a year. She is the daughter of my Uncle Howard.

All I sent was a subject title of: Fraudulent Advertising.

The body of the email contained one link, to the FBI's webpage regarding "Hate Crime".

I sent it on 10/25/11, to my mom, to my brother, and to Char.

Then, yesterday, I printed out forms for filing some things at federal courthouses. The only people who knew what the forms were, were the librarians at Coquille last night.

And even though I was filing 3 different things, at 3 different courthouses, the only form with a name on it was one for Eastern District federal court in Spokane, Washington, which is where my Uncle Howard lives.

Someone may have had an impression, from the library, that the only thing being filed was going to Spokane, Washington. I will be putting down the names of the librarians there who picked up the copies from me, went through them all and read them, and then gave them to me.

The librarians there were Catholic.

I also know she read through everything because she printed my copies out on colored paper and then offered my legal documents back to me that way. I said, "No, I need those on regular white paper" and she started saying I was going to have to print them all over again. I said, "No, you can make copies while I go use the bathroom."

She is someone who has been a problem and she spreads information about whatever I do with others there--some who have hurt and harmed my parents. She's also someone who has talked in front of me about future harm to come to my family and then something does happen.

So I went to use the bathroom next door and then came back and she'd gone through all the copies and had had time to read which forms I printed and what the name was of the courthouse on the top. The only form with a name on it was for Spokane, WA.
I filled out what I needed to fill out and kept something for my records, but I didn't have this same woman copy things for me again. So she never saw that I was actually sending things to 3 different courthouses.

Then, it was about 20 minutes to 5 p.m. when I had all the papers in my hands and walked to the U.S. Post Office and filled things out and I sent 3 pieces of mail out at about 5 p.m. exactly.

I was on a library computer, looking up the forms, by no later than 3:30 p.m. and I sent an email to my mother (she was at work) at 3:55 p.m., saying I'd tried to send links but was having a problem with the computer and that I was mailing some things that day. I sent this email at 3:55 p.m. and then I was there at the library until 4:40 p.m. and next I was at the post office.

Below is a copy of that email, though I got one from my mother when I was at the library earlier:

Forms for Court‏ 10/26/11
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Here are the links to the downloads--hmmm, not working so I'll give you the site:

Never mind. It will take too long, but I have more to print out that I'll send you from home and to your office tomorrow.

I'm mailing some things today.

Love you,

All of my communications that day were to Oregon State law enforcement and then to court about getting a copy of a hearing held in Washington State, to my law firm with David Koch in Seattle, and then for getting forms to mail to court.

Since I believe timing is important, I am going to publish the email communications I had up to the point that I was in the library and then mailing things by U.S. post.

I just found out, I guess he was in Bonners Ferry, ID when it happened--the same place where my Grandpa Garrett had his multiple "heart attacks".

I guess he resides in Idaho, but his daughters, my cousins, reside in Spokane, Washington. They are the ones I had just written to, about the FBI's claims about investigating "hate crime", after I hadn't contacted them for a year.

I mailed my complaint to the Judicial Committee about Judge Gerald Warren, then I sent an email to my cousin about FBI, and then all day yesterday I was working on getting more evidence to support my complaint against Judge Warren and not one single person from Oregon State Police responded with the information I requested when it was simple to do so. And there were a few other contacts.

I'll publish them later. I have some other things to mail out today.

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