Thursday, October 27, 2011

Movies: Prince of Egypt

I am watching several movies at the same time while I work on other things.

I have never seen Disney's "Prince of Egypt" before in my entire life. Until today and I'm not watching all of it. Listening, but not watching all of it.

It's too weird. I cut to this Sniper's Warning movie about powers of federal agents and how they have abused these powers in places like Ruby Ridge and Waco, and then I stopped it, at random, and turned Prince of Egypt back on and it was this scene where Moses is dreaming and then sees hieroglypics moving, with guards advancing, and taking a baby boy away from his mother.

Which is exactly what happened to me and my son.

And I've never seen this movie before and was intersecting it with other movies and then I knelt down and prayed and after this, I felt directed to put on this Dimitrus Sniper's Warning movie, and it was at this part about federal agents having too much power and examples of Ruby Ridge and Waco, and how all of our civilian rights are disappearing and then I stopped and pushed play on the Prince movie again and these hieroglyphics came to life with a mother's baby being taken from her and her family beaten.

So then I stopped, at the part where Moses has a tear coming from his eye, and couldn't watch anymore and then I went to the cover to see what year this movie was made.

It says on the movie that it was 1998.

I turned it on first this morning and wasn't even watching it and I started to cry. I don't know why I started crying and it was at 10:30 a.m. so I wondered how my Uncle was doing. The one in the hospital. And then I just started thinking about all of the horrible things that have been done to my whole family.

So I laughed a little, because at one point I stopped the movie, first time, at the point where Miriam says, "You'r our brother." and Moses says, "What?!" and then I put on the rest of this movie I was watching last night. It was at the part of this commercial where some Russian guy is saying, "...and then I was in checkoslovakia, and then..." and then it cuts to a commercial with a black brother in a "Cambridge classics" ad and I cracked up at the junction of this brother with the comment in the Prince movie about being brother.

So I was cutting back and forth between this and N. Avenue irregulars and then I finally prayed and the biggest impact was then turning on this movie about federal powers and cutting to the Prince movie where the people are being beaten and tortured and made to be slaves of others and this woman sending her baby off in a basket while the powers advance.

It made me think of my son because I painted a watercolor of my baby in a basket like Moses, when he was still in my womb and I actually thought he was a girl as I'd been told. I never knew why I had this idea to paint that come to mind.

But now that I know what this country has allowed to happen to my family, I know.

Now, there is this part playing now, where Moses has a staff in his hand and a fire-like apparation comes onto the screen and God is speaking to Him. I turned to look because I started thinking about the scripture I read this morning, which I had turned to, about the 3 men who were thrown into the burning fire for refusing to bow down to other gods. They came out of the fire unharmed even though they had been condemned by others to be burned and consummed.

So I was thinking of this and then I turned and saw the hand of Moses reaching out to this flame.

Even in all my babysitting and being a nanny, I never once saw any part of this movie. Which is strange, when I think of it. That not one family I ever worked for ever had this movie in their Disney collection. ? I never saw it until I came back to Oregon and then didn't watch it until today.
Last night I guess my parents got the call about my Uncle Howard having a heart attack and I don't know what time everything happened but it was earlier in the evening or late afternoon...don't know time yet.

I got out needle and thread and worked on the tears in my jeans last night. I thought about surgery while I did it, but I didn't know my Uncle was in the hospital. I wondered if I would be able to do surgeries, because I already know I hate the idea and like analytical diagnosis stuff better, but I wondered if I had to do it, if I could stitch someone up.

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