Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Charles Spencer photo (Coorg?)

I looked him up tonight after looking at other things. I don't know why...I suppose I wanted to see his face again and compare it with Christopher Dempseys and something else...a few different reasons.

I don't think, from the photos, that his new wife is very nice. She actually looks mean, to me, sort of calculating and aspiring at the same time. Which is strange, since she works for a children's charity, but working for a charity and being charitable are separate things sometimes.

I find it very strange the painting behind their one released photo is of some guy in a red hat and cape, like a religious man? of some kind, and then Spencer's expression...something very different and political about that marriage. I don't know how sincere it is, at least from one side.

I think I wanted to look at his photo to see if I picked up on anything but it was really difficult for me to tell, for some reason. His engagement photo was in Feb. and she looks so smug and cold. She's beautiful, but I don't pick up on a good heart or motives when I see her photo and Charles looks confused to me. In his engagment photo, his eyes are like a troubled sea. He looks very relaxed and resigned to fate there, and he's holding her in his arms but there looks like such a huge distance between them. It's very strange, because with her leaning back against him this way, it's such a position of familiarity and comfort and with his arms around, like protection, but it's like they are in 2 different worlds and he looks much more vulnerable than she, even if he is her elder. He looks like he can't stop thinking. He can't even have a photo taken without being in a thinking mode. In the wedding attendance photo, where he's with her in April, it just looks like this relationship where he is the more pliable and she is the harsh mistress. I don't think she loves him--I think she loves what comes with him. And I think somehow he knows this, that she doesn't really love him. In the wedding photo, his expression looks like one where someone dropped a bomb on him or he thinks he made a discovery or someone challenged something, but he doesn't realize he didn't get the correct information. He looks more hardened there too, and it still doesn't seem to be about love at all but some kind of a political war. It's a political statement more than a photo that captures the exuberance of happiness and love.

In his first wedding photo, he looks happy. He looks content and happy and his bride is gorgeous...sort of an impish gibson girl and looks very free...all these women seem to be leading him along though. His second wife looked like she laughed a lot or was fun at time. He sort of looks like he's going along for the ride though. And he's the more intellectual one, so it's interesting that they're the ones pulling him in the various directions.

I'm not saying any of these things, from a psychic or intuitive point, but just looking at the photos like a normal person. From this photo I saw of him with his second wife, he looks more like this idea of champagne charlie bc he appears inebriated, but it was maybe an understandable coping phase.

He aged a lot between 2007 and 2011. I don't know what was going on, but it changed him. It's strange that both he and William broke up with their girlfriends/spouses in 2007 and then married within months of eachother.

I would say, I think Charles has learned how to put up a very good psychic shield. What I get from looking at the photos is more naturally analytical assessment than picking up on a lot of information. I would mainly say I don't think it's true love. Maybe when you get to be that age, you give up on the idea of true love and soulmates and just settle for companionship, attraction, and mutually benefical partnerships. It's not even that he is older, or it's a "mature" just feels political. And I don't know who he is looking at, but she looks like she feels like a conqueror and he looks at the camera as if he is trying to look into another man. Someone in particular but I don't know who.

When I first clicked on a photo, I went to the one from a site about Peers or something, and it was of him with a horse painting in the background and 4 chairs. I was trying to read him, and then clicking over to Christopher Dempsey. While I tried to read him, I had an impression of a man (which is probably someone in the military just sending me something) spreading his arms out to the sides of a desk or small rectangular table. Sort of hands together and then spreading hands out and arms to the side, like smoothing out a rolled up draft or a white tablecloth. And I thought about cards--playing cards. A man, standing up sort of bent over a small table and smoothing out a white tablecloth maybe, and something about playing cards. That's the only impression I had when I stared at him, in this photo but since above, there is a cartography of a map, maybe some military guy with access to knowing what I write online, thought they'd smooth out an architectural blueprint or a map to see if I got it. But I thought it was maybe a tablecloth and then for cards. I wondered then if Charles ever does magic, or tarot or if it's just playing cards.

Then while I was looking at this my mother opened the door across the lawn to take up the cat food dishes (2 cats here) and I went outside to ask to go in and grab some advil. She said okay and looked so unhappy and said I was scaring off her friends, but I said, "Mom! why aren't they standing up for you if they are friends? Am I the only one?" and she said yes and I said, "Then they are not friends at all." And she gave me the advil and I took them with me to the counter and put them on top of a notebook I have that says "Life" across the top. It says Life in light shadowy print on each page you write on. I counted out 7 pills, scattered across and above the word "Life".

Oh goodness. Then I prayed, well not really, just closed my eyes for a moment, to see what came to mind and it was Coorgis.

Hi Queen. Queenie? I actually fell upon a waterfall in a place in India I've never heard of, called "The Scotland of India", Coorg. The people there are called "Coorgis". I think that's when my eyes widened. I thought, "What?"

I got to it by closing my eyes and thinking of Charles for a moment and asked God quickly to give me something no one would expect. What came to mind was something about "Bells of Abbey's Falls". I couldn't find a song that matched and passed over all the bells stuff until I found simply, Abbey Falls and it was a clip of a waterfall in India. I've never heard of it before, in my entire life. So it's in a place called Coorg, and from there I looked up Coorg and it said it was called the Scotland of India. Which is slightly interesting I guess, as I tried writing to a Scottish place last night before having my cup-o-soup and looking up Will Wagler.

So the town of Coorg made me wonder about the history and also found a people who go by the name "Amma" (though I think when I was getting this it was for a name of a mother). Abbey Falls from Coorg/Coorgis--Scotland of India.

I guess the only strange part is that my mother had set out a large bag of rice on the counter and then I read the main crop there is rice. I looked at it and thought it was rice at first but it was Pearl Barley.

Anyway, this Abbey Falls is also near a place called Kannada but that's a different place in India.

From the Abbey Falls clip I went to a site that had an elephant and photos of shrines for Coorg. Then I went to wikipedia and found information about Coorg and then looked up Barley Rice and the wiki for these have the exact same colors. My parents are very psychic. Like I say, they know what I do before I do it and sometimes they see into the future so I think this is why we've been tortured.

I'm not kidding. My parents are not weirdos and all my life they've read the Bible and tried to do the right thing so I know they're not fakes or trying to do any kind of magic--they're gifted, really. And we are really and truly tortured over it and they've never tried to manipulate anyone.

I found this:, and then I found another site for paradisecoorg and then I went to the wikis and found "kodagu" (coorgis) and then looked up "kodava" and the falls and then "pearl barley". Oh, and "sullia".

So anyway, why my parents knew beforehand and why God showed me that I have no clue. Since I was asking for something in association with Charles Spencer, I wonder if Sarah or Diana or my parents even, or the Queen, or someone ever had a joke or an inside secret about these falls and this place. If I found it before, which I may have, I don't remember though I vaguely feel like I may have come across it before. Why now with Charles, who knows.

I went to my Bible and opened up at random to psalms and read first from the right, which was psalm 135 and then to the left, psalm 132 and then I looked up "Bethesda" as in the historical scripture and it's about pools of healing. looked up a Bible history page on Bethesda about the 5 pools and then I looked up the wiki one after the first one. Here are the collonades: It's a photo of the actual site. This site says it's situated near St. Anne's church? I don't know about trusting this last description. The other sites say something different. But I'll post it here for now.

I am having the metal tortured from my neck. I am not kidding. Someone is absolutely not happy with what I'm doing.

I looked up Bethesda because it's the name of a church my parents helped to start. I don't know why it came to mind with Coorg.

Well, I looked up a few other pics and I don't think he looks very happy. Charles doesn't, at least not to me, but I don't know him. I don't know why he'd get married so soon after his engagment break-up with the other one he being pressured to marry?

Someone named Nadine came to mind but I don't know why or in what regard...just associ. with him or his life. Some Nadine

Got to go to bed.

Probably ton's of Nadines and all know Spencer.

Back to America.

Obama is not bad, in my opinion. I feel bad when people trash him, as I have with any Pres., but I do think people are jerking him around and I think they make him pay for it if he tries to be independent. What am I trying to do or get? with making a post like this? nothing.

I want my son. I want my son, my name to be restored, and for my family to not be tortured. Then I am able to move onto helping others. I have no idea how my parents do it, keep going under torture and it makes me wonder if they've been tortured longer than me even, and just got used to it or felt they had to accept it. It's totally criminal and no one should ever accept it.

It's the military and FBI here.

We do need help.

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