Sunday, October 30, 2011

Will Wagler & Director of Intelligence

. "Will Wagler vs. Tyson"

"Will Wagler Takes On Director of Intelligence in Historic Showdown of Rushmore Proportions."

I was looking up mandatory declassification requests and then wondered who the Director of Intelligence was.

So I looked it up on wiki but there was no photo there.

So I looked up Will Wagler on Facebook.

Photo of him underwater.

I laughed, because I had just thought about how my socks finally got wet while I was outside tonight walking the dog and cat in the dark with just a flashlight and thought, "Well, my socks are wet now. Does this mean I'm in over my head?"

Then I was looking up more about MDR and then the Director of Intelligence and Will's photo. Then I clicked back to the Director of Intelligence site again. Next, I had the idea to listen to the song, old version, "We Are The World".

So I played this song, and the part that stands out to me is this:

"There's a choice we're making; we're saving our own lives"

I clicked on it because of thinking about being the children who have a right to have safety and our children with us safely and I had just looked up this section about prohibitions on classification of material.

Earlier today I had sent my mom an email saying we have to storm the courts. Because they can't say what's true and are kept from talking about who tortures them, and I'm stuck in a trap set up by FBI and cohorts to be mentally ill just because I'm the only one talking about what's happening and I thought, I know they want to make my parents sound crazy if they talk, but if we all storm the courts at the same time, we can't all be crazy.

I wrote it's better than allowing people to pick us off one by one and try to make it look like it was of "natural causes".

So I say we save our own lives by demanding open government and declassification of classified information and asking for accountability from the FBI.

Anyway, I haven't had any other new insights.

I chose the old version because I wanted to see Michael Jackson in it.

I was sitting on the porch today and looked at the cat in the igloo (which makes me think of CIA, just the igloo does) and then I looked over to my right and there is this salt&pepper shaker looking thing with holes in it and it was in a can where charcoal was.

The day my mom put it out I had just sprinkled my charred popcorn with red pepper flakes and then I sat down on the porch to eat it and then I noticed these two holes in the shaker, and they looked just like the holes in the documents from the CIA on youtube stuff I've seen, and I kept thinking about classified vs declassified information. Not that it's all CIA. But just thinking about classification and I guess that was yesterday and then today I found some more things.

Anyway, the first good laugh I had today was thinking about myself walking around the house en pointe barefoot saying to my mom "I still want to take ballet" (hint, hint) and then I didn't laugh again until I saw this photo of Will inbetween Director of Intelligence glances and looked at Rushmore poster in particular.
About a week ago I had some impression of someone in a white shirt and jeans and a belt that stuck out because it was too long and then the other guy in a cable knit but I figured it was wrong. And saw someone tearing a shirt when I was at this prayer meeting, or a sheet, but really not enthused when the torture stuff is going on for my family. Tore a sheet and then it looked like 2 tall rectangular blocks being separated and pushed over with a man inbetween pushing one out to the right and one out to the left, but I wasn't trying to visualize anything. I thought, "Oh, like sampson" Like when he pushes the pillars out which support the structure.

And then the next day my Uncle died.

I don't feel like sharing as much anymore because for me and my family, too much hate crime and competition has been concealed with classification stuff. I think my parents get tortured if they refuse to keep it up. And I don't know what someone is really trying to do to them because on one hand they force them to do stuff, and then on the other hand, they get tortured and psychologically tortured in ways that are not conducive. It just looks like hate crime anymore. I know for me, that's what I've been dealing with.

I want my son out of this.

Anyway, the MDR may be easier to get than getting something from just the DOJ or FBI because there have been so many problems. I don't know what the preclusions are for sure yet...not one outlines this very well.

Obama has to know what's happening because what is going on that turned into a cover for crime or embarrassment or competition, is top secret and he has access. But my Uncle just died and he didn't seem to like Obama and said this and then he dies, and it just makes me wonder about everything.

A ring. You're holding a ring. (this is not directed to Will or my family or anyone in director of intelligence group. I just saw a man looking at a ring and holding it between his fingers. anyway. I'm going to sleep. Half the stuff I get, when people send it, it's not always coming from good people, so getting an impression or image, unless I know where it's coming from, means nothing to me).

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