Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Moving Out From U.S. Force & Putting Up Posts

I guess I'm going to have to move out. Or, rather, the Portland FBI is looking for a MASSIVE lawsuit and criminal charges against THEM.

My parents told me I had to take down posts of their "friends" who are not friends but have tortured them, or move out.

I've decided I cannot take down truthful posts just because I'm being threatened and these people are torturing my family. Everything I said about Patty Otterbach, Kathy Hathaway, and Debbie Burt is true.

I'm putting all of them back up tonight.

The U.S. and FBI in Oregon has allowed brutal physical torture of my family and I am not making it up. The fact that they would dare tell my parents to instruct me to take the truth down, is illegal and they can be sued and jailed for it.

They also beat up my parents and then want to get courtesies for what they've done. My parents are not telling me to take down the posts or move out--these people who are responsible are telling them to do this.

And not only that, my own parents would never prohibit me from taking photos of all of us together unless they were being forced to not allow family photos that evidence torture.

The U.S. didn't even quit using technology against us--they've been blasting both of our houses with it--tonight, 3 different discrete forms at just my parent's house alone.

All of it done at the same time. I sat on the couch while I had the technology that causes warming of the muscles and twitching happening, strong, and before someone realized I was there and while they thought it was just my mother, they also had the technology going that causes ink to burst out of pens. It was super strong. So they were using 2 different forms directed at my parent's house alone and didn't even want ME to know how hard they hit my parents. Then on top of this, they threw in the other technology that hurts my neck and targets fillings.

This is U.S. military and this entire town is corrupt.

It is full of Catholics who are using hate crime and calling it something else.

I didn't take down the posts because I was worried about having a place to live. I took them down because I was worried maybe they were beating up and torturing my parents and family worse if I didn't.

Taking them down was wrong. I do not negotiate with terrorists.

YOU need to get your fucking CRIMINALS out of my family's life. NOW.

Not only that, what I wrote about Susan B. Hay is absolutely relevant. I want to know what the bad sect of British interest over here is about.

The Catholics in the FBI and U.S. Govt. wanted me to intermarry with someone to protect their own liabilities and when I didn't, they turned on the juice against my entire family. They wanted ME to intermarry with their man, knowing that if I did, they could feel secure about not being sued for having already tortured and assaulting my family. We were all trying to leave and they thought instead of allowing this, they'd try to convince me to marry into the enemy side. They wanted me out of the way too, and that was a way to do it.

If I wasn't married to their pick and man, whom they felt would control who I might want to sue or not want his name attached, they were going to torture all of us and try to force us all to say they all thought I was mentally ill when they know I'm not.

The LYING TO PROTECT CRIMINALS who torture is not working.

You go ahead and do whatever you want assholes. You're criminals and you're getting caught. Patty Otterbach just came back with my Mom, having invited her out again and things haven't been good at my mom's workplace.

My mother is being refused work now. By her crappy boss who commits torture--Debbie Sweetwater-Burt. And this man, Dr. Jose was making fun of my mother asking for a business card from my mom, already knowing my mother was forced to give them all back to her boss before the basically, he asked for a "business" card to have my mother say she didn't have one. Why? because after torturing us, and stealing from us, the criminals are trying to block us from having any money at all.

If my parents don't like having the truth out about them, why don't they sue me for defamation? Go ahead fuckers.

Sue ME for defamation after what you've done to my family--things I have personally witnessed. There is not one single thing I am afraid of being sued over--nothing. And my parents have nothing to do with what I write. I have been writing the truth, and accurately accounting for the condition and shape my parents are in after being with these "friends". If the military doesn't like it, they need to figure something else out, because there is NO justifiable excuse for using 3 different forms of technology torture on a family.

There is no "program" or operation that is serving a purpose through this. They are attempting to drive us out. All of us. What exactly are they expecting to get out of my parents by doing this?

WHAT? private tutoring lessons for their own bratty kids?

If someone doesn't like what I've said, you go right on ahead and sue me. I would love to have the opportunity to testify in court about the damage done to me, my son, and my parents and how the Portland FBI has done nothing about it.

I'm not moving out. And I already know my parents don't want me to move out. So if anything happens, the FBI is in BIG trouble. MASSIVE trouble, for forcing me out by torturing and threatening my family and obstructing justice.

I am telling the TRUTH. I stand by everything I've written.

There is a man who recently killed himself--committed suicide and set a bunch of wild animals free first. That man had an excellent point to make. You do not kill yourself, or your testimony, and set a bunch of ANIMALS who kill and torture others free.

I guess he set them free first, and then killed himself. Well I am not setting criminals free by taking down posts about them. If they want to argue against me, take it to court.

I am ready for you.

You go right on ahead and take your case against ME to court, for telling the TRUTH about what I see and witness you doing to my parents. If you want to defend yourselves and set the record straight, do it the legal way. If I thought I was wrong, or someone proved me wrong, I would make a correction, or change my view. I would do that. I would make a retraction.

But I'm not setting wild animals who torture us and who don't stand up for us, FREE, so that they can do worse. Knowing what I know and what I've witnessed, these people wouldn't even wait for a "suicide"--they'd try to murder and make it look like a suicide after they first got others to lie for them and deny anything was wrong.

If I'm wrong, take me to court.

Right now. Let's go. I expect to see you filing your lawsuits against me.

So far, to date, my parents are too terrified of crazy and wild exotic animals to even allow me to take a family photo. Funny how the police and govt. always want to take a symbolic act and turn it around to try to stand for something else.

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Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for your parents. Imagine if you were sane what you would think about a person who posts crazy ramblings about your parents' friends ... like you do. Cameo, go see a psychiatrist. Get some help. You need help. Your parents need you to get help. The world would be a better place if you recovered your sanity.