Saturday, October 22, 2011

Drugged Again and Residue Found On Hair

I've been drugged again.

Not only is the U.S. military involved in drugging me, and in using torture to trigger pain for purposes of then finding excuses to drug me, via Dr. "Jose", the CIA is actively operating in this town.

I was recently drugged after I was told to see this military and CIA-FBI connected "counselor" Dr. Jose Agosto. This was done after I specifically stated I do not wish to be drugged.

It is my belief that Dr. Agosto is connected to all of the above: military, CIA, and FBI and he has had proximity to them through his work, as well as to the Mt. Angel Abbey Benedictines in Puerto Rico. I don't care how long he's gone to the 7th day adventist church, he's Catholic and worked with people I have an immediate conflict of interest with. He knew who I was and who my family was, before he moved to this area, from Portland, Oregon, in 2006.

Not only have I been drugged again, with evidence that I can tell proves it for me, I have been fumigated in my own trailer, by other military that deals with biochemical materials--that's his expertise. 20 years of biochemical military work. I don't have my normal hair growing, my head hair is falling out in clumps again, and I got the droopy eye after I was drugged. It also takes away all of my creativity and energy level.

My parents are being tortured. This has been going on for a long time and the U.S. has allowed hate crimes to interfere with my ability to fight for my son, work, go to college, and they have obstructed my freedom of movement for almost 10 years.

Now, I'm told I'm "free to leave" if I talk about what is going on in this town. The U.S. and Catholic church wants this to stay under wrap.

Not only have I been drugged again, and had my place fumigated with some toxin, aside from witnessing and experiencing torture to my entire family, I was using a white comb on my hair about 2 days ago and the comb turned black with some kind of residue.

I had newly washed my hair and the only place I'd been was on this property and there was some kind of black residue all over my hair that I didn't notice and which didn't come off until I brushed my hair and it was filled with something black.

So I wouldn't mind knowing what that is. It hasn't been in the past. At the same time, one of my mother's wonderful coworkers sent her some article about "Black Spot puts blight on rose" and various articles about black spots and residue ruining roses. Which is not something my mother would save anymore than a joke about nuns.

My Mom and Dad got tortured worse yesterday and today from what I can tell. And today, after my Dad's hands had gone back to normal, he was tortured again and it looked like they broke his pinky specifically. There is a huge knob on the knuckle for his pinky finger on his right hand. And there was other swelling again too. I also think he is being electrocuted.

Today I was out with my mother and the whole time, we were being targeted and tortured with technology. It wasn't extreme, because we weren't in one place the whole time. But it was happening and then my mom was acting frantic about getting some houses sold and what it started sounding like to me, is that her sales were being blocked unless she agreed to do something for her boss. After she called up her boss and consented to something, then all of a sudden, every single form of torture that people were using quit.


What kind of power does this boss have then? if she gets this many of her friends out to harass and torture my parents until they say "uncle" or whatever.

There is more.

Oh, and it might not be her boss. Because she called this woman up and said something and then all of a sudden the torture stopped and the sales went through. I thought it was Patty and said, "What? she's telling you, the victim, to call HER up now, like it's your idea?" and my mother said "It wasn't Patty" and something about her own workplace but she may have just tried to cover for them, because she said to the woman, "Meet you at your office then?" If it was her boss she'd be more likely to say, "Meet you at THE office?" not "Meet you at your office then?" but I don't know.

I know that everything we do is being bugged and tapped and the torture thing was very odd. Who is this woman who controls whether we are tortured or not? It's her or a man behind her or group? basically, the group quit their group harassment and torture when my mom did what they wanted, and they used coercion to get her to that point.

It's hate crime, but the very scary thing is that someone very high up, is allowing and instructing torture of us and covering everyone's back that participates. And some of it is definitely, 100% Department of Defense-military connected and controlled and then some of it is definitely local.

It's my birthday and for my birthday, I'm writing about how we're tortured. I'm not writing about everything, but I'm writing to say this much.

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