Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Filed Judicial Conduct Complaint Against Warren

I filed my second judicial conduct complaint against Judge Gerald Warren.

I included the name of the FBI agent I had talked to about him back in 2004.

From 2004 forward, everything went wrong for me and my life, and my damages--actual and general damages, begin probably back to 2002 with defamation, but torture began after 2004.

I filed my general statement about Judge Warren and a brief description of what happened and how I was slandered to law enforcement. I included how I went to the Wenatchee FBI offices and made a confidential complaint and I was told what happened was illegal but "he's retiring anyway." He didn't retire.

Not only did he NOT retire, things got dramatically worse for me and my family.

I believe it may be that the aggregious nature of crimes which were committed against us, and the failure of some FBI persons to take responsibility, is what has led to torture of my family. I believe the FBI assumed they were liable in part or full for many of the damages and then used a self-protective motive to instruct other field offices to treat us badly. This is why they would have an incentive to join in the slander and want to discredit me by calling me mentally ill.

I can name specific points in time that I went to the FBI for protection, about things which were within their jurisdiction and something went very wrong. It's been downhill since then.

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Anonymous said...

Your "judicial complaint" will go nowhere. Mostly because you are mentally unstable and insane. The reason you don't win any of your cases is because they are fueled by your mental instability and the courts I am sure will see through your facade and realize that you are simply insane. What you need is mental health not more law suits or complaints. Point the finger at yourself. You are unfortunately the author of your misfortune. And if you don't seek out help for your mental illness, then your life will continue to spiral downward.