Monday, October 31, 2011

Sealing Tincture Bottles

Kind of weird.

I'm looking up freedom of information stuff but also wanted to find out how to seal tincture bottles because I want it to be stored safely and not tampered.

I tested my own gift before giving it, took a sip, but I was thinking of using smaller bottles and sealing them and then I remembered, how weird because when we used to go hiking in Northrup Canyon when I was a kid, we collected (or I did) all these old antique medicine bottles. Someone had left them there and there were a lot of very old and antique glass bottles, some light glass but most amber, some green.

For the tinctures I'm making, I had it sitting in a large dark colored glass and then I just found out tonight it's called amber glass. It just looks like dark glass to me.

But I am finding out where to buy smaller bottles and how to seal them and it came to mind, about how we used to collect this kind of thing back in the 80s. My mother just used them for decorating as antiques or collectibles and some had quaint lables on them.

I saved all of mine and used them for miniature vases for fresh flowers in my room. I used antique medicine bottles for vases from the 80s up until 1998 or later. I know I still used them in 1997 because I had my house and still had a few that I was using as vases.

They were for little wildflower and other kinds of bouquets. I never once imagined I'd make a tincture one day. I'm not interested in making a lot though, just this one in particular right now.

I just found out Everclear is also called moonshine. I did not know that. Well, enough of that for now.

I'm looking this stuff up because it's my Dad's birthday tomorrow and I was thinking about what to give him and also, about this tincture separately.

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