Sunday, October 16, 2011

DOD Torture Today Against My Family

All day. It's been all day. Since I got up this morning, someone was using satellite technology to pick up on the metal in my neck. For over 8 hours, the DOD has pulsed technology to my neck and I can only feel it where the metal plate and pins are. This entire day they've been doing this. It's not the same as what the Bainbridge woman did, but they've been doing this all day. I've never had them do this to me for an entire day. It's been at least 6-8 full hours they've done this and it's the first time they ever used this particular form of technology and did it repeatedly and for this many hours. It didn't matter if I was on my laptop or not. They are not using my laptop to find me to harm me today. It happened mainly while I was on the laptop, but they didn't quit when I was at other sections of the house, or in the yard, or at the other house on the porch or steps. The DOD is corrupt. I can make my point without very much effort. I wonder if Jim is going to ever meet the Wikileaks guy and give him some info.

Last night, they were pulsing sonic stuff to my ears, all night until I went to bed. It was mainly done to my right ear and not at all to my left, so they either switched directions or locations or something.

When I brought up how these 2 pastors are Catholic is when they did it the most.

My parents just got home after being gone all day and my Dad's entire face is lasered. It wasn't this way last night so it happened today. His ENTIRE face is lasered, with dots all over his face. All perfectly round dots and in varying sizes, from quarter size on one side of his nose, showing up opaque white having bleached his skin, to dime size and smaller. His entire face was lasered. Not only that, his eyes still don't look good, and last night he had on shorts because they'd gone "to the beach" but actually had gone to be tortured it seems. It's like Dempsey thought it would be funny to mock the whole DOD thing and sent someone out to mark my Dad's entire face with dots. It's from long-range stuff in my opinion, but then I look at how perfect the one is on his nose and it's the side of his nose and it's more like they aimed on purpose and forced him to take it.

I noticed on my Dad's feet, these totally abnormal round marks on his feet and ankles, the size of quarters or dollar coin size, and it's not from laser. It looks like it's from a toxin.

And just now someone tried to harm me by using technology affecting my right ear. There is military up that road, and a bar (in the direction where this just happened).

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