Monday, October 3, 2011

Religious Persecution and Hate Crime Against My Family

It's the same thing as what started it, my family is being persecuted on religious grounds and it's been hate crimes.

You can mask it with military, or police, or FBI, or CIA, or anything, and it's still the same thing underneath. And just because there are protestants that are military or have an organization cover, even as pastors, doesn't mean there is not persecution for religious reasons and that hate crimes are not being committed.

It got so blown out all over the place I almost didn't know what it was about but then I have been remembering and it's still the same thing. What I didn't realize is that the people I angered went after my whole family, not just me.

It's not political. People who are religious and who have persecuted us for religious reasons, have wanted to say it's political but it's not. It doesn't have anything to do with politics.

My family has never been political. We've also never been any kind of threat to politics, or challenged someone's position in politics, or tried to run against someone...

I know we think about political matters but not one person in my family has ever had a desire to run for an office, take over leadership of an organization, push political ideas of socialism vs democracy vs capitalism vs communism...we could care less. In all my life I have never heard my parents discussing any of these things with great vigor or care. They have opinions about humanitarian things and big vs little government, and that's it. We've never been on campaign trails, pushed others to vote, or even suggested to one another who we should all vote for or buy from. Not once have my parents recommended I vote for a particular President or person for office. If anything, my parents have kept this private, even with eachother. There have been times my mother and father didn't tell eachother who they voted for.

It's not politics.

We are being tortured and have been tortured, for religious reasons.

It started out religious, and it's still religious, but the people who started it tried to make it spiral out to other groups and attempted to attach politics to it. The torture and degradation of my family has nothing to do with politics. We are some of the least political people you could ever meet.

We've had humble lives, lived in humble places, had normal dreams and wishes, and not once have I ever seen anything like pride or greed for power from my parents. They never once sought power for themselves or for their kids, or tried to grab an office, chair, or leadership position. Never in my life have I heard them talk with friends about political strategies or what they were going to do. I have never once heard anything expressing views of communism or sharing things, nor about socialism, nor even accolades about capitalism. All I've ever heard from them is how The United States is "the best country in the world."

For this, we have been sold out. We've been treated like traitors, spies, and have been lied to and used and harmed, and half of the lies about "politics" have been a cover for religious hatred. Then some of christians started acting like we were the enemy or as if we had been found guilty of trying to surpass others, when actually, we were defamed and dissension was stirred up in order to turn people against us that normally could care less.

It's been religious hate crimes.

It's been such a long time now, that I almost forget, because it was stretched out across so many different agencies and groups, it almost lost its origin. But the origin is still there. And tonight, while remembering certain things, I remembered how it started and who was first part of torturing us.

It's only political now because someone tried to make it into politics. And the cover for hate crimes by using national security interests and research is great. But that's all it is. It's a cover for hate crimes.

What a brilliant idea.

Commit hate crimes of the worst imaginable nature, and then slap "TOP SECRET" over it. Maybe we suffered before, or were oppressed, or had very bad things happen in our infancy and lives, but I know that my entire family was not being persecuted for religious reasons until 1997 by one group on a smaller scale and then 2002 on a large scale. It was in 2004 that we all began to be literally, physically, tortured.

And through time, the religious persecution idea was tossed out as we were defamed, called unpatriotic, had our beliefs mocked, our values and principles tested, and yet the whole time it's been religious. Those who were behind the torture wanted others to see us in a different light and to be able to dislike us for some reason. They made it look political but it's been religious.

When protestants and Mormons join in on some things, it starts to look more political but the thing is, it was religious groups that were trying to smear our record in the first place. None of us had a thing to do with politics. Not one of us harmed others or said a bad word about the country and if anyone was patriotic, we were and are.

It was religion and the hatred from this, was masked with politics and crummy law enforcement and intelligence efforts by those who belonged to the religious groups. It wasn't "the military". It was specific individuals in the military, and trying to change the opinions of others. It wasn't "The CIA", it was specific individuals within the CIA, same story for FBI, and local and state police.

It had nothing to do with any U.S. government agency as much as it had to do with people who were connected by religion and who decided to persecute us.

Then they graduated from persecution to hate crimes.

Crimes no one would get away with, if it was, for example, done to a gay woman or man on the basis of being gay.

Crimes have been committed against us, and on the basis of how we are not of the same religion and church that they are.

They throw in a few extras to make it look like something else, but no, it's hate crime and we have all been victims of hate crime, and for religious reasons.

How does one get away with hate crimes and religious discrimination and persecution, harassment, assault, torture, vandalism, violation of privacy, rape...?

Any "TOP SECRET" program will do.

Throw whatever you want under that umbrella, and you can get away with anything.

I offended the Jewish community and they took it out on me when I didn't even know I had done anything wrong, in their eyes. And then I offended the Catholic community, and after this, we were all tortured within a few years.

Sanctioned torture, covered by excuses of absolute immunity, privilege, and national interest.

All it is is torture and hate crimes.

You can't justify what started out as a religious crusade of revenge as being some kind of "political" or "research" program.

It has been a religious crusade of revenge and then others tagged into it, with the belief it was about something completely different and that my family was something different. They even questioned our literal identities. I mean, literally took DNA, and body samples from us, with the excuse that we weren't who we said we were.

All for a cover for hate crimes.

If you want out, if you want out of torturing us and committing hate crimes, you are starting to realize what I am beginning to recall.

There is such a thing as national security or research but you look at the motive behind it and when it started and who was ordering things around and writing up the papers and those who backed it. And when it starts to look muddied, you go back to the beginning and trace who started things and you listen to the victims when they tell you the truth and say there is even more you don't know about, that no one documented, because someone didn't want the documentation there and they only wanted to rewrite history.

I started reading some of the Original Foxes' Book of Martyrs tonight, and it came back to me. When I was first reading this and who I talked to about it and their reaction. Over a decade ago.

It's not political at all. It's not even about world affairs or who marries who or who caught the attention of who. Maybe that was later, but our torture and misery has been as victims of religious hatred and crimes that later got a cover of "TOP SECRET" to benefit criminals.

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