Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Torture Today of Family & "Vision" ads

I noticed some of the ads my Dad was getting when my parents eyes were being darkened by torture done to them. A lot of "laser vision" advertisements, from about 2009-on.

Then they stopped and recently they have come up again.

I am waiting to talk to someone with Direct Consolidation through the U.S. government and they are playing the song "Heaven" by Sade. Now the woman answering the phone told me her name is "Angel" and she told me her supervisor's name is "Michael". She said she's out of the Kentucky offices.

Someone just used military technology on my mom, me, and they've been doing this to my Dad while he is away from the house.

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Anonymous said...

Saw a pix of Oliver and Pablo it said my son and they sure do look alike. Holly is a good mom to him best mom he has ever had you need to get over it and get mental help just so you know they monitor your blogs which proves your mental illness