Friday, October 28, 2011

Uncle Howard

I guess he's in the same condition--coma and on a ventilator and they say it's not his heart but lungs but when they took him in, it was his heart that was bothering him, not his lungs. And they said he had a heart attack.

Now they're saying it's just his lungs and that he's needed a new lung for a long time and they took him off of a VA waiting list for one, claiming oh, he wouldn't make it anyway. He'd been on the list for years. So now supposedly they say it's just his old lung problem but I think we know it's not just that.

I asked if they had done any MRIs or anything to see how things were inside because I thought maybe something was "seeping".

How do they even know if they haven't done any diagnostics to look?

Also, everyone says he's never opened his eyes or come out of the coma but yesterday I thought he opened his eyes up at least once, but I don't know what time or the morning I think.

I had 2 bowls of soup this morning for breakfast. I made beet soup last night and danced the entire night on behalf of my Uncle and as "warfare" (song and dance I think are both powerful) and I ate the rest of the beet soup this morning and then had this Kirkland signature soup--tomato basil bisque, which sounded good. I put crushed red pepper flakes in it first and then added the soup and thought about the Kirkland military base in WA and Agent Orange. I wonder if someone gave my Uncle an extra dose of agent orange and thought it wouldn't matter. Then I tore off a side of my cuticle and it started to bleed and it's not clotting as fast as usual so it just keeps bleeding.

I guess maybe in my family we have a blood clotting problem of some kind.

I think my Uncle's problems are technology related, not natural. He was doing just fine and I know and we all know, what kinds of interesting military/mafia techniques can be used on others that affects their heart and other health.

Anyway, I have to go lie down again for a little bit.

Last someone was using the technology that causes muscles to twitch but they didn't use it until about 8 p.m. or so and then this morning I woke up with one eye totally droopy over the other one and with pain on that side of the head, which is not a normal side for me to have pain on. I went to the door to ask for Ibuprofen and my mom said come in and then I said, "I got 'poison oak' last night." She said what? and I said, "You know, how Dad got 'poison oak' over his one eye...I got it last night."

Funny though, I don't have a weird jagged scratch on the eyebone to match. And it wasn't that my eyelid was lower than the other one, it was literally drooping over my eye sort of, like my Dad's had.

Hate crime disguised as military and endorsed by the FBI.
I tried to "see" something about my Uncle Howard briefly but will have to try tomorrow bc today my head hurts and I'm exhausted from yesterday, dancing for hours. My eye is better and I wasn't really focusing or praying that much but I was lying down for a nap and tried to get something and I don't feel like anything I got was valid.

I started from his neck and scanned down though I saw a spine and pelvic cavity first. I just saw an x-ray type view of spine and pelvic and wondered what that was about because supposedly it's all upstairs. And something about one arm. And saw maybe a broken arm or hurt arm from a fight or beating sometime in life. Then went to neck and scanned down and everything seemed weird from neck down. All this interference from the neck, like there were a lot of things going on but I couldn't see what, just all this interference, and then on one upper shoulder a shot wound. Upper chest or upper shoulder, and I've never heard of his having any military wounds but something like one mark from a bullet or bee bee? i don't know. Like a shot wound on one side. Then I saw someone trying to load a gun, a silver or metal one, trying to put in a cartridge and being afraid. Looking around and afraid.

(but all this not being good or valid and seeming clouded in the less than 5 minutes I scanned).

Then, heart and lung and chest cavity I couldn't really see. Just more messed up on one side than the other side. I think it was all my imagination but again, I didn't really try or pray too much, just for a minute. Then I thought maybe something like heart had a small boil on it or blister or burn or something somewhere but thought it must be my imagination bc that's what I saw on something else once.

Then I tried to look at both arms again, same time and couldn't see anything that time, and went down from upper chest to the stomach or pelvis and saw bars. It was like a bunch of thin iron bars across his mid-lower section. I am sure he doesn't have anything inside of him but I wondered what that was about. Like a grid of bars placed across his mid-lower region, horizontal bars. Then I went down and wondered about legs but didn't know but wondered about knees but saw nothing and then I remembered to go back to the head and scan and thought something about peripheral edema (swelling), (specifically, peripheral edema OF the BRAIN, not extremities) and then something about a very sharp jab like a poker to the middle of his brain, right in the center, about halfway down, a view from above, looking down on the head and centering a target that, if you are facing a man but above him and looking down over his head, it's the center of the head but down a little in the back, and centering a target that caused something to be an extremely sharp pain in the brain.

So then I was wondering what parts of the brain do what and which part controls breathing.

I just looked it up and the part which I saw was the parietal lobe and then below that is occipital lobe and underneath this is the cerebellum. If someone used a laser to target the parietal lobe and it was strong enough, it could potential go through the layers to the brainstem, create swelling, and induce a coma.

It's a straight and direct hit from the image I had from above.

That's aside from using technology to first create heart pain. Doing this would affect breathing and induce coma almost immediately and cause someone to collapse on impact and then the perp could get away with blaming it on "heart attack" or "bad lungs".

Who might our killer be?

I would be checking for edema of the brain and brainstem. Stat.

Also, if someone is a habitual smoker and has been used to a heavy load of nicotine every single day of their life, I would be looking for some kind of nicotine patch or something to mimic some effects so it's not a withdrawal shock to the general system to be without.

I don't know if he still smokes, but just because someone is in a coma doesn't mean they are not going to react to even small adjustments to things their body is used to and it could put unnecessary stress on the body to figure out why the body's blood pressure is suddenly out of whack.

Also, I know someone was targeting him with technology because he was complaining about his heart, not being unable to breathe. And my family has been victimized by people using technology that causes problems in even healthy hearts.

He got to the hospital and someone took the opportunity there to knock him out.

I would check brainstem and brain edema.

I also have a feeling that one of his medications is preventing him from being able to come out of a coma. I think someone wants him to die.
I was just talking to my mother after I wrote this and we went on separate walks and then joined up--now it's 3:20 p.m., and she said someone told her (while she was walking) that my Uncle was on a medication that keeps him sedated.

So I just found out and I was right.

It was a nurse's husband who checked and that's what we were just told, and I had already published what I thought about his being given a medication that has him in a coma, before I found this out. I wrote it at about 3 p.m. or earlier and then I just found out later, and my mom didn't even know I had written this in my blog bc she was already on her walk and I don't have a phone here.

She was saying it means he's not in a true coma then, but since he's on a ventilator, they have him doped up on a medication that keeps him asleep.

However, I still think some of the other ideas I had might be true as well.

And I had thought he opened up his eyes at one point too, but what I was told is that if he can't respond they'll take him off the ventilator, which helps him breathe and he'll die.

And I think something was targeted on his brain that's affecting things.

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