Thursday, October 27, 2011

Trying To Kill Uncle Howard

They tried to kill Uncle Howard.

And these people made some kind of a sick point about it having something to do with me.

He suddenly collapsed last night, at Bonner's Ferry, Idaho hospital. The entire town is Catholic practically, and I know bc I researched it once to see if I wanted to live there and decided no, not a good idea.

It's right on the border of a Catholic part of Canada and the U.S. Which is maybe why my Grandpa Garrett got bumped off conveniently there, when I had litigation against the Catholic church and a newspaper, in 2002.

My Uncle Howard "collapsed" for no reason at this hospital and then he was life-flighted to Coeur d'alene, Idaho. Coeur being french for "heart" as far as I know.

And supposedly it's a "heart attack" at the hospital with a prefix of "666" and right next to the "Dalton Gardens" when I have had a woman by the name of Janet Dalton on my case for my son and I guess she doesn't even have anything to do with my Judge, so why I got HER is part of the sick joke I guess.

It's like this group of people already knew they were connected to those who could kill, and they set things up first, for their little game and sick inside joke, and then they attacked.

My Uncle Howard has had a bad lung but he didn't go to the hospital over natural causes. They just make an excuse out of that in the same way they make an excuse to discredit me about the horrible things that have been done to us.

Uncle Howard was poisoned and no one in that hospital is running any panels for poisons.

Not only was Uncle Howard poisoned, he was lasered with military or police technology and the combination didn't help.

They have him hooked up to a ventilator and put him into a coma deliberately, after I blogged about the smith's song "Girlfriend in a Coma" and was working on exposing criminals in the FBI and law enforcement and Judges. It happened after I filed my complaint against Judge Gerald Warren.

Where's the full toxin and poison panel?

They're not doing it because some of the doctors in Idaho are already in on it. Today, first thing this morning, after we get a call about our Uncle Howard being the target of another assassination attempt, what shows up on the Eastern District Federal Courthouse page for Washington? a little link about the "fun" one can have in Spokane and Idaho and how they are putting on a new convention for "Thrills & Skills". It wasn't there yesterday, because I was getting forms from that site yesterday and it wasn't there. All of a sudden, the federal courthouse, or someone there, got really bubbly and excited about putting up this new link about "fun" in Idaho.

Huge, HUGE criminals. No one in their right mind goes to these lengths unless they are literally afraid of having their entire family and church members and a whole bunch of people end up in jail.

What happened?

Dizzy spells?

Those doctors need to get a toxicologist in there and do some better bloodwork and instead of sending it to Virginia, they could start working on something in Idaho. They zapped him. Someone did, and that's after they gave him poison and thought no one would notice because they were already blaming it on something else.

As for his heart, does he have internal bleeding?

My recommendation would be that if anything worse happens, like he dies, we take his body out of this country and do pathology somewhere else. Because how can any country allow all these things to happen to just one family, on account of incredibly jealous bullies?

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