Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's the FBI, says Reporter

I had a reporter in TN tell me the people responsible for torturing my mother and father and me were FBI.

I won't say who and don't even remember his name, but he said the group that had allowed these things to happen to all of us was FBI.

How he would know, from TN, I don't know. But I had problems with the FBI there in TN as well, and they refused to take reports of my being tortured but it wasn't an FBI project to torture.

It's Catholic church and Jewish interests.

They've used their own connections in military, CIA and FBI and law enforcement, and tried to cover for it with national security excuses...

The FBI defamed me throughout all their internal records after I reported their guys. Then, we all started being tortured in 2005. Right after I was trying to file an OIG report about the FBI because they wouldn't give me records so I could try to find out where all the defamation was coming from.

In Washington D.C., the people interested in me were government people. All the normal government people saw that I wasn't the crazy person Washington state made me out to that frightened those who were behind what was happening to my mom and dad and me on the West Coast.

They wanted the public, or the rest of the world, to think I was just nuts.

They thought I "got away" because I escaped to some normal people, or was at least viewed and interacted normally with others so Washington state got nervous about what they'd done with kidnapping my son and torturing my whole family. And the FBI got nervous too.

They got nervous because they'd been torturing my family and allowing their friends to torture us, even a baby. It didn't look good for them because I had filed my lawsuit and reported hate crime of a rape by a Jew who said "I wonder what your Dad would think to find out a Jew took his daughter?" He said it sarcastically, after he raped me. He raped me in 1998.

I was raped by a Jew in 1998, a couple months after working for the Rabbi Rose-Lewis family in 1997. I didn't report the rape until 2002. After I reported this rape to Portland police, The Mt. Angel Abbey lawyers and Archdiocese (catholic) and the Jewish owned paper The Willamette Week, went together to defame me in an article.

They published a defamatory article about me and then the Detective called me up and said that since the article came out, they weren't going to continue the investigation against Joshua Gatov.

So the Jews and the Catholics win in their hate crimes against me.

The article to defame me helped the Jew who was under investigation, who likely worked for a government group and was not on his own, and the Catholic church and members who lied about me to discredit me.

Then they went after my mom and dad. They used their joint military, CIA, FBI and police and church/synagogue connections to do it. Where were my parents told to move to?

Joshua Gatov's territory. Gatov was from Coos County. And my parents were forced to move to Coquille, Oregon, where they were tortured by FBI, local police, military, and CIA who were Catholic and Jewish.

They were forced not to talk to me or help me in any way, and these two religious groups cut off all money flow from work, college, or other things, by using torture and hate crime as a weapon.

They just did this again while I was trying to defend my case to get my son. They tortured all of us to make it impossible for us to even have a paper defense on the record.

The FBI refused to investigate any of the crimes and escalating violence against me. While I was being tortured in one area, my parents were being tortured in another area and then my son was also tortured separately to not just get to me, but to get to my parents, because they knew my parents had the ability to remote view and see what was happening.

The U.S. has used my parents for work with them and forced us to be tortured by religious hate interests that have used government work, security, and interests as a cover. They have put out passports with false issue dates to make it look like nothing is wrong when they know that all of us have been severely harmed with military and FBI or other less-than-lethal technology.

In Washington D.C., the groups trying to entrap me were Catholic and Jewish. And when I was trying to get a psych eval to prove I wasn't mentally ill and that I was truly tortured and drugged, along with my son, the psychologists who all strung me along and then backed out, were all Catholic and Jewish. All of them. I have a whole list.

Who was trying to set me up to be entrapped in D.C. because someone was nervous that the truth about what was going on over on the West Coast would come out? The FBI in Maryland.

The Canadians who worked against me once I was in Canada? Every single one of them was Catholic.

If a Protestant Canadian tried to talk to me or wanted to know what was going on, they were blocked from further communication and then directed to read notes where I had already been defamed in their own intelligence records, because of what the U.S. lied about.

There were people in Bethesda, Maryland, driving in and out of the Naval Hospital facilities, who knew who I was and were not happy I was there. And those who were not happy were Catholic. It was like, "How did she get here?" or "WHAT is she doing HERE?"

I was there to ask about getting the blood assay to prove my son and I had been tortured in our own country, that's what. That what, military man. And I was also there proving my behavior and conduct was in no way mentally ill and to show myself in the public eye as the person I really was, not how I was being portrayed in Oregon and Washington secret and not-secret records.

Do some of my posts sound extreme?

Of course.

That's how it sounds when you're on drugs. Do you get it? I never took illegal drugs in my life, but the U.S. religious hate crime interests used the military as an excuse to drug me all the way up to this last hearing for my son. While they drugged me, they tortured all of us and beat the living daylights out of my Mom and Dad.

The FBI did.

What's "impossible"?

I guess what my ex-fiance was talking about, when he was saying it looked impossible to get my son, was that when religious hate crime mixes up with government attempts to use national security act and absolute immunity as a cover, and have already decided to hijack your child, they don't want to back down.

Like I said, and already know from personal experience, the government can cover anything up. Even hate crimes and then call on their top ranking buddies to give them a "TOP SECRET" stamp.

Right now, military is using technology to torture me. And who are our neighbors here? Catholic and Jewish. I know where the Jewish neighbors are and I know where the Catholic ones are, and they encompass this property. As for the technology that's used, it's U.S. military and those responsible for ordering it are Catholic and Jewish.

I was told to forgive the Catholics when it's not just them. And really, is it right to forgive when your parents are tortured by them to force you to do this? or is it more important to say, "Wait a minute. I remember how this started and I know who is behind this."

It's not a privilege to be free of torture in America. It's a right. It's a more basic right than shelter even. It's not against the law to say you can't rent to someone for some reason, but it IS against the law to commit battery and assault against an entire family every single day for over 5 years.

That's 5 years of battery and assault, against at least 5 different family members, maybe more.

It began after I sued the Catholic church and tried to clear my name from being defamed by a Jewish owned newspaper. All the people involved since, have been mainly Catholic and Jewish and then when it got interesting, they threw in a few others.

The other nationalities were all Catholic.

There are black Catholics, Asian Catholics, hispanic Catholics, German Catholics, Eastern Indian Catholics, Iranian Catholics, Native American Catholics, Australian Catholics, Irish Catholics, Italian Catholics, and then you get people like Mueller, who is episcopal which is the same thing as Catholic. I found out, the Episcopal church and the Catholic church are on the same payroll essentially and they drink and eat the same bread and wine.

The people scouting me out all the way over in Bellingham, where I was after I tried to go to Canada,...I was a little confused by that because some of the guys watching me and tracking me all the way over there were black. And I somehow knew they were Bullivant Houser Bailey connected. There was some huge black guy that was following me around like a P.I. after I got back from Canada and I knew he was from Seattle and I knew he was connected to a law firm or was employed to do some kind of surveillance on me.

It starts looking like it's all these different people when the church and affiliations are international. When it comes down to it, it's all the same group. That group pays a lot of money toward torturing others they feel offended or threatened their religious members by speaking up about something. First they got their friends and fellow members in law enforcement and military to cover for them when they made false reports about us, and then they seized an opportunity to defame us within the FBI and medical community, and finally, after this was done, they got really excited by the opportunity and idea to torture all of us and have it classified to keep everyone from investigating the nature of hate crime and religious persecution.

Quite a few of those who claimed to be Protestants have not been Protestants at all. Even some of the publications and journalists that claim to be christian aren't. It's like they got a bunch of people from the same church to infiltrate all other churches and organizations and then pose as christians in case something came up. When was this plan hatched? It's not unique by any means. The Russians did this in the 40s and 50s or earlier, sending out many of their spies to be trained as priests and then go undercover as priests in the U.S. Imagine the kind of discovery one could get that way.

The entire time, they went through rigorous training to appear as though they were really authentic Catholic dogma believing priests. They infiltrated media posing as religious too and journalists have a long history of this, in every country, because the media and journalists deal with information which is exactly what intelligence deals with. It's the same platform and the same boat and the trick is seeing how many of your own you can put on that intelligence boat and Supreme Court boat.

So if you start to wonder why a christian media group sometimes doesn't sound very christian or why a Protestant pastor is in on torturing a family, you should question whether they are really protestant christian at all (or whatever they claim to be).

Look at what the FBI has done with "terrorist cells". What are they doing? hanging out at snack shacks, jails, or gyms? After they target someone, they'll follow that family around everywhere, but what they talk about, over and over, is the "cells" in the mosques. Terrorist funding from mosques, "cells" connected to radical preacher.

As if there is no such thing as a corrupt priest or bishop and Catholic terrorist cells, that spread disinformation, harass, and use government friends to torture a family.

As if there is no such thing as a Jewish synagogue getting support to Mossad through their church or symphony or charity.

As if all Mormons have true believers wanting to be baptised into their church, when it's cloaked with this veil of intrigue and secrecy even in marriage rites, so that it appeals to those who might want to know what the inner workings are, and get inside to find out more about the people and the money.

As if all Protestant pastors are really, in their hearts, wanting to pastor a church and not wanting to use the pastoral position as a cover for another church and for military experimentation of human beings and then try to threaten to call family members crazy if they tell.

As if doctors, lawyers, and police are never members of the same church and working with those in higher government positions to torture a family out of hate and religious reasons and then try to pass it off as important U.S. research for the DOD.

"Are you seeing spots yet? or are they DODs?"

The FBI has used counterintelligence people against my family as if we have done something wrong, on top of everything else. They've allowed my bloodwork, DNA, X-rays, handprints, personality tests, and everything to be sent off to Virginia. Everything. Do you even know how big the file is on my entire family and how they have tried to force a research shoe to fit when all it has been is hate crimes.

So what about this Ex-fiance. I date him and oh, FBI puts a stop on the torture against my family. At least against me. Hmmm. So nice to me all of a sudden. So,...normal? and oh my, decent? and,...what's this? willing to bend over backwards to return my son (supposedly)? and yet, hmm, I'm missing a menstrual cycle in here somewhere for some reason.

but...what happened? the Army isn't torturing anymore? well why not? the FBI called out on their CBs and is holding up the forts...what happening? What's happening? overhauling a system or something?

Oh. That. It's just John Kaempf.

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