Sunday, October 30, 2011

RICO: FBI Conspiracy to Commit Kidnapping

Well, after I file my FBI FOIA lawsuit, I guess I can proceed to a RICO lawsuit for conspiracy to commit kidnapping.

I wonder if the FBI has ever been named as party to a kidnapping before. Not just conspiracy, but they actually did it and then they obstructed justice to keep me from getting my son back and defamed me as crazy.

I am sort of looking up case law where the FBI has been named in lawsuits. So far, I don't see one where the FBI is named in a RICO suit. Usually, it's supposed to be the FBI taking up the RICO lawsuits.

They are supposed to be our "defenders" and protectors of the children and public. They are supposed to be the Middle men. They're supposed to be the Middlemen between those who torture others and victims. They have the jurisdiction to pull out stops and all quits and investigate. They are required to keep those FUCKING doors OPEN, not shut, to someone going to them for help, if they are victims of hate crime.

So instead, they act like Middle men between other groups. Really interesting.

With RICO, a regular citizen can make a case and take it to federal court. Usually, it's the government doing this, to prosecute people under corruption and racketeering. But if the shoe fits the FBI in a particular case, RICO can be brought against the FBI. I don't know if it's been done before but I would think so.

Inter-agency collusion to commit crimes against a citizen, just to pick up slack for other criminal friends, is illegal.

It doesn't matter if you're FBI--if you go out to obstruct the freedom of movement of a citizen and defame them to other countries, and conspire to have them put to false arrest, or if you obstruct justice and work hard at making them sound crazy for your own bureau's interests, that's a problem.

And when you're FBI and you refuse to take reports of interstate hate crime, and allow people to be tortured, that's criminal.

There have been corrupt police beating up on us, and laughing in my face personally, simply because they know the FBI has their back. Why would they side with me about getting my son back when they colluded with the FBI and others to keep torture a secret and then call me crazy.

They tortured out of hate. Not a research program. Hate.

Then they tried to make it into a U.S. government project and meshed hate crime with research and did it to my face. Tortured my son in my face. Tortured me in my parent's faces. I thought it was just gangsters at first, until my son comes in like a zombie and goes into hypnosis in front of my eyes.

Keep children away from plastic.
Always keep child buckled into carseat.
Do not give small objects to a child under the age of 3.

Violating any of these things, is careless.

But someone going over to my son and putting a plastic bag over his head...that's criminal. The FBI suffocated my son.

They committed crimes against my son, and allowed others to commit crimes against him and then threatened him with violence and told him not to tell anyone.

My son was taught to lie by the FBI and Wenatchee police force. Anne Crane works for the FBI. She sat in those visititations observing my son and writing everything up, smirking at my shock over the condition my son was in.

They held my son hostage and members of my family hostage to cause intentional distress and what the FBI did is criminal.

"Don't talk about the FBI"
"It's not the FBI--it's the CIA..."
"You need someone on your side...don't go after the FBI"

I didn't "go after" the FBI. They and their thugs went after us.

They were the bouncers and enforcers for others. They were the "Fear Factor" that had everyone too scared to call for help, because "who ya gonna call?" Mike Middleton?"
Tonight I looked up some different information options.

Read more about FOIA and then a little about MDR.

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Anonymous said...

Any lawsuit that you file will be dismissed because you don't have a cause of action against anybody? Who are you going to sue? The judges? They have judicial immunity. The FBI? It would be dismissed. Basically you are making stuff up as you go and that isn't going to get you anywhere in court. You have to come up with proof of someone doing something to you that gives rise to a lawsuit. Nothing in your blog amounts to much other than the insane ramblings of a disturbed soul. RICO, FOIA, etc. will get you nowhere because there is nothing that can be prosecuted under RICO or any information that can come to light that would even remotely show that you have been harmed by anyone other than yourself. I do enjoy your blog as it is entertaining but I also feel sad for you because you need help and are too insane to realize it. It must be so difficult for your parents. I feel sorry for them too.

Mama said...

Thank you for giving me a chance to inform other readers of what their own options are and what the truth is.

Information about who I sue and whether I have actionable cause is at my own discretion. One cannot file lawuits that are "frivolous" and that's about it.

The FBI and other organizations only have qualified immunity. Any FBI agent named individually would be required to appear and they do not have absolute immunity. The FBI as an agency can invoke other arguments but they can be sued as well, as an agency.

As for obtaining information through FOIA or MDR, if you have a blog that is not just personal but gives information to the public, you are counted as a journalist for purposes of being able to extract information from government records. So even if I were not asking for personal records or family records, as a "reporter" and an active "journalist", I have the right to use the same clause for release of information on any other person I might think could be helpful, if I intend to use this for the public good and if I have ever made a record of using my blog for a public good.

Finally, RICO lawsuits can be filed against FBI agents, regular citizens, members of law enforcement, non-members...or even for allowing and colluding to allow hate crime from state to state.

There are specific rules about what can be filed and within what timeframe, and I've included links in the past to help others access the same information I am finding.

My blog has always attempted to provide a public service by sharing information that is helpful to the public, as well as being a personal outlet or journal for myself.

Government officials are not exempt from being named in a RICO lawsuit.

Even absolute immunity has been overruled because if the argument for absolute immunity is a cover for crime, it doesn't stand.

President Obama signed an order which I refer to in a later post that specifically states information cannot be "classified" or made privileged as means for covering or concealing crimes, any kind of "embarrassment", to counter competition, or for several other reasons.

So the privilege claim is weakened when the fact remains that it's illegal to put a "top secret" stamp on a file to keep criminal activity concealed.

Hope this is helpful.