Monday, October 17, 2011


The DOD did everything in their power to prevent me from having counseling all this time and NOW they want me to have counseling.


They didn't want me to have proof what they are doing is illegal and criminal and the corrupt lawyers didn't want it either, so they tortured my whole family. They prevented me from having a psych eval or counseling the entire time the U.S. federal government obstructed my freedom of travel.

NOW all of a sudden, they want counseling. Why?

Well first of all, it's interesting how they bribe the UN with $22 billion in reminder money notice. Then secondly, it's funny how they blocked my loan processing, not wanting me to come into any money. Then they used corrupt lawyers and didn't want me to be able to cross-examine ANY witnesses because most of them were their own employees and friends.

Now, they think I might have counseling so they can have an excuse to obstruct me again. They aren't worried any longer about my using counseling to my advantage to get my son.

They now want to nail me on anything they can, and since I don't commit crimes, it's easier to bring in counseling, to attempt to create another record for protecting the FBI for defaming me to the point of assault and illegal experimentation in Tennessee.

I'm sure it would be a nice idea to have me in "counseling" before I am even in college, as another excuse to obstruct me from getting money for college.

Any counseling in this country, after my son is deliberately kidnapped and tortured with FBI consent, is going to be bogus.

The only counseling I will ever get at this point, that means anything, is outside of this country.

This "counselor" lives right here in town. What a MAN. He lives right down the road from my Mom and Dad's workplace and supposedly doesn't know about torture happening in his own smalltalk town.

This town has a population of about 2,000 and almost all of them are military and government employed and he supposedly doesn't know what's going on, and for some STRANGE reason, my mother and father never trusted him with anything confidential in the past, so why would they think he's going to be a normal person for their daughter to talk to?

Which is why I'm going but I'm the one who will be asking questions. Who are you. How long have you been here. Why do you want to see me free-of-charge. How do you know my parents.

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