Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Iran News Today

All I saw was a clip from the news at noon, about some alleged plot to vandalize or blow up part of an embassy or something. She said it was about an Iranian group plotting against Israel and Saudi embassies in Washington D.C.

Then, she was repeating this whole "act of war" jargon, and saying does this constitute an act of war and what is the U.S. going to do about Iran. She was saying plotting such a thing "constitutes an act of war."

Yeah, I agree it is a crime if it's true, HOWEVER, this isn't some big act of war.

Look at what the U.S. just did with a renowned Iranian scientist. The Saudi's captured him, kidnapped him, and handed him over to the CIA, where he was forced to work FOR THE CIA in Phoenix, AZ.

Was that not an "act of war"? For the U.S. to kidnap a man and force him to work for US?

He had a nice house and cars and they made it appear like he was free to leave when he wasn't. They froze his assets and controlled his money, but gave him this nice house, cars, and it was to have everyone think he was free.

Meanwhile, he was being forced to work for the CIA.

So, is this some random act from Iran? I don't think so. And we don't even know if it's true. From what I've seen of American Justice, one would think I've done all the things people lied and said I did. How in the world did anyone manage to kidnap MY son in the U.S.?

So, if someone even plotted something, they did it specifically to avenge or get back at those responsible (probably) for kidnapping their guy, and making him work for another country's intelligence group.

That's my opinion and I really only heard about 30 minutes or less of the coverage, but that's what I thought.

My Dad hadn't even heard of the Iranian scientist and I said, "Yeah, it was eventually in the news because he was trapped to work here and they gave him a nice house and cars so it looked like he could do whatever he wanted, and then the whole time he was being forced to work for the CIA. He had to file for a habeus corpus and then put himself on youtube to get the word out because no one knew."

And it was the exact same groups that did this to the man that were supposedly targeted for this other thing.

I would say, what made someone think they could do that to another person and not think this constitutes an "act of war"?

By the way, after I wrote this, someone in the U.S. started up their torture using technology again and this needs to stop.

This is exactly what I'm talking about...

The U.S. is putting focus on things like this while they would like to cover-up what's being done to my entire family out of hate crimes. For the last 2 days someone backed off a little on what they were doing, but it has to stop completely.

My own family has been forced to work for the U.S. and religious interests have taken advantage of this and used it to cover for a hate crimes.

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