Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Get Out

This is what I was told this morning by my parents, when I was trying to talk to them about some things.

My Dad was wondering how I knew about journal stuff and I said one of them was sitting right there and I'd looked at the others within the last few days or more, because I can't find one of my blank journals and wondered if one of them was empty and I could ask to use one. The journal next to the Bible was only there recently, or I never noticed it. None of it sounds like my Dad at all. It sounds like something that someone else would want him to write.

Then they were wanting to know why our dog was in a different room and I said, "How should I know? maybe we can ask the Air Force. They work on transporting bugs and insects around on our property so maybe we should commend them on moving to larger things."

"I have people getting into my house--Who stole my CHOCOLATE?" And I said, "Maybe it's the same Phantom that breaks into my house and steals my chocolate."

Everytime I am trying to do something to save my son, someone from the Catholic group in government, and military (regardless of religion) interferes. They tell my parents what to do and if they don't do it, they get beat up and tortured, in government offices and non-government offices. It's religious though. It's about 80% religious hate crimes.

I asked my mother the other day, when she and my Dad were first showing up with clear evidence of harm and torture, after she'd been out with "Patty", and I said, "Mom, how can you let them do this to you? they've been torturing you for decades."

My mom tried not to cry.

Torture, as in religious hate crimes, is something I've only seen and noticed since 2004. I guess I had vandalism crimes and a rape that was a hate crime and things, but use of military and FBI for systematic torture of my family wasn't until 2004.

However, there are different kinds of torture, and with my mother and father, I look at how they've been oppressed and used, and then are forced to be helpless with regard to their own kids and grandson, and I think, "How does a government and group of people, legally get away with this kind of thing for decades?" My parents are forced to work for the U.S. because they're MK-Ultra kids, or if the name changed somewhere along the line, call it by a different name.

Maybe it was fine most of the time, but when I tried to stand up for myself when I was suddenly being defamed and raped about the same time, and then I try to stand up for my family, it turned into hate crimes. We were Protestant Christian. We were not Jewish or Catholic. We started being targeted by hate crimes by Jewish and Catholic groups and the only ones who joined in that were Protestant,were a few who could be either bribed or worked in the military and thought it was their job.

It wasn't Protestants that defamed me in the FBI records. It wasn't Protestants that defamed me in local and statewide police records. It wasn't Protestants trying to keep me out of financial aid or squeezing me on it even back in 2002. It wasn't Protestants keeping me out of work or blacklisting me all of a sudden. It wasn't Protestant dates or boyfriends that assaulted me. It wasn't Protestant best friends that betrayed me.

Every single person trying to smear my name was Catholic or Jewish. They targeted me for religious hate reasons and nothing else. I wasn't involved in politics and had nothing to do with anyone who was. It was religious hate. I got it from the Jewish starting in 1997 and a few Catholics all the way back to 1992, but nothing escalated until I filed a report about the hate crime of rape, and sued the Catholic church and a Jewish owned newspaper, and that year was 2002.

Oh, and then our family had a new addition who wanted to bring up breast size at the dinner table on my birthday in 2002. Carmen Wilson. No one wearing a napkin on their head though--imagine that. I am just curious...Just wondering what day it was that Carol Middleton made William of Wales put a napkin on his head at the dinner table for bringing up breast size issues. Just curious. I mean, I have a lot of new questions these days.

Anyone else?

Anyone else with some major questions?

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