Monday, October 3, 2011

Water & impressions

I was going to go shopping today and did pick out a few things and then decided to wait. I had things in mind and a list but I got to the water at Safeway in town and decided to wait.

I waited because while I strongly felt some of my mother and father's "friends" were putting things in their drinks or forcing them to drink bad toxins, I had a weird experience with my own water that I purchased last.

Basically, I had started to wonder if something was wrong with it because I kept trying to sprout alfalfa sprouts and they were dying and all I used was the bottled "refreshe" water I got at Safeway. I started tinking maybe I didn't know how to grow sprouts and didn't know what was wrong.

I wrote a post about poisoned water or attitudes and then the next day these 3 men from Land Trust were at our house when we were away. I don't know if someone decided to switch out my water or what, because then I tried using the water, I don't know if it was from the larger jug or the small bottles, and the sprouts grew fine. They're still growing in fact.

Whatever had been in the water I was using was killing the sprouts by the 2nd day. They'd start to grow and then just die and I started them over and over and then, I remember, I wrote my post about my Dad saying you're drinking your own poisoned water and soaking in it (talking about my attitude) and I began wondering about other things, if he was trying to warn me when the U.S. even tortures them if they do or if they seem to know anything.

The very next day, I was out in Coos Bay after these 3 men came out from Land Trust. They had been in my house, or someone was, because they ate the chocolate, or took the chocolate, I had on the counter.

All of a sudden, I send out this warning email, they come out and get into my house, and I tried using the water after and the sprouts sprouted fine, for the first time. It was all "refreshe" brand but I got some in large containers and some in bottles.

So I compared it with the tap and the tap grew the sprouts fine and then aftter these guys came out, the bottled water seemed to be fine.

But my knees were more crickety and I had stomach ache while drinking it sometimes. Like something was really maybe wrong with some of it. So I dumped it all out. All of it. Even though I think it had already been switched out to something else, I still dumped all of it, just bottle after bottle.

And I was going to buy some things at the local Safeway today and decided against it.

I think there was something wrong with the water they sold me. And I think someone knew, even though I can't prove it.

I haven't even used this one toothpaste I got either, not after this weird reaction I had. I need to buy new toothpaste and have brushed my teeth with water since, but there was possibly something wrong with the toothpaste because this horrible weird reaction occured.

I started thinking about Fidel Castro. You know, his little toothpaste episode with the CIA trying to kill him or poison him with a tube of toothpaste. The guy, the CIA man I guess, threw it out and didn't go through it--he defied orders. I know there were a lot of other plans and it would be interesting to hear how catastrophe was avoided in other situations.

Really, I am not kidding about what is happening to my family. My entire family is really in danger and has been in danger.

As for me, the last time I did anything noteworthy, was when I gave it everything I had and took on college, lawsuits, subletting, creative arts and writing, and a business all in one fell swoop. Ever since, I've been a target. It's like no one wanted me to ever achieve anything again. As for the rest of my family, I think they are more gifted than I am and that's why they're targeted. I've been vocal, a mouthpiece, but they have the brains. Which is really sad, because my son has suffered just because someone in the U.S. thinks he's a government project. Like a rocket.

It's an interesting combination lately. They love us, use us, make money off of us, watch us, hate us, torture us, try to keep us down, try to get us to produce, tell us to shut up and then want me to talk and write, and want me to forgive and then try to insult religion at the same time.

And someone quit the technology that was burning for awhile and then just started it up again.

It's surreal. We're hostages in our own home, with football on t.v., christian music playing, and we're being tortured with technology and carrying on like nothing is unusual or different. My parents never complain. I complain. They deny everything and I tell the truth about what's happening so I get to play the drunk and they're the designated drivers.

I know there is some blond woman (aside from my mom of course) that cares because I see her reaching out and her shock and expressions all the time. Tonight the one I saw, reacting while I wrote about feeling like we're in the tower and the government is trying to kill us, has shoulder length blond hair. It's sort of platinum or honey blond, wavy or lightly curled, and just to the shoulder or barely below. And for some reason she relates or connects to what I say. She's pretty. But I don't know who she is and I know she's not Catholic. I think she's from a different country.

And the other impression I had yesterday is that "Billy-the-rooter" is about nursing. Rooting as in nursing. I know who it's about but I don't know why it came to me at all. Or why I understood more of it on a different day. It's the initial impression I had but I wasn't sure. And then I was watching this movie last night with a character named Spencer and it came to mind and I thought, "Billy the rooter is about nursing" and then the camera panned to a scene, right after I thought that, of Spencer and Madeleine Stowe's character (from Imposter), watching a woman nurse her child on an airplane. But it came to me, that this is what it was about when it first blurted out in my writing and I didn't know why. It's not billy the fish, it's billy the rooter! why in the world did I even write that. I was even angry when I wrote it and it came out of nowhere.

Tonight I sensed my son dancing or remember how I used to dance with his cheek next to mine and then saw a woman dancing but my mother was swaying to music too and then it came to my mind.

Now I can't stop laughing and I guess it's nice I have something to laugh about for a minute.

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