Sunday, October 30, 2011

Indian Music & Torture from FBI

I decided to find some different music and looked up something about guard rails but didn't play anything. Then I typed in a search for something choctaw (I am both choctaw and cherokee though I would like to find a variety)...and got a song from catcherandspy and switched to something else because it said choctaw but wasn't so I went to this link and like the song. It's set to all these images of animals and birds painted on feathers. And I noticed the background colors are the same as the site for FOIA which I was reading last night. Which is what I'm working on today--my FOIA. I had a bunch of feathers out.

I would like to know what they are saying, in this language.
By the way, I put this on and the FBI has been torturing us at our house. I also believe one agent goes to the church my parents go to. I wonder why he's not doing anything. His family looks fine to me. I don't know if it's true, no one has said anything, but it's an idea.
I think someone connected to Middletons were the ones wanting me to take my posts down. It was right after I published something about a woman my mom works with who has the same last name as Kate Middleton's best friend and who is British. There is also a Catholic man who works for the Archdiocese in WA by the same last name.

So I was thinking, if Kate is the type to have family that services mafia, and works with corrupt U.S. govt. interests, if she's going to make such a big deal about a tennis photo shot by some guy in a tree, to the point of suing him for $10,000, she's going to pick a fight with me and my family. And so would her boyfriend. So definitely, the whole fuss over that, and then my Uncle Howard ends up dead...thanks to the Middletons. It was their way of sending a message after I wrote about Kate's best friend and a British connection here I guess, oh, and how our dog is terrified of knives and male British accents.

I asked my Dad if he'd ever met James Middleton before. He said who is that, but I have a feeling.

I said, "I don't know, I was just wondering because when I was being tortured in Wenatchee at Steve Mays house and other places there, I noticed a few younger guys with British accents coming into town and had a feeling they were paying people off for something so I just wondered if you guys had seen anything similiar over here."

I really don't care if William cares about what I write, or Harry either. From some things I've seen, one or both of them has been courting terrorists or those who associate with them, so it doesn't matter to me. I sometimes feel like,...not even going to say it.

The other thing going on, aside from my litigationa and the FBI stuff I've already talked about, was Heinz. I criticized John Kerry and he lost and I brought up Heinz's (who he's related to and who are connected to clintons and others) and how I'd met him and he knew this guy I dated briefly. That was Tanzer. I didn't date him further for a few reasons, but mainly because I had my lawsuits and I was busy and didn't want the distraction.

So yeah, you can see I'm a reeeaaal gold-digger.

Here's what I want:

My autonomy and my child.

I think powers-that-be are just jealous of what I can do and don't want me to get credit for what I can do, in my own right, without help.

They've wanted me to look lazy, desperate, needy, you-name-it..."homeless", inferior, whatever.

Seriously. What is the big deal?

I have the right to raise my child the way I want to raise him and I have the right to live my life the way I choose and to be protected for my right to free speech.

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