Sunday, October 23, 2011

Saudi Heir's Death

I feel bad about the Saudi's death. I don't know who he is but feel it's another death from unusual circumstances. Cancer isn't always of natural causes.

Yesterday was my birthday and all day it felt sad.

It was fine, but there was something very sad about the entire day and I didn't feel it was with me but other things going on in the world.

I hope there will be a good turn soon.

I said yesterday, "It's not just that the economy is bad..." and my Mother said, "It was worse in the Great Depression" and I said, "Yeah but that was just the U.S., not the entire world."

But it's not just that, but that there are a lot of other things happening with some groups trying to oust leaders and change all the structure and it doesn't seem to be for the better. It's like all of a sudden, people want old leaders out and give them no respect, and, I said, "I don't care about horoscopes, but after a thousand years someone even tried to change the horoscope! and said this is the new one!" and, I said, "They even tried to get me to change my name at the social security office and when does the federal government do that?"

I went in for a social security card and my name has always appeared: Cameo L. Garrett.

They wanted to change it to read: Cameo Loree Garrett.

It was like they didn't having my initial "L" there all by itself. So I said, "I would like to have it reflect the original please" and they changed it back to Cameo L. Garrett.

But I mean, if I were going into a new name and witness protection, that would be one thing. But what's the deal with someone wanting to alter the card I've had for all my life? Now?

I said, "It's like everyone is restructuring things around the Middletons, which is CRAZY."

Whoever is supporting them must be totally crazy, because it's out of control.

Oh, and get this...they took the opportunity of my being in a federal Social Security building to have someone there use technology on me. Seriously. It was only for a few minutes, but the people running things anymore are not doing the world any favors.

"Destroy all former copies".

I said, "What? Like there were a dozen different paper dolls for William of Wales and now that he picked one, the rest get destroyed?"

(I said that sarcastically the day before my birthday).

I feel like some group has just been absolutely desperate to try to make all the past predictions fit for Kate Middleton. All the way down to wanting to change the horoscope and star signs to reflect whatever they want for her or her family.

I mean, I never obsessed about anything like this in my life but then I see my family tortured and really weird things start to happen, and it starts to look bizarre.

At any rate, whoever the people are that support my family or who somehow know what we've stood for and how we are deep down, I hope whoever they are, that we can work together soon.

Things are not so good when corrupt people want to have their way.

I'm not saying all changes are bad, because there are probably good things happening, but my family is being hammered.

I mean, and I'm obstructed from the smallest things like going to college. Or having my son, which is a right, not a "privilege".

At any rate, my middle name, Loree, stands for "Victory". It's derived from Lauren or Laurel. It's for victory. I put a bunch of laurel leaves at the top of my door and I still believe in victory. I believe it's possible and I believe it is inevitable.

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