Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tortured Still & Hate Crime

The entire time I've been writing tonight, military and FBI have allowed torture in my parents house, while I use the laptop to try to figure out college things.

I read more about hate crime today.

It states that federally protected activities, trying to intimidate and prevent someone from entering into federally protected activities, by harassment, torture, use of weapons of any kind, and intimidation or threat is an illegal hate crime.

That means, intimidating family members to let my 5 year old son's case slide, is hate crime. Intimidating and torturing family members who are trying to protect legal rights between a mother and child is an illegal hate crime. It can be prosecuted under criminal and civil federal and state law.

Going to hearings, making a defense, and accessing the right to court and the system and to fire ones incompetent or corrupt counsel is a federally protected right. Defending one's own family against further torture by government and mafia collusion is a federally protecting right.

Anyone, from any government or non-government agency, attempting to intimidate, persuade, or deter someone from participating or being able to participate, is liable for hate crime.

Anyone, from any government or non-government agency, attempting to intimidate, persuade, harass, harm, or deter someone from participating in college or being in their right mind to attend college, is liable for hate crime.

Hate crime law makes it illegal for any person, agency, or group of persons to target and assault another person or group, and from using intimidation and threats, to keep others from being able to participate in, specifically, "federally protected activities".

Then, Eric Holder expanded that law in 2009. He expanded it from just protection in federally protected activities to "non-federally protected activities."

Federally protected activities include being able to go to court or effectively defend oneself, their property, or their family in courthouses or cases involving the law. It includes the right to go to college and to other kinds of school. It includes the right to go to any public place like hospitals or other facilities one might need for care and not being "banned", and it also prohibits use of hate crime to keep people out of employment.

The hate crime law could only first be applied to federally protected activities but since 2009, it expanded to include any form of hate crime outside of federally protected activities. So, assaulting someone in their own home or on their own property might not be on federal land or a federal activity, but you can still be prosecuted for hate crime, and hate crimes carry much stiffer penalties than regular crime.

Also, it doesn't have to be true that someone is "jewish" or "protestant", but only must be true that it's perceived they are protestant or perceived to be someone against their own church. The more there is organization with a specific group of people who go to the same church and target others that are not members of their church, the more grounds there is for imputing hate crime.

And hate crime lawsuits don't necessarily exclude the FBI, even though it's the responsibility of the FBI and they have blocked me from being able to make reports and have participated in the intimidation and assault against my family.

Members of the FBI who can be shown to have contributed to any hate crime, are liable as well.

Intimidation and harassment or torture to keep someone from even making a complaint with the FBI is hate crime. Locking someone up when they're on their way to make a report to the FBI is hate crime. Defaming someone to mental health persons through their government agency can be imputed as a hate crime, if the motive was that they perceived the person to not be a member of their church and was therefore someone they considered to be an enemy.

Showing a pattern of escalating hate crime that erupted into military and mafia violence, is showing evidence of hate crime.

Refusing to allow a case with a child go to another area for transfer to non-biased or hate crime associated persons can be hate crime as it's restricting the family to be in a location where they are being targeted and are outnumbere by members of another religion that have been persecutory.

Discovery showing parties lied about their religious affiliation while intimidating or torturing my family on basis of hate crime, looks like someone trying to cover for the true motive of the hate crime.

The FBI is required, by law, to relocate persons or families that are victims of hate crime, to safe areas. They are supposed to not only protect these persons and not block reports, they are actually required to intervene even to the point of recommending a relocation and making it possible for the entire family to move to a safer location when it is clear the family is being targeted by a specific group, from a specific religious affiliation.

Prosecuting for hate crimes, and alleging those who were involved, means discovery of religious background comes into the court. It's required in order to prove that an incredibly large number of persons were of the same faith or religious beliefs and targeted another family for being different from them. This means, if some persons have been involved and yet have tortured or harassed and the allegation is that it's hate crime because my family isn't Catholic or Jewish, discovery is allowed to find out what the real baptism records are and it is okay to allege these persons posing as Protestants or some other faith, are only attempting to mask their true religious beliefs because they know this is what has motivated their group to commit hate crimes for "the name of the church" or "mary" or whatever you want to say, "for israel".

The constant claim that religion is not important gets tossed out when you're prosecuting or suing over hate crime with religion as the motivating force. It then becomes the most necessary element, to prove the case, to have complete and full discovery of religious background and affiliation of those involved, from Judges, lawyers, FBI, CIA, military, mafias, CPS, state offices, etc.

It becomes an element in proving the illegal false reports about my parenting and disposition were fueled by religious hatred and hate crime and then I can show, "Look. Are they all Catholic or not? Are they Jewish? finally, how many people were sincerely Protestant that went out of their way to assault, obstruct justice, defame, intimidate, threaten, and torture?

Is the military involved? Okay, fine. But what is the religious background of those involved in the military and what motive might they have for agreeing to torture a family they perceived were not of their own faith?

FBI doesn't want to help us or relocate or protect us? Okay, fine. What then is the religious background of those doing the defaming and then coming out to show some Holyfield & Tyson action, sunglasses on and all?

Oh, it's a CIA project? Grand. I have one question. Who is in charge and what is their religious background?

Oh, and according to records, this member of this church who authorized torture against this family, knows the FBI person that's protecting them and blocking a report and they go to the same church, oh...and they know Judge Wasson, come to find out, she goes to the same church and knows the people I had litigation with in 2002-2004. Wow. What a crazy coincidence.

Almost makes you wish you'd given me more Haldol, doesn't it?

Let's see, and this military guy knows that woman? and they're Catholic too? and this jewish thing, what's that was two different religious groups colluding to oppress and torture a family they perceived was not of their own religious background?

Oh, the guy from the Assemblies of God. Yeah. Sometimes "Protestants" are nothing more than moles for the Canadian government. I remember. Sitting there telling me the U.S. likes to make some people sound like they have psychic abilities they don't have. Like there was this great big CIA scheme to make me sound like I was gifted in ESP when supposedly I wasn't. He was actually referring to a program he turned on but his synopsis was directed to me as if he was making a point. It was strong enough and his smirk and raised eyebrows were such that he implied this was something that was happening. I was good enough to be drugged though.

And how does this "Protestant" man know the Catholic man from Boston living next door to him anyway? They wink with eachother but never knew who the other one was and just happened to live next door to eachother? the same Catholic guy that's been staring me down since I moved from Oregon to Washington?

Oh and my mother's boss, who wanted my mom to lie and say she was Protestant for her. Like I'd forgotten. She's Catholic. If she's not committing hate crime, why does she want people to lie for her about what her religious background is, and then calling on a Catholic police officer to back her up?

My Dad is coming home like the living __ has been beaten out of him and both my mother and father start to try not to cry as they say probably nothing will get better if I don't "forgive" (the Catholics and a some jews).

It's not hate crime?

They're being shown ideas of what Catholics are doing to my son, and they torture us and use their connections in the FBI and local police to do it, to the point that my parents beg me to forgive the Catholics and jews who have ruined our lives out of sheer hatred for who we are, and this isn't about hate crimes?

It's about religion. It's about the perception that we are different and not a member of their religion and therefore should be tortured and abused. It's hate crime and they've even tried to use their religious buddies in law enforcement and military to say this is protected information and research when the entire pattern of violence is one of hate.

Motive is clear. Damages are clear. Pattern is there. Links are all there. All you have to do is write the names on pieces of paper and make a little daisy chain for collusion to commit hate crime in the United States under the grossest use of Section 1983.

As for Section 1983, I might leave that alone.

I might just focus on hate crime.

In the public record, the only time the torture against my family stopped was when I was going to marry a Catholic man. It stopped for the time being. Knowing what I know now, I think it was a lull before another storm.

My mother's nose was broken, her face beat up and hair mussed and she was forced to take photos of herself in April of 2011. Who would do that? I see photos of my own son that make it abundantly clear he is being tortured and mocked and being used to get to my entire family. Who is doing this to my son? Catholics. Even some Jewish were willing to harm my son. They didn't care.

My son is being degraded even in school.

I think for me it's more hate crime on account of religion.

For my parents it might be slightly more of a combination of religious and political because so much of what is going on has to do with military and people trying to intimidate my family to do what they want and work for them and the U.S. government has to be involved. If some of that carries to me and my son, I am sure it's an excuse for research, and I know my son is not happy like he was with his own mother. However, I think for my parents it's political hate crime, and also religious.

I guess I wondered about the one Ukraine or russian church and didn't know why in the world anyone there would do something to me, and that I cannot explain. I don't know. I know one Sunday it was a bunch of Jewish guys visiting the church and sitting near the front and another Sunday I felt some Catholic russian people were there, but I really don't know why anyone else who is just normal ukraine-russian would do anything to me at all. I have not personally intentionally done any of them harm for any reason, so I don't know if they are just more in with whatever the U.S. wants to do to others or it was sometimes a mob thing or what. I said that one thing about one man and that was it. I never had anything to do with feeling one way or the other. However, maybe I don't know about something. Maybe we or my mother was harmed by one of them a long time ago, with the idea she was american or german (when her grandpa was luxembourgish). Maybe it just comes down to sheer money. I mean, maybe it doesn't even matter if you're a good person or not, if someone is offered a lot of money to do what seems like a small harm or occasional injury or offense, maybe it's worth it to them.
I was told to hit the road when I left this evening, after staying in all day.

My thought is that if it's not hate crime, discovery will prove me wrong. I believe it is hate crime and it's something the FBI should have known, even in TN, they had jurisdiction for investigating. Hate crime from one state to the next?

My family is not safe and neither is my son. We've got Lindsay's sitting around to mock the Avilas as if they just shipped over from Abu Girab or Guantanamo.

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