Monday, October 17, 2011

Chris Dempsey, Son of Martin Dempsey

There is a serious conflict of interest having this man Martin as the head of the entire DOD. I recognize his son and his son knows it.

Yep. I can positively identify him. It's the son of Martin and Diane Dempsey and I looked at other photos and there were even other photos of red-haired "Captain Chris Dempseys", with the Army even, but I know which one is which.

I wonder if "Chris Dempsey" knows "Chris Dabney". Oh yeah. They do. I forgot.

I looked up one of his daughters and I recognize people from her own wedding party. These are people that went out of their way to approach me at one point in my life. I recognize, and was introduced to Adam Cramer. Oops. Not Adam Cramer. The DJ is the one I met. Matthew Izzo from Virginia but originally from NJ.

There are others.

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