Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Continued Torture Obstructing Appeal

The entire time I have had this short amount of time to try to research and appeal for this case for my son, people in this town and through the DOD have used technology and torture again to distract and prevent me from getting things done, to the point that I have written more posts on my blog out of trying to protect my family than in doing research for this case.

The one time I went to the law library, Someone used torture there, and they have been using torture on our property and against even my parents in other ways. I have not gone back to the law library because of being tortured and assaulted there.

Not only that, in the midst of this, the Air Force (specifically) has deliberately used me for their own research programs and I have several examples to use to prove this. It is not just the Air Force, but they are one group that has an active program for underground research and they have been using my family for it and this is without my consent.

I have not been able to sleep at all, because of the technology they have been using, almost non-stop, since Saturday.

I also asked for the audio recording from the hearing so I know what grounds I want to make for Appeal and neither the court nor the former law firm has provided this to me.

The 3 pastors who are in town as Catholics, but acting as Protestants and with military, are:

Ken Duke: Assemblies of God
Kevin Boll: Coquille Community Church
Dr. Jose R. Agosto: 7th Day Adventist

I am also thinking about just putting up the names again, because overnight no one has made any attempt to quit using technology and I feel some may think that if I do what my parents tell me do, in taking the posts down, they might also assume my parents are able to also influence whether I put them up to begin with. They are also honest posts, and were not written to slander anyone but to accurately report what I am witnessing here.

It's a violation of free speech to force anyone to take down what they've written if it is their own testimony of what is true. I know my parents are being tortured and pressured to tell me to take this stuff down, even though they know who some of those responsible are.

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