Sunday, October 23, 2011

Middleton's Wear The Colors of Torturers

. I have been figuring some things out.

Today is the day I decided, and it's only my personal opinion, but I think the entire family of Middletons is criminal and linked to torturers. They wear the colors of torturers at least. And it's the first day I ever thought, "Kate is a criminal." That's my thought--not a claim.

The colors of torturers though...there is something to it.

And I thought, for the first time ever, that if the Wales boys are choosing to be connected to them, I don't know how great they are either. My family was being tortured--my mom and dad and I were all being tortured while Harry was popping open a bottle of $10,000 to celebrate and Kate was raking in $10,000 from a frivolous tennis photo shoot lawsuit, just to say she did, and could too, attain to be like "Elle".

I always held out, with regard to William and Harry. Always thought they were fine and normal and it was others around them, but no, they're not normal and they're not fine if they are hooking up with people who wear the colors of torturers.

I mean, unless William married into that family to figure out who his mother's murderers were, which seems like a long shot to say the least. Everything Diana didn't want to happen for her boys has happened and she's not around to give input or let them know what she knew.

I made a discovery the other day, about something in this area, and it made me sick. Not far from my parent's house, just around the corner, is a place that has these colors Kate Middleton wore for her engagement photos and people have been tortured there. My parents have been tortured there.

I remembered something my mother said to me over the phone in 2002. I remember it was 2002 and they had already moved over here. I brought something up, a normal thing to suggest, and my mother reacted with the most horrific PTSD and trauma act that I've ever heard. I always remembered this because it was such a huge deal. My mother acted like a victim of serial killers and torturers. I was like, calm down, and what's wrong? and she wouldn't tell me.

Well I found out not too long ago, and it's shocking.

In my opinion, it also provides a substantial link between Middleton's in the UK and my parents' torturers over here. It also would lend to the idea of who was involved in torturing me and my son at the same time a little later.

The part that is most significant, to me at least, is that it links these people back to 2002. Possibly further back than 2002, but 2002 was when I remembered my mother's odd reaction and didn't know what in the world it was about until 2011. It basically showed me this was not something that just started in 2009 for my parents or anything, it's going back to about 2002 at least.

We're talking about forcing people to kneel, gassing them, pouring gasoline and kerosine over people and trucks, using toxins to torture, beating up, military and FBI technology, the works.

I also felt that I have possibly discovered, if it's not just a place to hit on my parent's, a literal "black site". Like, not just research. Literally, a black site.

So there are some huge things that I'm finding out, and it's not because my parent's have said anything.

However, they are being so brutally tortured it's not funny. My Dad has lost about 20 lbs in the last week alone and has been electrocuted, beaten up, fried with technology along with my mom, and some of it now the U.S. is attempting to disguise and hide from me. I figured those commiting these crimes in the U.S. feel assured they can call me crazy, but I guess they still have doubts.

If they didn't have doubts, they wouldn't force me out of money and college for years upon years, drug me repeatedly and defame me, and then still want me to take my posts down, and refuse to allow me to take photos of my family or allow my family to help me with filing for a modification or injunction to protect my rights to my son.

My Dad's eyes are totally black with effects and symptoms from this technology being used and I didn't realize someone was trying to hide from me how badly they are still attacking my Mom and Dad.

Last night my Mom had gone out for a walk and it was just my Dad and I sat in her chair, where only she usually sits. All of a sudden, someone began using extremely powerful technology on me while I sat in that chair. It was very strong and then after about 10 minutes or so, I moved to the chair I usually sit in, and there was nothing. Absolutely nothing. Which made me think, someone thought, through thermoimagining or something, that it was my mother sitting there, not me.

And for whatever reason, they had backed off on torturing me, but they are blasting my Mom and Dad. I mean, BLASTING, severely. And that's not even the half of it.

The other thing is that on my birthday the dog got extremely sick sometime after my Dad and I left the house to pick up a few things. I am still figuring out what it is, but I have some ideas.

I don't really want to say too much right now.

What I will say, is that my parents are being tortured and have been tortured for a long time, and it goes back to at least 2002.

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