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CNN, BBC, British Monarchy site & Koch, queensboro to cambridge)

I looked up CNN, BBC, and then the British Monarchy site quickly bc I haven't looked at it for months. I think 2-3 months.

I still haven't had a drop to drink either. Maybe this is why. I made my elixir of milk thistle but haven't even tried it, though it's ready. I just haven't felt like it.

I'm pretty much vegan now too.

I'm a load of laughs and fun, you can imagine.

I first tried the vegan thing for a couple of weeks and then decided, "I think I want to do this, just because I am not keeping cows pregnant against their will for years." It's not like I feel I HAVE to, or that I'm against anyone who eats meat or dairy, I just felt like I wanted to. Going vegetarian first was hardest. Then, I thought, "I love milk and cheese and eggs"...I was eating hard boiled eggs every morning but I did it and it wasn't too bad and now I'm finding there are a lot of things to make that are flavorful and inventive and don't require animal products.

I have had a little milk chocolate...I'm not being weird and extreme, but aside from chocolates, eggs, milk, cheese, and I feel good (aside from the technology torture).

So I looked up news quickly and before I went to the monarchy site I thought I'd let an impression pass in front of me, from a photo, if anything was to come to mind, and the one that most closely matched, before I went to the site, was of Princess Alexandra holding a black puppy. I didn't pray or focus, I just had an idea of arms in a bow, and then I saw her photo and the bow on her hat and it most closely matched what came to mind before I clicked on any of the photos. So I clicked on that photo to look more closely, and that was it, and then I clicked out.

What was interesting, was that both her arms and the hat were both closest to bows, like I had come to mind before looking at any photos.

Anyway, I don't feel that I have to be vegan or not drink, and I don't think it's forever either, and have no limits on's just something I am doing right now that I WANT to do, and it doesn't feel like much of a sacrifice either. I think I've been vegan for about 1 month..

I drink tea, coffee, lemon juice with cider vinegar and honey, lime juice...and today I had beet greens lightly steamed over onions and with a little apple cider vinegar over it. I haven't had beet greens before and I like them a lot--more than steamed or sauteed spinach. I am eating tons of garlic and my family has had enough. They say it's reeking out of my pores but I can't smell myself. I've been eating full cloves of fresh garlic, sauteed/roasted in olive oil, all by themself and also in fresh tomato sauce. I made sort of a vegan passole today. Last night I had lentil soup with zucchini and onion and garlic. My mother made a very good bread that went with the beet borchst I made...Between rice, fruit and dried fruit, nuts, legumes of all kinds, and veggies and roots, I've been eating well. The only thing I've caved in on is boxes of chocolates and popcorn (which has some milk product), and a little butter on bread a few times. My parents kept saying please stop eating garlic and I said, "What's with releasing this Shallot guy when I'm eating lots of garlic? If I start eating a lot of corn is someone going to release a prisoner by the name of Corn?" (I was just joking around). Then I was thinking to myself, "Maybe there's some prisoner with the name Kernel." Maize?

I was at my parent's house when I wrote the above (with no comment to my parents) and someone started lasering me. Seriously. And earlier I was sitting on their porch steps and another form of technology was being applied after my Dad got home.

They asked me to take down the names of their "friends" from my blog and I said, "They're not friends." I said, "Which friend did this to Mom?" and imitated someone ruffling up my Mom's hair and then forcing her to take a photo of herself while she looked terrified, in April 2010. Someone was forcing my Mom to take all these photos of herself and she looks like she's being held hostage by a gang of thugs who forced her to do this. She has terror in her eyes, and in one, one eye is droopy and not the other, and her nose looks broken...maybe that's when they broke her nose. In April of 2010. They were taken the first part of April but I'm not sure if it's possible for someone to change the date on the photos because there are twin deer in some of the photos and there are twin deer now. But I looked when my Mom was away from her computer, and the dates were in early April of 2010. She was forced to take some of herself, with her holding the camera but I knew it wasn't her camera and that someone was forcing her to take these, so I looked at the application details to the photos and noted the model of camera. It was a Canon Powershot. Funny how "power" breeds contempt and jealousy against my family. So. Who was buying a Canon Powershot and had it in their possession, who knows my Mom or had access to her, prior to 2010?

I said, "Are these the same friends that allowed Mom's face to be slashed?" and look at the good FBI and military friends we must have, who allow torture of others.

I noted from some of the photos from the monarchy site, too, some of the people looked incredibly mean and cold. I said, "No wonder Diana wanted to get out of there--I'm surprised one of her sons hasn't done the same thing." What's the point of having a photo with some chef that resembles my brother in the's like sheer mockery.

I said to my family, "I had no idea how famous we are. Really, it's the highest form of compliment."

You've got people mocking my family from royal sites, and we're supposed to say no one is torturing us at all. It crosses countries, the mafias responsible are joined from one side to the other, but it would be most interesting to know how they are connected and why they have a joint motive to commit hate crimes against us.

Some people get yelled at from a window, or snubbed, or treated rudely, and then there are some who get beaten up and tortured with military technology. I guess it's because no one over here was involved with anything over there, right?

I was just writing some of this and someone in military here, from the "north end" I guess, of our property, just did something with a sonic thing that hurt my left ear. It wasn't my right one, and it came from the left side, and that's where there is a lot of acreage and private property with "no trespassing" signs. The exact same technology was used on me in Nashville, TN. I would be walking along and someone did this to me several times and it was no question that it was military and FBI involvment. I guess someone didn't like my mentioning what someone did to my mother in April 2010. It was sort of like we were being tortured out of fear that if someone didn't beat us all, we might talk and "ruin everything". Why else would someone escalate torture against me in one state, and against my parents in another state at the same time?

Though I do notice one thing...I realized the people who wanted to harass me first by bringing up "Mary" all the time, during my litigation, and who caused so many problems even when I was trying to use my laptop or phone, have sort of converted their Marian-in-your-face harassment to "Kate and Carole" harassment...sort of like, whatever they think might get to me, is what they want to use. All day today, on the phone about financial aid for college I was transfered to tons of Carols, Regans, and king stuff and then a lot of name references to Catholic individuals who have personally assaulted me. With a few Jewish thrown in for good measure maybe. But really, the entire day today and most of the people were with U.S. government agencies or public colleges. All of them actually.

You should see my Dad's eyes. He came home last night with one eyes completely red and looking punctured on the lid and then black marks all around his eyes and I could tell he'd been tortured. He was also hunched over like he hurt badly and his back hurt.

I went to a law library yesterday to look up laws for trying to help my son and instead of taking me to the upstairs library they said it was in the basement and then I was there, with cop cars all around and about an hour into it, I was being tortured while sitting at the computer. And the Lexis law search I used was then searching for things and pulling up legal items which made it clear that someone knew I was there making the searches at that time. Someone was tailoring what they brought up in my search.

I asked the librarian if there were any archival photographs of this basement library and she said no. I wanted to know how long that library had been there and what it looked like at different times and she said there was nothing she was aware of. I said that's strange, because it is. Usually government locations and historical places like libraries will have photos. I think there's bad history there. This entire town is like an underground military base and it seems most the people have a major agenda against my family. I said to my parents, "It's like no one here has a normal job...even this librarian was telling me her brother or sister had lived in Knoxville, TN and I asked what they did and it was nuclear work." Guess what the library used to be? It used to hold inmates but it felt more like a black site operation.

I wanted to know about the library photos because I had an idea of what the library was going to look like and I wanted to see if it fit anything from the past. I haven't seen the upstairs one, but what I imagined was a library about the size of room as this basement was, and then windows as it had, and at the same level and height, but with lower shelves all the way across. But the windows and height and depth matched. So I wanted to see if the shelving had ever been the way I "saw" it to be, without tall stacks on metal racks but below the windows, allowing all the light to come through.

She said there wasn't anything. Then she was leaving and her hands were shaking but I didn't know why. I had just been asking what this was used for before and how long it had been a library and if there were photos.

Then I walked home, after I was tortured there. All around were police vehicles. Once I was outside, nothing was happening to me. It happened when I was there. I found plenty of laws that prove injustice was done to my son and his case. In re. dependency of Grove, 127 wn.2d 221, 1995, Washington, Lex. 182), for one thing, or one case, about substantive rights and how a child is a liberty and therefore a substantive right which requires not only representation but reasonable representation, and this includes having a full record of the facts for the representation to be reasonable. There is no reasonable record if evidence has been withheld and there is no reasonable representation if the lawyers refused to obtain this for the record. I found a ton of laws. I know I have a case. The right to ones children is a fundamental right and a substantive right, and the right to not be tortured is well...that's another thing as well.

But what's interesting is how certain parties have literally tortured my entire family and intimidated us through torture to prevent us from having access to the law. It's hate crime, and it's being supported by the FBI. What does the FBI do? get cheques from the UK for their coffers?

There are also innumerable conflicts of interest with regard to who attempted to get their hands on my case and control it. They knew and they were required by law to step aside and didn't.

Why didn't I go to the library sooner?

How about being drugged and tortured and watching your family members get beat up and tortured? How about that?

My parents are still denying everything and I said, "Yeah, well now I know they force you to say these things as if you doubt me, or they torture you and beat you up."

I said, "You have grounds for a massive lawsuit." They do. If anyone has grounds for an enormous lawsuit worth billions, it's them, and that is probably why the FBI is acting as guardians to those who torture us, because they know it. I said since the media isn't being helpful right now, we go to youtube and describe what's going on and then file a major lawsuit and I said, "I will be a witness" and they said, "Yeah, who would believe you? they'd say you're nuts." and I said, "That's why they wanted me to look nuts, because they had a motive for wanting to discredit me because they knew I was a witness and that I could later potentially testify for others too" (like my son and now, my parents). I said, "There's too many people. It's not just me, there are others, and if all of us went forward at the same time, we can't all be nuts."

Though this is what they've been working on, I've noticed. They're afraid, and trying to break my parents.

I was told to take down the names of all their "friends" tomorrow and I said okay, but first, make note of this post and what I've written down already. Also, some of the surnames are incorrect and I'll correct that before I take down the names altogether.

While I looked up laws about "liberty" interest, fundamental rights, substantive rights, and reasonable representation and record, I also looked up a few cases about hate crimes and also on writ of habeus corpus. I tried a search using terms: "hate crime" AND "conspiracy" AND "unlawful imprisonment" AND "torture" AND "forced labor" AND "kidnapping" AND "religiously motivated hate crime" and it came up "unable to process request at this time" as I applied it to the jurisdiction of all states and federal.

Unable to process request at this time. Like there is no case in the database with at least some or all of these terms. I deleted the last one I had written down and it still wouldn't process.

I got onto that website for Lexis legal search, and found the right place to type in my request and queried to the 7th-10th page of listed cases and clicked on "re. Grove", ignoring several other cases that were irrelevant within 5 minutes. I haven't been to a legal search site for years, and I've been tortured and drugged since I was last on one.

I did those cases in 2002-2004 all on my own.

And my entire family has been tortured because of our talent. Tortured, out of fear, hatred and jealousy.

So with my parents phenomenal track record with psychic insight, and my legal brain and proof of what I could do...who's afraid of Virginia Wolf? Right? Dumb people with money have tried to torture us and used friends in high places with government controls to do it. We were not vain and have no need to "work on the vanity". But do you know what dumb and jealousy people do? they try to steal what isn't theirs and they kill, maim and torture just to make themselves and their children feel better about their inborn stupidity. Stupidity is fine even, when it doesn't cross the line over into hate crimes. When they cross the line, they know that legal brains and psychic brains will require a lot of money and manpower to put down. So don't be shocked at the size of the problem.

We are flattered.

Hate crime carries a hefty price tag, and if you add that to RICO, you have a serious problem times 3. I could take just one small tort and run to Hell and back with it, and carry quite a few in my knapsack when I do, to dump them off where they belong.

I saw this clip about a movie about suing the devil. No one believes in the Devil, right? So someone decides to sue "Satan" and is just about to get the money on default, when the Judge doesn't dismiss the case and throw it out as "frivolous". Right before the man is about to claim his money on default judgement, Satan decides to show up to defend himself, and brings his demons and 10 of the best lawyers.

The part I like is how you have to show up.

If you don't, i.e., if Satan or those responsible for hate crimes do not show up, they lose by default for millions or billions.

My parents have a lawsuit worth billions. And I will back them and if it's not just me, it's several others and I'm sorry, but you can't call all of us crazy. And coercing or intimidating someone to do something they don't want to do, by torturing them, isn't going to make them liable for jail term--it makes those who commited the hate crime and torture liable.

Hey SAM! ya like green eggs and ham?

Do you know who gave my mother a letter of recommendation in 2007? A "David and Lina Koch" which is sort of interesting since the law firm that just screwed up my Appeal and kept evidence out of the record while having us tortured through Wasson friends, also goes by the name David Koch.

I thought, "Oh how nice. A letter of recommendation" until I read his comments about how he was so pleased with my mother's "service" that he gave my mother a "pin". His letter states he's from Los Angeles and moved to Centralia. What I found shocking, was how he kept mentioning how he gave this "pin" to my Mom, when I had formerly written many emails while suing The Willamette Week and Archdiocese, about how I should wear a "clown pin" to court. I wrote a lot about this "clown pin" and how the justice system was looking like a joke and voila, a few years later, my mother is being mocked by a Mr. David Koch, who writes that he gave my mother a "pin" for her service to him. He wrote that he was "so impressed" with my mother's service that he had this real estate pin he passed on to her, this "pin" as a memento. Since when does a grown professional man from the big city of Los Angelos think passing on a 'pin', considering our circumstances, is a genuine and sincere expression of appreciation? It was mockery and that was just 2007. Supposedly, the same year my parents applied for passports.

It was like writing a letter of recommendation to side-slap my mother. And then his friends have attempted to control my case with my son and excused Justin Titus and other buddies for their failure to do their job and rewarded them instead.

And my Appeal was just lost by a firm with a Mr. David Koch as a primary partner, after they showed they were not helping me but helping the state. Oh yeah, and my parents were beat up too, in the middle of it all.

And then there was a "Koch" that I had a complaint with, to the Oregon State Bar, and he handled all attorney complaints and he was the one in charge and his name was "Koch". I had written about the clown pin or he'd received an email from a lawyer about it at his own desk.

Funny how things go around isn't it?

How many times did I ask the Koch firm to step down for conflict of interest? and they refused.

I wonder if Edward Koch, the Mayor from NY is connected to the Koch's over here? I know the FBI lead for Portland, Oregon just came back from NY. Might be interesting to know.

Oh yeah, and by the way, when I made a report against the Oregon State Bar TO the Oregon FBI, I named a Mr. Koch who was then in charge of all disciplinary hearings and who personally excused Dick Whittemore for defaming me to The Willamette Week.

Do you guys think maybe we have a small problem here?

It's kinda like...GEE whiz..."bullets over broadway" maybe (you know, that Woody Allen movie).

What's interesting is the possible FBI-Koch connection.

So guess what. After refusing to step down from taking my case when they deliberately screwed it up and didn't even communicate with me, at the last minute, they stepped down right before filing for a "modification" to preserve my right to appeal to Supreme Court. I said, "How is it that your firm refused to step down for conflict of interest when I asked, but now you do, without even consulting the Judge about whether or not she'll allow it?"

You know how Kate Middleton had these offers to pursue a photo journalism career or make a stint in NYC? Funny, cause Ed Koch had a bridge named 'specially for him, on March 23, 2011, The Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge."


Koch Queensboro and Cambridge. Whatta pair. And Oliver Garrett, by the way, has been tortured over "bridges"

Oh oops. We're supposed to say we're not being tortured. SHhhhhh! Did you know Koch was in the U.S. Army too? Now tell me, what in the world could a nice Jewish boy like Eddie Koch have in common with the Middletons, aside from "bridges".

Would you like one lump with your torture? or two?

According to wikipedia, this guy wants to be buried in the "Trinity Cemetary" and made his statement to this effect in April of 2008. I wonder if he'll ask to be allowed to wear Prince William's sharp red jacket and if he'll be clutching my white jacket that was stolen from me in 2009 at the same time. Maybe he'll put it behind his head for a nice pillow and put a branch of eucalyptus between his palms or a rosary from the Pope. Now why would a Jewish guy want to associate with the Trinity crew? Hmmm...

I ask the United Kingdom public and American public..."Any ideas?"

So anyway, that's just the 10% I know. There are others who know a lot more than I do, and who have figured out way more than I have, and they have names and dates and intelligence to back them up too.

Kind of strange how NY wants to come over to control Oregon FBI at this time. And the Koch connections! Oh MY.

Does anyone believe it's quite "possible" we are being terrorized and tortured by certain monied special interests who wanted to defame us to the public and spread a lot of lies and misinformation?

So anyway, according to the case law, it says cases can't usually be appealed for "ineffective counsel" but a great conflict of interest where the firm has forced a mother and her family to give up or surrender any substantial right, can be appealed.

But guess what's happening right now? My parents are still showing up tortured, because well, as I've explained, there is a slight conflict of interest with the FBI and they've been working with criminals to intimidate and force my family to give up all kinds of rights or be tortured worse.

So I asked for $200 for filing for a federal injunction to stop what's happening with the illegal kidnapping and hostage taking of my son, and they refused and I know why. Because they are being tortured.

They got beat up right before my hearing with Wasson and the Koch firm. They are not at liberty to assist their own children as they would like to assist and their assets are being controlled.

There is a major interest in keeping me out of money and unable to bring the persons to court who need to show up.

In my complaint to the Portland, Oregon FBI about the Oregon State Bar Disciplinary and Professional Liability Fund fraud, I had dealt with Mary Cooper, Jacqueline Koch, at the disciplinary level and then there was a Mr. Koch who was head of either the Disciplinary Board or the Liability Fund and I had several antagonistic emails with him. He HATED me.

I wrote to the Portland FBI about it first, of what I had found in case law by accident and thought was fraud. The FBI in Portland wrote back to me, by email and talked to me on the phone and said did I know 'so-and-so', a man who had also made a complaint about fraud of the OSB and PLF as a shell corporation and defrauding the Oregon public citizens. I said no, and I didn't know him and wasn't familiar with him. I also had no complaint pending with the OSB or PLF.

After I made my complaint to the Portland FBI, I then made a complaint to the OSB because I was subsequently defamed by The Willamette Week. So I made a complaint against Dick Whittemore for lying about me so badly. Included in the emails that were sent to the OSB were email about a clown pin. Then I had to deal with Mary Cooper and Jacqueline Koch and then I was dealing with a man who was then director of the entire organization and it was a Mr. Koch.

The Willamette Week article about me was made after I had filed a complaint with the FBI about the OSB and PLF alleging fraud and then I was also about to file a lawsuit against the Archdiocese and had made my rape report with the Portland police. Defaming me has been an interest.

Wasn't it thoughful for David and Lina Koch to give my mother a "pin" in 2007? So nice, huh.

And wow. Look at the quick response we've had from the FBI, to being tortured and everything.

You know what's kind of cute is how my ex-fiance had photos of himself wearing a clown wig, rainbow striped, before he met me, in a party with friends.

I wonder why so many people in Washington and Oregon were being nicer to me and not initially obstructing justice when I was with him? Do you guys think he knew any of the people I've just mentioned? Or, like, through friends of friends or something?

It's so strange, how the FBI has supported outright beatings and torture, of, you know, even kids and my whole family, and then defames me to be drugged with Haldol, lies about me to Canada...I just can't figure out why. And why NYC is so interested too. Hmmm.

I WUNDER why I've been losing and why we're being blocked from money.

Hey Guys, you know what's odd too? There were all these FBI people in Coos County and do you know who one of the Coos County prosecutors was? I don't know what it means yet, but it was a David Koch? well I just looked it up. THIS "David Koch" was appointed to serve as Coos County counsel in 2004 after having worked with them for 2 years already as assistant counsel.

So that's about the same time I met the FBI guys who were working in Coos County.

Lots of Koch stuff mixed up with FBI isn't there?!

Okay. I looked up the new FBI lead for Oregon that Mueller appointed from NYC. He didn't just work in counterterrorism in the most recent several years, in NYC, he was working directly under NYC's Mayor Ed Koch. Gregory A. Fowler first got an appointment to NYC in 1988. Ed Koch was mayor of NYC then, up until almost 1990, so Gregory Fowler worked for NYC at this time. Fowler worked directly with Ed Koch. I also found something about how Ed Koch talks about how he was in with the Irish because he'd supported Bobby Kennedy and was friends with the Kennedy family so maybe that's his Trinity connection. I don't know. Strange, because Greg Fowler supposedly got signed on with the FBI in NYC for organized crime work and he was working under a Kennedy family supporter. Nothing against the Kennedy's, bc I think they've done a lot of good, but they definitely had an organized crime connection.

I'd like to think someone is on our side, you know, some top political or law enforcement person but well, why exactly have we been tortured? I really wasn't joking about a Jewish-Catholic alliance that supported the Middletons. And when it comes to religion, that can cross through a lot of different affiliations and nationalities and ethnic groups and right into the U.S. government.

(someone held off on the torture for awhile as I was writing this until I posted this link about Fowler working with Ed Koch, and more recently, with other FBI that is connected to my family but is in NYC)

I'm looking up now the name of the Koch director who was in charge of the OSB or PLF when I made my complaint to the FBI in Portland, Oregon.

I'll find which Koch it was that I had to deal with re. OSB and PLF and I think it was a David Koch or an Alan Koch. He was director then, and I believe that was 2001-2002. Yes, quite sure, because I then got a check for a very small amount, later, because a different lawyer backed out of a lawsuit at the last minute and I had no time to file so they paid me something like $1,000--some extremely small amount to file my claim with on my own, Pro Se. I believe it was 2002 because I then filed my lawsuits within 2 weeks time, from scratch.

It was only months earlier that I had made my first-ever report to the Portland, FBI about the OSB and PLF for what I believed was fraud for using the PLF as a shell corporation to cover for the OSB disciplinary decisions. I had no hidden motive for bringing it up and had just noticed this case, randomly, while researching for my own cases I was about to file. So I had no prior involvement with the OSB or PLF and it was motive-free. It was a sincere report. Then, after that, a lawyer dropped me at the last minute and I had to deal with them and I dealt with them again when I made a complaint against Dick Whittemore for defamation he should have been disciplined for.

Yeah. 2002.

So now Mueller. Why would Mueller knowingly put a Koch fan into an Oregon FBI seat? Everyone wonders what he's doing here. And I want the torture against my familyand my son to STOP.

Mueller. He's fully military bred and born in NYC with contacts in Boston and California. So it says here he has a wife and 2 daughters. Any reason why his 2 daughters aren't being tortured like my son and family are? Just wondering, since I would think if he's such a strong supporter of torture of U.S. citizens with a cover of national security, he might have applied for the position himself, voluntarily. Again, why would Mueller put Fowler over here? Did Fowler ask for the assignment or volunteer, did someone else volunteer him, or did Mueller pull a name and place out of a hat?

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