Friday, October 14, 2011


I just talked to some nice women with the same question I had yesterday but then I got this other one who just tried to run me around corners.

I finally said, "Do you have family in the Air Force."

She said, "Yes, actually, I do."

I said, "Oh, I thought so."

And then she was still running me around corners and these people are trying to keep me OUT of college. It's like they can't be normal.

She kept trying to say I had to take credit classes for a certain kind of loan and I've already researched it and you don't. In fact, it's required they be non-credit courses for that money, and she was just running all around the issue. I brought up the CFRs (Code of Federal Regulations) and she kept saying she knew already and I finally said if she did, then why was she saying something different.

So then I'm on the federal CFR database and I said I was going to read it to her and I was scrolling down and I said, "It's under title 34, not 32" (for National Defense).

And then she was still jerking me around and denying certification programs or non-credit classes applied and I finally said, "I would appreciate NOT being obstructed by the military from taking classes and if your college is using federal money you are required to go by the guidelines and it's right there. So maybe you can read it and confer with a supervisor and then when I call back next time and ask for "Kelly", I hope you have the same information."

She got on the phone and was trying to say, "We don't speak the same language. I think we're speaking 2 different languages."

She was saying the completely wrong and opposite thing of what the law says. You can take out a Stafford loan for prepwork for getting into an undergrad program and the classes are supposed to be non-credit or certificate--but used for getting into a program. She kept arguing and saying they have to be credit classes and they don't and I already told her I would never WANT to add math prep courses to my credited transcript and that's not what this other money is for. She KNEW this and kept trying to run me around anyway. These people try to screw me over one way and then another. They block me from having money for college, and then they think it would be really cool for me to do something stupid like add "credits" from remedial online courses to a transcript when I am not an idiot. So then they keep trying to say it's the only way when they're lying and it's wrong information. No, I'm not putting high school level math classes on a transcript, nor do I want "credit" for them. I'm taking them on non-credit basis for getting my math skills back up to college level for an undergrad program. And these people act like they think it would be funny to have me add something to my record on a transcript. Because we all know how cool remedial classes from some online school look on a transcript when you want to go to a good grad or doctoral program later. They also are trying to push me into using money that's designated separately, to prevent me from using money that is available for use for non-credit classes. The preparatory coursework money specifically states it is for use in certification or non-credit classes and it is separate from loan money while in college pursuing a degree. They know this and they keep trying to block me.

I was going to go over and tell my Dad what's going on today and he said later, to come back later. I imagine it's because someone already did something horrific this morning.

I seriously cannot believe what we have to put up with.

They're using us and they're not paying us what we're worth. In fact, I don't think they're paying us at all. They're just taking and even taking my only son and any opportunity for me to have a normal life or even go to college.

And while I was writing this, someone was using military technology at the same time.

They don't know when to quit. These people use religious hate crime and call it military research and then the Koch-FBI people obviously work together.

The college person that just tried to obstruct me was "Kelly" (so she said) and she was in financial aid through the University of North Dakota.

I thought about it after I hung up the phone and realized, "Oh. Yeah. That's why Air Force came to mind." The entire area is a military base. If you look at the statistics, the only form of employment there is Air Force and military and then I guess a couple colleges. But that's what they live off of--federal funding.

Yet this woman I was transfered to, used me, and harassed and insulted me by making me try to explain everything as she told me I was incorrect when she was being obstructive. The other women were pleasant and said nothing wrong--they were just friendly and then I get transferred to this woman who wanted to have me sign up for the wrong thing with the wrong money and screw up my transcript.

"We don't speak the same language. I think we speak 2 different languages...Again, I think that we're not speaking the same language."

How many times, in her little "financial aid" stint, did she want to say this.

She kept saying this, as if to make a point, when her JOB is not to make harassing comments or try out her skills that are outside of financial aid, or to deliberately mislead me. And then she was being nosy, asking questions that aren't necessary, like "Have you applied to programs and been denied?" She was really enthusiastic in asking this over and over and I said, "That's not something that's required for using the money for the purposes I'm asking about."

It's none of her business what I've applied to or if I've been denied or not. The point is whether or not one is taking classes which are requisite, and they are supposed to be non-credit or certification.

I cannot believe the kind of people I have to deal with. They're too busy working out their little military or religious gigs to be normal for one minute.

Do you have any idea what they do to little kids in their spare time? They sexually assault them and then cover it under "national security" and "defense" privilege. But you notice, it's not Mueller's kids that are being assaulted.

No. You can't go to college because some of us want to use you for research without your consent and without paying you and the rest of us want to laugh while this accomplishes our goals of making you look like trash and keeping you down. We like making money off of you too much and our own kids are profiting from your demise, so we like this arrangment.

No. You can't have unemployment that you deserve, or work or anything normal. We think you made us so much money while we laughed at you and your whole family, we want to use your son to support our next generation.

They are criminals and anyone who contributes in the smallest way is accessory to crime unless they are being forced to do something or be tortured and then they have grounds for a lawsuit.

I wonder if the FBI gets bonus checks for every "Cheryl" and "Lynn" they refuse to protect. Here you go, thanks for not telling on us while we raped this little girl. And here's one for you for participating Mr. FBI. Now we're going to promote you and give you a small mafia as a parting present.

How much did the military pay the FBI.

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