Tuesday, October 25, 2011

FBI Contacts from 2001-Forward

I was just thinking...

Wes, with the FBI in Wenatchee, WA, was a Mormon. Or so he said, and so I was told.

The FBI S.S.A.'s who came out to interview me when I made a misconduct complaint:

1 was Catholic, 1 was Mormon. So he said...the Mormon guy said he was, and he was the one from Washington D.C.

My first initial contacts with FBI in Portland, Oregon, were regarding things that had nothing to do with me. I reported the Oregon State Bar and Professional Liability Fund as being suspicious for fraud to the public, by using a shell corporation for the cover of the PLF and not informing the public. I wasn't the only one, because I found information about it online in a case that was filed. I then filed something with the FBI in Portland, an additional note, after I was later personally involved and brought up Koch and Cooper and other persons at the OSB/PLF.

It was at about this time that my parents were forced to move to Coquille, Oregon. They moved after I called about the PLF and sent email about it.

After that, I was approached by FBI when I was in the middle of my personal litigation against The Willamette Week (jewish owned) and Catholic Abbey/Archdiocese for Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress.

Many of the people "befriending" me were connected to people involved in this litigation. They also were connected to the FBI, Department of Justice, and law enforcement.

I would sort of like to know when "Wes" got transfered to the Wenatchee field office. I think, but I'm not sure...but I think it was possibly after I made a complaint to the Portland FBI and told them where I was going in the next 6 months (Wenatchee).

So far, to my knowledge, the FBI has not done any good for my family.

The timing of when certain individuals were moved around, and how they have treated complaints that are high in significance, matters.

I also thought it was strange that FBI moved in behind my grandparents (in Washington), in...ummm, I think 2000 or a little later.

With all this FBI around, one wouldn't think a child and a mother could end up tortured.

And one wouldn't think my parents would end up tortured separately at the same time, in the State where I intiated complaints and was harassed and stalked and assaulted.
So I'm wondering which part of the FBI only takes investigations seriously if you happen to be a personal tithing member of their own church.

After I reported the PLF/OSB, I reported misconduct by the FBI themselves. And then I asked for FOIA, because I guessed, by the reactions I was suddenly getting, that I had been seriously smeared and defamed in some kind of FBI file that was possibly shared with other law enforcement. That was 2004.

Then, as a continuing result of defamation, and collusion between Catholic Judges and law enforcement in obstructing my travel, education, and lawsuits, and then a false arrest and imprisonment, I went to "Wes" with the Wenatchee FBI offices.

I went for 2 reasons:

1. To find out how to get FOIA from Portland, Oregon because after my travel was obstructed by law enforcement and a Catholic Judge Warren, I was subsequently arrested without cause, on false arrest and jailed by the same Judge Warren. The police had said to me at the time, "We know who you are--all law enforcement knows about you from Oregon to Washington state." So since she brought this up, and since the only prior involvement I had was with Portland police and FBI, I knew if she was making derogatory comments about how police knew me, there had to be something bad in my FBI file or something that was affecting my life now, to the point of false arrests and obstruction of freedom of movement.

2. To report Judge Gerald Warren for twice being personally involved in illegal activities and abusing his position as Judge to do favors for people whom I had lawsuits filed against in Oregon. First he put a false alert out to police, claiming my license was suspended when it wasn't. To prove he did this intnetnionally, all I have to show is that when I called and then went to the courthouse personally to ask him to remove this and correct it, he refused. He did it deliberately. After he did this and I found out who was behind it and who he knew, he then made contact, a 2nd time, with my legal opponents and put a restraining order on me for them. Then 3rd, he had me arrested on false charges, which obstructed me from legal matters and smeared my clean record. I was sent to jail on excessive bail, by the same Judge who put an illegal suspension on my license, and I was there for 14 days.

During this time, I did not realize what was happening to my parents in Coquille, Oregon in 2004-2005. But I do know they were already being tortured and threatened because it was in 2002 that my mother reacted with PTSD to something I said over the phone, which I just recently figured out.

My mother's eyes today, by the way, are almost completely black all the way around. They are 10x worse. I found out this is not new for my parents. These people were doing this to my parents when they were out of my sight and I have photos of my mother to prove how long this has been going on.

When I went to "Wes", about getting FOIA from Portland, Oregon and about Judge Gerald Warren, he told me Judge Warren was going to retire so he didn't need to investigate.

Judge Warren did not retire. Not only did Judge Warren not retire, he kept up with his illegal activities against my family.

It was Judge Warren who was driving past me, smirking, in the middle of the night with Wenatchee police following him and laughing, when I got back from Canada without my son.

I had been defamed to Canadians by Chelan-Douglas County, and Catholic Judges that handed over defamatory materials about me to Canadians and had some of their friends waiting for me in case I tried to leave behind the torture.

First we were bribed to leave for Utah, and when I said no, I had a right to file a case in Washington and when I stayed, the town didn't like it very much. They didn't like it and their bigger-city friends didn't like it either.

Washington D.C. FBI wasn't in love with me by 2005.

Washington D.C. FBI wasn't courting me and sending me flowers and looking out for my only son and unborn child.

Washington D.C. FBI Headquarters instructed all FBI agencies throughout the entire U.S. to have any and all communications coming from Ms. Cameo Loree Garrett sent to their headquarters.

That was BEFORE, not AFTER, my son and I were tortured.


I coughed up blood.

That blood is on FBI hands.

The blood of me and my son is on FBI hands and stains them.

Which is why the U.S. FBI has defamed and persecuted my entire family, leaving us vulnerable to the worst predators.

All anyone had to do was look at the inaction of the FBI and see how the FBI treated my reports, to figure out how much they could get away with. They based their assessment of how much trouble they'd get in for committing crime against us, by how we were treated by the FBI.

Had the FBI responded, my son and I never would have been tortured. It would have been impossible. I highly doubt the vandalism and hate crime could have even escalated to the level it rose to, had the FBI responded the way they are required by law to respond.

By 2005, before I left for Canada and before I even had my son, I had written to the Office of the Inspector General, after getting nowhere when I repeatedly asked for my FOIA from the FBI because MY LIFE
and my PARENT'S LIVES were at risk.

MY LIFE was threatened and in danger, and because the FBI refused to answer my FOIA, I had NO possible WAY of protecting myself or my reputation and credibility for purposes of staying safe.

The FBI did not protect my family. They have ruined my family.

So finally, in 2005, realizing my personal safety and the safety of my son was in danger, and not even knowing what they were doing to my parents in Coquille, Oregon, I finally found some organization called the OIG on my own.

And from that point on, the torture began.

We were assaulted with military technology and by mafia and the FBI was in on it.

I realize I was tortured earlier than that, but I didn't equate my migraines and other things as a result of illegal triggers used to prevent my full participation in lawsuits I had filed.

But torture in earnest, for torture's sake alone and no other reason than to harm and severely injure, on an almost daily basis, began after I contacted the OIG to report who?

--to report collusion by the FBI with criminal parties.

First people watched the FBI response to repeated vandalism and hate crime against me, coordinated from one state to the next. It wasn't local--it was organized and crossed state lines. The FBI did nothing. If anything, some of them were directly involved.

After people watched and saw the FBI do nothing to protect me from false arrest, false and illegal suspension of my license (obstruction of freedom of movement), and watched as rapists got away with things...

Why would anyone think or imagine the FBI was going to stop anyone from torturing my family? From torturing a little baby?

If the FBI had done their job, NONE of this would have been possible.

The FBI had the power in their hands, in 2004, to immediately shut down any upstarts to criminal activies, organized or not, that fell within their jurisdiction.

They refused to serve and protect and instead, they defamed me to such degree that I was set up and leveled to be assaulted. I was set up by the FBI to be tortured. My son was set up and leveled to be tortured.

My mother was set up and leveled by the FBI to be raped. My parents were set up and leveled by the FBI to be threatened and assaulted and told to pressure their own daughter to do things that they knew were not in her own best interests.

It was the responsibility of the FBI and it was their jurisdiction.

Had the FBI treated me with the smallest amount of decency and respect, and demonstrated to the public and to my enemeis (some I didn't even know I had) that they did not tolerate criminal activities that had been coordinated against me for years, from one state to the next, HAD they investigated "hate crime" and not allowed their own agents to participate in this and then want to defame me,

MY SON would be a 100% different person than he is today.

I can direct every single damage done to my son, back to the FBI, for failure to protect and failure to carry out the duties they are sworn to.

Other groups participated, but the organization in charge of the rodeo was the FBI. Whatever you want to call it, the "rodeo", the "show", the "territory", the "conspiracy", the "organized crime and torture"...the agency immediately responsible for heading off WORSE dangers and crimes is the FBI.

So back in 2004-2005, someone didn't do their job and they knew it. And then they were afraid of being tracked and held responsible for dereliction of duties. They were also probably afraid of being tracked to obstruction of justice and conflicts of interest.

As a result, I was defamed and then we were all tortured.


...thanks to the FBI.

Organized crime against a whole family is FBI jurisdiction. Hate Crime is FBI jurisdiction. State-to-state crime that is not confined to one specific territory but goes throughout the nation is FBI jurisdiction. And public corruption of Judges is only something the FBI handles. This includes U.S. federal attorney's, AG, and Judges. All FBI jurisdiction. Crimes arising from reports about FBI employees or resulting after making reports is also FBI jurisdiction. Protection of the public from unwanted military or CIA, NSA, or any other form of research and experimentation is also FBI jurisdiction (public corruption and investigation of public servants). Fraud is FBI jurisdiction.

I made serious reports to the FBI, and because the FBI did not respond, people have tortured and assaulted and stolen from my family since 2001. Maybe earlier, but I know the seriousness for me wasn't noticed until later.

The FBI is responsible for what has happened to Oliver Robert Guy Garrett.

Here is the FBI's description of what they investigate, related to "Hate Crimes" from their own website:


They call it their "#1 priority" in the Civil Rights division.

If this had been their #1 priority, the FBI would have taken my complaint of hate crimes of repeated vandalism since I was involved with the Mt. Angel Abbey and accused of "offending the Catholic church" and when I was raped by someone who said, "What would your Dad think, to find out you were taken by a Jew."

I had aggregious vandalism from one state to the next, and it was related to hate crime and I asked for investigation. I also asked for my FOIA because the "hate crime" was also within the FBI offices and had spread out to other members of law enforcement.

The FBI is responsible for the torture of my family.

Instead of investigating hate crime, their own employees got involved and were participants in hate crime.

I guess after they first got involved with hate crime and needed a cover for what they had done and allowed, they decided to "cooperate" with programming for more abuse against me and my family.

From everything I'm reading about programming for military and government MK-Ultra style research and operations, they do some of the work at "secure" sites which are not just people coming from universities or colleges or housing you in their own house to torture and abuse you. They do some of their work at government facilities like prisons, military bases, psych wards, and other places.

Which might explain why the FBI in TN was immediately involved in wanting me shipped directly to a psych ward where I was then drugged and programmed. Oh, and used for research to be paraded around in front of over 30 scientists and doctors who observed the effects of acute overdose of Haldol on me.

I was deliberately humiliated and degraded in front of an entire room of people working for the government.

The FBI is looking and asking for a Grand Slam lawsuit.

They did not even examine me first at the hospital. The entire thing was set up ahead of time. Then they put me into a Knoxville U.S. facility where they did more illegal operative work against me and it had NOTHING to do with "jail". That was when I knew for sure the U.S. was involved, on a government level, in torturing and abusing and degrading my family.

But I know how it first started with me and it was hate crime, not research. It was all started when I was filing lawsuits so that's not "government research". That's hate crimes and enemies attempting to later use a cover of government research to their own advantage so they don't end up in prison with life terms.

And the FBI is responsible for dereliction of duties.

I submitted a preliminary report against Judge Gerald Warren, and I'm getitng additional information to add to the report and then I'm going back to the OIG and even though I filed one thing online and have not heard back from them, I'm putting out complaints to all of these organizations with the facts and dates.

Then I'm taking the FBI to Congressional Hearings.

First they sponsored and supported hate crime and then they tried to create convenient covers for themselves by working with the U.S. military and CIA to have me thrown into government facilities for further research and programming while they tortured my mom, dad, brother, and son on the side.

Now I'm being observed while on "visitation" with my parents, who are forced to perform while I'm here.

On my birthday, I got a screen going blank from a channel we had been watching to some memo about Channel 5 and this program is not allowed to be viewed...when no one touched the screen or remote or did anything and it wasn't even that channel I don't think.

They kidnapped my son after exposing us to torture from HATE CRIME and then they want to cover it up and call it research. The U.S. has illegally kidnapped my son and abused him and I have been brutally abused as well.

All this, with people laughing at me the entire time.

That's not research.

That's Hate Crime.

The first group I sue will be the FBI for failure to protect and for obstructing me and my son from justice and involving their own personnel in torturing and abusing my family.

My BLOOD and my son's BLOOD and the blood of my twins, is on FBI hands.

My parents are sick because of the FBI.

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Anonymous said...

FBI has nothing to do with your son. Your insanity is the reason you no longer have your son. And fortunately for him, he doesn't have to grow up with an insane mother. Hopefully he gets adopted by a loving family who can bring him up in a stable and loving home. You can't provide what he needs. You can't even take care of yourself. I hope you get psychiatric help. You need it.