Sunday, October 16, 2011

MaryAnne McIntosh and Jennifer McIntosh

I don't know if they're related yet, but if the AG who was in charge of my case, Mary Ann McIntosh, is related to Jennifer McIntosh, who married Captain Jones with the Wenatchee police department, there is a conflict of interest the AG would have been aware of all along.

Which is why I had asked for Change of Venue from the very beginning.

I had thought, when Mary Anne said she had a conflict when I talked to the AG for an hour while in the middle of not being paid the $1,000 the State owed me, I had thought that the conflict, in retrospect, was that she defends the State, she doesn't take complaints about them.

But it may have been that the conflict was that, if Jennifer McIntosh-Jones is her daughter and married to the Cpt. of police...the conflict could have been that I had privately met with Captain Jones on a number of occasions. I discussed several issues that were happening in Wenatchee when my son was with me.

It went to the point of even going to a videotape about one of the incidents. He was one of the Wenatchee officers that told me to leave the State.

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Anonymous said...

Everything fits so neatly in your delusions. Maybe if you would get off the computer long enough to see a psychiatrist, you could actually get something done that will be helpful to you.