Friday, October 14, 2011

Military Technology & The Vatican's FBI

This morning early and today, the U.S. allowed those who hate my family to pursue military technology techniques against us overnight and in the early morning.

So far, the U.S. has refused to restrain and control their employees from deliberately causing harm to my family.

This is after repeated requests by my family members and with the FBI covering for them. The FBI is technically required, by oath of allegiance and duty, to protect American citizens from things like torture, but I guess if you have a military man at the top, like Mueller, he obeys whoever tells him to instruct all offices to ignore torture and hate crime committed against U.S. citizens.

Mueller was educated in Virginia. He served in the U.S. military as a Marine. He has contacts with Virginia CIA and U.S. military and he is the person acting as chief over the FBI.

It is within his authority to investigate or control the behavior of his agents.

So far, he has allowed his agents to run a hate crime spree and try to cover it up with "national security claims" and an argument for research. Torturing an entire family, obstructing their freedom of travel and all liberties, is not research or a special operation of national importance and interest.

And just because I may pass off a Baptist as being Catholic for rude or degrading treatment or involvement with torture, doesn't mean we don't know who has wanted to control this.

The FBI proved, so far, that instead of acting with "integrity, loyalty, and bravery" they have acted in a way demonstrative of ill will, personal religious agenda and hate. They have not shown integrity. Instead, they have shown themselves to be willing to be corrupt for the highest bidder or religious request. They have not shown loyalty as they have gone against their oath of loyalty to the laws in place for protecting the most fundamental rights of citizens. They have not shown bravery but cowardice as those who are not involved have bowed to corrupt supervisors and refused to take Whistleblowers protection to expose them and the others have been afraid of my family being able to make a complaint against them or their friends. This is not bravery. It's cowardice.

The FBI has acted in such a cowardly way, they have allowed and encouraged their agents and military friends to torture us with technology and to our faces, and worked with mafias to pursue their own goals of putting us down and using us to make themselves money.

The FBI has been directly involved in defaming me and protecting corrupt agents who smeared me in their files and then refused to give me FOIA about my own name and person since 2004, when my life and the life of my son was at risk. Instead of giving me the discovery I repeatedly requested, for the benefit of protecting myself where the FBI was acting with corruption, treason, and cowardice, they blocked me from obtaining any records that would have helped me to protect myself from gross defamation to law enforcement "from Oregon to Washington".

It also would have allowed me to protect my son, a child.

The FBI is responsible for all damages that have occured to Oliver Garrett. It doesn't matter whether it was mafia, CIA, or military that used technology against us and tortured us or harassed me and blocked me from rights--they are the agency that I had gone to in order to access my records for the purpose of protecting my family.

The FBI has been responsible for torturing us because they are guilty of treason against a child who was only 1 year old. It's not the FBI's job to allow torture crimes, motivated by hate, against a child. Their job description is to protect citizens, not assault them.

Their self-protective motives have been why they have defamed me to even be sent to psych wards. Who has been "in on it"? The FBI and all the way to D.C. because you don't have someone on a radar like they put me and my family, and go after us with U.S. government money, and then claim "Oh. I didn't know."

They knew all the way back in 2002.

Which is about the time my mother and father were poisoned. My Dad has radiology reports to prove it, and my mother showed up with chromium poisoning sores which the U.S. military has prevented her from having diagnosed and treated.

My parents never once gave me any tips about someone or worked with my on my lawsuits. Not once. I never even knew they were psychic, but someone else did and that group was afraid my parents were going to help me against them.

The only thing my family ever said back then, in 2001 or 2002, after the article came out about me, was "Maybe see if you can get the paper to retract things or fix that."

All of a sudden, after they were forced to move and isolated, and then tortured, beat, and poisoned and intimidated by federal employees from saying anything, they said maybe get out of it. By 2003 they were begging me to quit my lawsuits and I now know it's because they were being tortured and had been poisoned.

They didn't tell me to quit because they didn't believe me. My parents knew exactly what kind of person I was and knew I'd been grossly defamed. They told me to quit because the U.S. was using corrupt government officials to threaten us.

And my parents have never communicated any of this to me, or anything about others either--I figured it out myself. I also figured out that it's because they are so gifted, that we have been tortured and targeted by religious interests who have tried to make special operations a cover for hate crime.

This is my personal opinion, but who runs the U.S. anymore?

It's not the so-called protestant majority of only about 50% or less really.

The U.S. intelligence agencies and military are run by Catholics and almost all of the people in the law enforcement fields and justice system fields are Catholic and Jewish. It's not a false claim--it's true.

So no matter what is happening on the ground, if members of a church all affiliate and run organized crime through their church connections and they all happen to be taking top seats in the Pentagon, CIA, and FBI, all the underlings feel they are protected.

Who's their cover?

Panetta. Mueller. Joe Biden. The Supreme Court. I wonder who is in charge of the NSA and the FCC. They've got Mossad working with them as well. They don't kick someone out because they're Mossad--they use them. It's not like "Oh! I never knew our son married into Mossad...that's a conflict of interest to our country"--or "Oh! I never knew our daughter takes all of her directions from Vatican interests and that's a conflict of interest.."

The Pope is not just head of the church--Catholic dogma states he is the head over governments. So if you're Catholic, it doesn't matter what the President of the U.S. says, or the President of Venezuella, or Mexico, or Colombia, or Italy says. According to the Catholic church, the allegiance is not to any government or President--it's to The Vatican. The Pope is President.

If you have a choice between following The Pope and Catholic jesuits who claim the Catholic church is supreme authority, and your government FBI supervisor, if you're a Catholic, you choose the Pope and your church.

The Catholic church puts their church and the Pope above the President. You can't take that OUT of dogma, which is supposedly "Infallible" if it's already there.

And when the U.S. intelligence agencies and law enforcement and courts, have more Catholics in position than any other loosely connected Protestant church, when the U.S. intelligence and military directors are 8-2 Catholic...

The odds are such that if you are NOT a member of their Church, and you even sued them or groups they work with for political reasons (like a section of Jews), they are going to use their people in the U.S. government agencies to commit hate crimes against you.

The U.S. is being run by Catholic Crusaders who have encouraged their own members to join and enter the FBI, CIA, NSA, and military, and they have even specifically solicited future recruits from Catholic private colleges.

Every single member of the U.S. Supreme Court is Catholic except for 2 Jews. If you look at the lower courts, the numbers are almost the same.

The Catholics want to rule the U.S. and they'll use religious arguments to get their way.

The U.S. looks now more like renaissance England under Catholic rule than America. We are not Catholic and look at what's happened to us because we're not members. What happened to Laura Ingraham? She was being tortured so she converted? Or she just realized her chances of getting a raise were better if she signed up?

Catholics are encouraged to have lots of children for the purpose of spreading their religion and Vatican interests around. They also are encouraged to tithe to the Vatican and Pope, making it the richest church in the world, with untold number of hidden assets that were successfully sheilded in all sex abuse cases against clergy.

Is it odd how many Catholics are in intelligence agencies and yet what has the FBI done to prosecute the Catholic church for organized crime against children?

Nothing. Why? Because if you look at who runs the FBI, it's the Catholic church.

How shocking that the FBI, required to protect citizens, by taking an oath, has never once thought, "Gee, this is a big problem and it's all going back to the Vatican and we have a case of conspiracy to commit and allow crimes against children."

Not ONE FBI lawyer has pursued a lawsuit on behalf of even their fellow pew-sitting members. Why? Because it didn't happen to THEIR kids and they really don't care what happened to yours. The Catholics that work in U.S. intelligence serve their own interests and have much better ties to the Vatican than David Schmidt does.

The FBI's allegiance has been to the Vatican, not to the U.S.

The Pentagon's focus and allegiance is now to the Vatican, not the U.S. Instead of doing reconnaissance on bigger enemies and working with officials on domestic problems, they put their hit list out when? When Panetta took the reigns and said "Kill them all" and marked all of the former CIA employees to be massacred after they "dared" bomb people at a Catholic church. He never cared if they killed fellow Muslims or Eastern Indians. He's not a "humanitarian." He did some favors for the Vatican and his "soul" by going after the Taliban and Al-Quaeda only after they bombed some Catholic people.

He went to India to secure deals for the same reason, not because he cares about Eastern Indians. He wanted to buy a piece of the pie at the UN. The woman in charge of all complaints to the UN regarding torture of civilians or government corrupt is Eastern Indian. She runs the show. What was the nationality of the man who shot off a letter to the UN, threatening to cut off their funding from the U.S. right after I asked for an inquiry? He was Italian.

Italian Catholic maybe? I wonder if he knows the same Panetta that took a trip to Eastern India to give them billion dollar deals right about the time I started blogging about how I might have to make a report to the UN.

How nice of Panetta to support India. I wonder how many billions in trade the deal was? Was it 22 billion?

How funny that after giving billion dollar deals in trade to India, knowing the UN head was Indian, the Italians shoot off a message threatening to cut off billions to the "poor nations."

And Panetta's not a mobster. Right.

It's kind of like the Catholic church, if it really hates a family, can use any U.S. government "sleeper spy" for the Catholic church, to pull strings for the Vatican. Is Panetta buying Hindis for the U.S. interests or because the Jews and Catholics both agree they need "a cover".

It's a pretty big cover.

6.2 billion in pounds. 62. Oh, that's European currency figures. $10 billion in U.S. currency.

What's a nice Eastern Indian director of the UN to do?

Don't count on the UN to help, because they got paid. And my entire family was then tortured for good measure.

Meanwhile, the pew sitting Catholics rally with Jews and a few non-christians or protestants too, to harass us while the people at the top screw over their own kids for money and don't want anyone to think about it.

Let's look at the Taliban instead.

Sure, let's not look at the FBI, let's look over here! Look at them run!

The FBI fights "child porn" rings here and there and yet has not once filed a lawsuit against the Catholic church for responsibility in harboring sex criminals and lying for them. What kind of Catholics are in the FBI? I wonder if they are even allowed to ask the question about what religion someone is before hiring them. Is it illegal for the FBI to ask what religion someone is before they hire them? How come they're doing all their special recruiting from private Catholic colleges?

I was given this answer: "The FBI asks many colleges to allow the special training programs and only the Catholic colleges consent and allow the FBI to do this."


So the FBI sends out requests, to all public colleges and private colleges, around the U.S., asking if they can provide a recruitment program there and it's only the Catholic universities that agree?

It's more like, the Vatican operated FBI selects which college they want, knowing what the religious affiliation of the recruits will be, and puts them into their shell corporation.

How many shell corporations is the FBI running these days?

I wonder if the FBI does any money laundering to or from the Vatican. Or maybe they just use "recruiting at Catholic colleges" as a cover for organized crime.

What's the difference between recruiting for Taliban at a Muslim mosque and recruiting for the FBI at Catholic colleges?



There is no difference.

By the way, who is laundering the money for the FBI?

When's the last time you ever got an investigative report from the media on any of this?

Aside from the outright money laundering and shell corporations, I wonder how much that 10% tithe of all Catholic and Episcopal FBI salaries adds up to, when it's all sent to the Vatican.

If a salary is $50,000, 10% is $5,000, and if it's $100,000 that's $10,000. I wonder how many FBI employee's tithe about $10,000 per year, aside from perks and bonuses that get exchanged.

That's just the required tithe, which one might expect to receive by recruiting from all Catholic colleges. Catholic tithe is not like Protestant tithe. It's not "10% as a rule of thumb or however much you might want to offer"--it's like sorority dues. You're required to pay it.

Sleeper spies for the Taliban in Mosques translates easily into sleeper spies for the Vatican and jesuits in the FBI. I wonder how many of the "Mormons" who have FBI positions, are converts from Roman Catholicism.


6.2 billion pounds must go a long way to silence and intimidate people from investigating torture.

It's funny, because this Fed Ex delivery guy came pulling up our driveway when my parents weren't home, full of glee, after this letter had been sent to the UN, after I asked for an inquiry and on the package he dropped off, he had written in bold black marker and then circled it:


It wasn't a number referring to a tracking number, or order, or receipt on the package or anything. It was just something that was added for no reason and written in large numbers and circled.

Which is only significant in the context of my seeing my parents get beat up and brutally tortured after I wrote my inquiry and then Panetta's man sent out an old-style Italian letter reminding the Eastern Indian head of the UN about "billions to the poor" and threatening to cut off aid.

Like, cut off aid, or just cancel trade deals?

Here's the Deal:

The Garretts and their family and Oliver Garrett are going to be tortured by our U.S. government-employed Jesuits and Jews who provided you with billions, or your people will suffer. Don't forget it. And yeah, don't forget the 6.2 bn. pounds was sounding like a good deal to the UK interests who wanted to bribe nations too.

The next time I went to the UN site, they featured a photo of the Eastern Indian woman who is head, next to a photo of "Palais Wilson".


Some people think I know only one language but no, I'm fluent in "international".

The torture and obstruction of justice by the FBI must stop now. They are required by law to protect citizens, not assault them and defame them so they can take the money from other agencies and organizations,and wash it.

The FBI itself is turning into one of the greatest "shell corporations" this country has known. Which group would you think they are a shell corporation for?

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