Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mother Tortured Today, Again

I got online and someone starts burning me with technology. Before that, it was definitely U.S. military because my legs started twitching when I was lying down, just one section of my body and there is no possible neighbor that can target the feet, legs, and waist and use technology to warm just the calves and not the other section of the legs, and cause twitching except through satellite technology.

It is not otherwise possible, period.

And I remembered what was wrong with Julie, the only Protestant person in the entire legal case or deal with my son. Her husband is military. She was my lawyer for about a month and I quit her services when her husband was driving me around to get statements, which was great, but then he stole my memory card to my camera that showed I had good visits with my son. And they were 7th day adventist (supposedly) and he is military. So I guess he did it for his country. All the other lawyers and case workers I've had have been Catholic and Jewish. Every single one of them. 8 out of 10 were Catholic and then there were a couple of others.

And someone wants me to think this isn't hate crime.

Well it is. The shocking thing is that no one in the country is rallying to help my family. What is WRONG with you people?

My mother just came home after being "at work" and her eyes were more purple and black than I've ever seen them until today, and they were totally glassy too. She had been recently tortured.

What's odd, is that I had some impression of someone telling my mother, or telling someone else, "She is being tortured. She has __________" and describing evidence of torture to my Mom. If someone is looking into it, you need to check out my Dad, me, my son. As for me, right now, you can't look at me and tell.

My mother doesn't do drugs and her eyes looked totally glassy and glazed over from shock. The inside skin of her eyes was almost opaque black. It's almost completely black in the corners of my mother's eyes.

They're torturing my family and I realized it's not just military and CIA. Military and CIA are the only programs that would use my parents in this manner. No other agency would. FBI would torture and threaten to keep my parents from telling or leaving and to protect their own interests and against prosecution for hate crimes. It's mafia too. Like I said, the government works with the mafia when it wants to, to accomplish things they don't want to have to deal with. But they still will work side by side. The religious hate crime stuff, is being carried out by mafia and FBI working hand-in-hand.

Which is kinda funny, cause I think that's the kind of work Raul Bujanda and Armando Garza did. You know, the 2 FBI agents I reported out of Oregon, who told me they worked with the Mexican mafia and then I later found out they were working in Coos County area, next to my parents.

So let's see...

FBI that asks me out on dates and says they want me to meet the boss for work with the FBI, these guys, with their Catholic church and mafia connections, are working in the same county that my parents were told to move to. Not only that, they approached me and were where I was, when I was in the midde of litigation against the Catholic church with John Kaempf, Whittemore, and the law firm.

I had told the FBI I thought there was a connection between my litigation and my being approached by these Catholic FBI men (one who, how cute, has a card of a burning heart on it in his car).

What does the FBI do? They let my entire family be tortured and join in on it.

Oh sure, it's not hate crime. Let's see, move here, where the people who know your daughter's rapist live, and then we're going to show you how our members of the Catholic church like to unite in carrying out hate crimes against an entire family, under the name of the U.S. government. And, since you're already dealing with military people, we know some people who are higher up than YOUR people and we're going to get OUR guys to tell everyone what to do.

The police and Catholic Judge from Wenatchee literally blocked me, illegally, from going to Coquille to even see how my parents were doing, and when the police yelled at me over an incident with my mother in Portland, they later tried to hold it against my mom instead of being on her side. Which is probably why my mother cries whenever she gets pulled over by police, because they've tried to intimidate, threaten, and harass her for years.

Mafias can be all of one religion or race or they can work together. And if they want to work together against you and use their government connections they will. I'm sure there are some people who are way better than some of the government research scientists out there--I have no doubt in my mind about that.

But the fact remains, my family has been held hostage since about...2004 for me. I would say things were working against me in 1997 from one group, and then it went downhill fast after my lawsuits were still going but I met the FBI men.

After the FBI in Portland, Oregon treated me the way they did, and I was defamed by the newspaper, actually, that was when it really got bad for me. In 2002 a couple of religious groups banded together against my family. Jews wanted to punish me for asking the Rabbi and his wife to pay my taxes, and then for reporting a rape that had occured in 1998, and Catholics were riled up about the church thing because a lot of people lied to them and said I had done many things I had not done.

Christa Schneider was working with the Kaempf-Whittemore group and SHE was the one telling me to NOT report the rape. She strenuously urged me to never report the rape to the police. I said, "Why not?! I was a virgin and so messed up after it I thought I had to pretend and act like his wife!" She kept telling me not to report the rape.

So, given the fact her Dad had been a prosecuting attorney for Portland FBI and police, who had been on the Department of Justice payroll, why would she tell a victim of rape, whom she knew well, not to report a rape she knew I would never lie about?

Was it because she knew who he was connected to?

The article from the newspaper had not even been written yet. It was 2002, I had filed my lawsuits against all odds and the vandalisms stopped the minute I did. I no longer had a problem with vandalism and property theft. It was like I had put something into the court record, and finally protected myself.

So why shouldn't I protect myself further by finally getting around to reporting a rape I should have reported when it occured? I was feeling stronger and more confident about not being a victim anymore. I had taken a stand and tried to help other victims (even other victims of the Catholic church who were sexually molested as kids or adults), and why shouldn't I do what was right? I thought it was so anti-feminist for my "feminist, Simone d'Beavoire" loving friend to tell me not to file for an investigation for rape.

I told her and no one else. My Catholic friend whose family had "converted" to evangelical protestantism, but not really, as it turned out later. Christa's excuse was to say her friend Lindsay O'Neill had been raped but she never reported it and women are date-raped all the time and it's better to not say anything.

Detective Gross agreed, apparently. Apparently, a lot of men (and women) agree that rape is A-Okay. Rape is fine, sexual abuse by FBI under pretense of offering work is's all okay. And women like Christa tell other women like me to not report it.

I think the real reason was not that she thought it wouldn't go well. I think the real reason was that she already knew who this man was and who he knew and who he worked for.

In 1997, I believe, my Dad worked for Stan Wiley as a realtor and my Mom worked with Barb Greenman with Prudential. My Dad was a member of the "Million Dollar Club" at that time, for sales exceeding millions. I moved from living in St. John's in my own house that I owned, while working for UK connected Rabbi Emmanuel and Lorraine Rose. I said I was going to college. Lorraine looked alarmed. "You can't go to college." I said I was selling my house to go and said, "I'm going" and Lorraine said I couldn't go to college because she needed me to be available around-the-clock, at all times.

I think Lorraine Rose just knew something about me and my family and didn't want Cameo Garrett to get a University education. I mean, I work for Lorraine and she slips Carmen Wilson into our family as a safety. She was always trying to make me less than what I was. She really tried to persuade me to not go to college and then her son Josh was around from college, snooping. Tanya was their daughter in California who was a lawyer. She hated me. She hated me before there was even a good reason to dislike me at all. I was liked by everyone, bent over backwards for their family and my employers, and I didn't party and I was a virgin. Maybe the virgin thing got to her.

What's kind of interesting is that Joshua Gatov, the guy that raped me when I went to college, the Jewish one, had a Russian Jewish background and it sort of reminds me of Lorraine's favorite painting in her house, of a bunch of Russian eggs that stack dolls inside and the saying at the bottom was: "Inside We Are Jews".

I guess if you don't wash windows for the Jews, they rape you. Then they call on the Crusaders to take all the blame.

Dumb me. Staring at this painting. And then going downstairs and seeing this other saying near Rabbi Rose's desk that said, "One man can make a difference! and every man should try." I liked it. I thought, "Yeah, that's good, right there."

So instead of being a maid my entire life, like the Rose's wanted, I figured I had done my time in the course of humility by serving as a nanny so long and then a personal assistant, and I was going to go to college. It was just community college, but it was my start and I told her I was going to study English Literature.

Within a few months of leaving their employ to go to college, I noticed a lot of rude students in my classes. Always staring at me and I didn't know why. I was nice to everyone.

Then I was raped by Josh Gatov, Russian-Jewish poster boy for the community, who announced to me he'd like to know what my DAD thought of what he had done. I was so shocked that he even said this after he raped me and thought, "Why would being Jewish or not matter in rape and why did he say this?"

It was like he thought he was getting a personal revenge for ? because I told Lorraine Rose I didn't do windows?

My supervisor was Nora Krevans. Another Russian Jew but I didn't think she would be connected to the Rose family or Gatov at all, even though she strictly avoided me after it happened, like she already knew. How would she know? I didn't tell anyone right away. I guess, protestant pastors, but that was it. And then my speech teacher was Larry Galizio, who was Italian Jewish and interestingly, the guy that wanted to date me there was also Jewish. His name was Allan.

He flew planes. I believe I was still a virgin when I met Allan and several of the guys tried to seduce and date me and it never worked. I went out with him in a 4 seater though, or 6 seater. I felt like Allan maybe wanted more of a conquest with me than a romance so I only dated him once. His former girlfriend ended up marrying a man in England, where they live now--I respected her for her brains.

So anyway, what's the big deal about reporting a rape?

How would the Department of Justice guy, or FBI, or Catholic church be involved in any way?

I invited the supervisor of Josh Gatov and I to go with me to Mt. Angel Abbey's Christmas concert. She met Br. Ansgar Santogrossi. It was after the rape because I didn't even go to the Abbey or know about their library until after. But they met.

And then Christa wanted to be my friend and I think I just realized today, that while it has taken me years to come to terms with the idea she was spying on me for the Abbey lawyers, I think she got paid to do it too. I was going to college and studying religion at the library as well, on my own, with a very sincere interest. She showed up at my church and befriended me. She was the one commissioned to take me out anytime she could if there was a deadline for a hearing approaching. At the end, when she thought her job was done, I saw the look on her face, when she thought I wouldn't notice and I have never forgotten. She didn't like me at all. The entire time, she had been spying on me. She brought out people to see me off after she'd done her best to screw me over and did things like leaving me when I was drunk, when she was supposed to be there, and then I was in dangerous situations. She didn't at first...she was like the reliable friend, and then after a couple of years, when things began to wind down, she felt more comfortable leaving me in the lurch.

And I am sure Carole Middleton knows who Jonathan is. I have my reasons, because I checked out a few things in hindsight.

So after Christa had her time with me and tried to keep me from reporting rape, to protect ? she told me she was leaving for New York City. With money. New money supposedly.

Which is kind of weird, because my mother sold her horse, "Lexie" (like, for Alexandra), to Christa's "spiritual mentor" when my parents were told to move to Coquille, Oregon in 2002. You know, the "hostile takeover" days and everything. My Mom always had a horse. She rode dressage and my entire life, we've had at least 1 or 2 horses. My mother was forced to sell her horse and I later found out, they knew my Mom.

So it really wasn't like they didn't know who I was when they started going to my church. They knew who I was. It was Christa who pointed out to me later, that my mother had sold her horse to her own spiritual mentor she'd known for years.

I met Christa's sister, who was from Texas. She went to Baylor in Texas, and married someone over there. Her name is Dani. Pronounced like "Danny". I remember when I first met Danielle Schneider and how she smirked at me with others and it was so clear she hated me. I thought "What in the world." And it crossed my mind, about how Christa was getting close to me when her family was all baptised Catholic, but I laughed so much with Christa, I really thought we had a friendship. Too many things happened though, for me to not put a check in the back of my mind. On another occasion, I was being distracted from the hearings, and Christa wanted to watch "Love Actually". I left in the middle of it.

After I reported the rape and was defamed by a newspaper that had Catholic and Jewish interests, and after I was then approached by the FBI guys after I talked to Christa about what I thought I wanted to do for a career, I was going to move to Washington state and Christa was already making plans for NYC. She said she was getting the money as an early inheritance or dowry since she told her Mom and Dad she wasn't getting married.

What she told me, was that she was getting money saved for her wedding, but she was going to use it to move to NYC and get into publishing and teaching. I bought the whole thing. Hook, line, and sinker. Now I think it's possible she got a big pay-off for spying on me for over 2 years. I remember I bought season tickets to theatre in Portland, Oregon, and invited her to go with me. I tried to do as many nice things with her as I could. I paid for the tickets and half the time I paid for her drinks. I never left her in the lurch.

What I don't understand, is why the FBI wanted nothing to do with me after this, when my entire family was jeopardized and unsafe and then later, tortured with military technology.

I made my report but left it at that and wasn't really making contact again until I noticed how much I was being harassed by law enforcement, and all the way over to Washington state. It was bad enough, I had to notice. So then I sent some emails and tried to get FOIA but I was being antagonized. Then, someone died in Wenatchee after my son was born and I sent an email stating Bujanda should grow a beard and hide because whoever went after this one man, maybe thinking it was the father of my son or interested person, would probably go after him.

The FBI rejected any and all complaints from me, even though we were in danger. But maybe part of the danger has BEEN FBI. I mean, what do all these DOJ and FBI people want to be around me for anyway? and then they leave me and my child to be literally tortured and laugh me off?

In all of this, with the most incredible opposition and corruption, and with seeing no shred or evidence of hope, at all, having become almost numb to what is being done, I had a brief flash back to common sense and snapped out of it, out of the delirium of disbelief and shock.

When your own country lets your entire family down like this, for years, to the point of torture, it becomes like a twilight zone where nothing seems real anymore. And it got all the way to impossible and I see my parents coming in with evidence of torture and I'm still tortured but at least 2 or 3 times today, I snapped out of it.

I wasn't mad, saying, "This has to stop!" or crying and realizing things. I just snapped to my senses and thought, "They can't do this."

It is illegal to take a child from a mother that the government knows has been tortured.

It's not my problem. It's their problem.

They've been doing this for so long, and such incredible gross crimes even, that I was alternating between anger and sadness and shock but feeling like, "I can't believe it. My own parents have proof on their faces and no one is helping them?" No, they broke their hands instead of helping them.

It is the most unbelievable, shocking story and it's true. We stand here feeling helpless and I see what is done by organizations that are under government sponsorship, and I see evidence disappearing from records, and we all feel the torture and have things happening and I'm the only one talking about it...but for a few moments, a couple of times today I just thought,

"Part of their point, is to have us think it's impossible. They want us to forget and give up. They don't want us to remember what our rights are anymore." They didn't drop torture on me, at least, overnight. It was a very slow progression. It wasn't like one minute we are fine and the next minute, wham, the U.S. military is whacking us. Or, the FBI is hiring spies to take us out and distract us from litigation or pursuing our dreams and then beating us. It was a slow progression of them testing to see how much they could do, and how far they could take things. Once they made a few tests, they set out other framework. I don't think the entire thing was a strategy from start to finish. I don't think someone sat down and said, "This is the blueprint and how we're going to map it out from start to finish, and it starts here, and they end up here..." I think there was definitely some of that going on, but it took a lot more money than careful planning. My feeling is that investments were made and because the task was so incredibly difficult, no amount of money was spared. It wasn't a poor man's game. It was a very rich group's game on a good family name.

So no, I don't accept this is how it is. I don't care if my parents come home looking beat up and with evidence to prove it; I don't care that local police are involved; I don't care that my mother's coworkers and friends try to poison her; I don't care that they bring people into town to make everything look big; I don't care how many people they buy off; I don't care how many people choose to sell out; I don't care that we are tortured and can't prove it with documentation of what kind of military technology it is...I don't care that people have tried to freeze off all our assets and income; I don't care they lied about me and tried to put me in a nuthouse and wrongly medicated me; I don't care they are trying to break my family and make my own parents look nutty "just in case"...I really don't care.

Because it doesn't matter what the slippery slope is or has been, hate crime is hate crime. So I really don't care if the Koch firm and Wasson were in on corruption and protecting the state and those who have not cared if a child suffers. They are in it for the money and they've been paid. You don't think Hollywood, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and the "quiet rich" in New York and on the East Coast have money to spare? or that Billy Grahams' business is completely infiltrated with non-christians? or that drug money spent for habits of Judges even on the Supreme Court and big offices of government has anything to do with this?

They feared my family because my parents are great looking, incredibly gifted and talented, and psychic.

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