Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Torture with Technology & Mossad

Someone has been using technology to torture again tonight, and started it up sometime while I was writing my last post.

I'm wondering if we still have free speech in the U.S., or if the hate crime crew gets a go-ahead whenever they want.

I know it involves U.S. government and I know that the crimes are hate crimes and covered up with other excuses.

I told my parents they should sue. They have the best odds of winning a major lawsuit, but I suppose I do as well, on grounds of hate crime.

It is illegal to torture and assault in the U.S., and especially illegal to use military or FBI operations as a cover for the hate crime.

It's also illegal to kidnap children from parents and force others to work for the CIA and military, under threat of imprisonment, torture, intimidation, beatings, and the like. These things fall under the category of hate crime.

Hate speech, different from hate crime, is not a topic in the U.S. We have free speech. If hate speech is true hate speech, it is intended to incite violence against others. It is not hate speech if one is defending oneself and their family from hate crimes of torture and assault and starts to figure out where some of it is coming from. If someone is tortured and asaulted by a large group of Catholic persons, for example, and it includes law enforcement, and they say, "It is mainly Catholics", that is not hate speech. That's identifying who is to blame for allowing or committing several crimes against an entire family. It identifies those involved as possibly having a motive for religious hate crime. If someone just starts writing false things, knowingly, and with the intent to cause harm but not as an accidental of defending one's own immediate safety, that can be classified as a hate speech matter, but in the U.S., they don't have such a thing. It's all freedom of speech unless you can tie in hate speech with any kind of hate crime, because then the speech helps to define the crime as hate motivated.
Read tonight about torture techniques of Mossad. Some of the history. And a Slate article came up, about torture tactics but it doesn't even cover the basics. It's like "clean torture lite". They left out everything about use of technology to harm people...I guess it's all supposed to be top secret still. Then I saw Hitchens had an article next to it, about Answar and I read it, but I'm not sure what he's trying to say. It's sort of like he's trying to make points other than what the main point is, or was, about rights in the U.S.

It's true that anyone should be afforded their rights in the U.S. He hasn't met my family, that's for sure. If he had, he would meet people who are forced to email and write things that are not even their own thoughts or style, and he'd find people who have been beaten and tortured for years now. Yeah. He'd find people others have tried to kill and hoped to make it look natural, like, in about 2002 or so. I used to think, wow, Hitchens tried waterboarding. He doesn't know the first thing about me or my family even if he has ever imagined he does or would try to imagine he did. He doesn't have to go to a military fort or VA for a session in torture. All he would have had to do is trail me and my son for 5 years, and my parents longer than that. Most people have very little concept of what is happening, and even the most educated I think, or connected, would not hardly believe some of the things happening to us. We "haw haw" when we're told to "haw haw" or we get tortured by persons from more than one country. It's great. Yeah, we "haw haw" even while we're being forced to watch eachother being tortured on an every day basis, and mocked besides, and beat, slashed, acid burned, raped, and forced to work because we are "special" but must be made ugly or to sound ugly so we don't look too special in our own right. Or even normal.

You want to see torture? beat a path through the Red Cross to Coquille if you dare.

Mossad. It's like they love everyone named Carole.

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