Thursday, October 20, 2011

Told to "Take Down" Posts--FBI doesn't think I'm mentally ill

So I guess they don't believe I'm mentally ill because these "friends" and others want me to take down my posts about them. I'd like to see them take down their defamation of me then, and return my son immediately.

I've been told to take down the posts so the FBI can nurse their wounds in private (and continue to commit crimes against citizens I guess). I guess they don't like what I've been writing about them. So I am being told to take down the posts about the people from this area or take a bus ticket to Roseburg or somewhere in the "Continental U.S."

I don't think my parents are able to sell anything or liquidate assets. I think they are stuck here. And I can't leave them right now because things would only get worse.

I started to just cry and cry tonight, about Ghadaffi. I think that's what it's about, but just that all these people are going to prison or beat up or killed who are not the worst people.

I said, "They're killing off everyone who knows who killed Princess Diana."

I cried about Osama bin ladin and I cried about Ghadaffi. I also felt sick to my stomach seeing Mubarek brought into court on a stretcher because I think he's being tortured in prison.

I don't know why but I sense they are not the worst people. I couldn't help it--just cried and cried and cried and I don't even know for sure why I care. I said I thought God cared about them.

My parents said, "You don't even know anything about them! And you cry about GHADAFFI and OSAMA BIN LADIN???!!!! but you want to have harm come to the U.S. catholic FBI?" (something like that)

And I said, "I never said I wanted any of the catholic FBI tortured." and then my Mom said, "you did, on your blog and I said, yeah, maybe as a reaction to being tortured to years of this and then thinking, if it changes their minds, when I was upset and tortured, I might have said this."

I also said, "I KNOW who has been torturing my family and me and my son. And it's NOT Ghadaffi and Osama. It's the FBI and U.S. agencies."

I just looked him up and I guess Ghadafi publicly stated he had some ideas about who killed Princess Diana but maybe he was about to reveal more for some reason.

I started to take down posts but I'm going to put them back up maybe for tonight. I was told they have to be down by tomorrow morning.

The thing is, I know I'm not defaming anyone. I said, "Will it make us safer if I leave her and go to Roseburg? Because I would rather not have housing and have someone take me seriously, and see I'm willing to give up housing, than to have this torture continue against us." I said, "I don't know which is better because if I leave here and don't have anywhere to live and no money, maybe someone will know I am not making this up and I'm willing to give up housing over it, but on the other hand, they might say that so what, I left and some people might still try to say I am mentally ill and then I have no place to live and no housing or money."

I said, "If I stay here and take the posts down, it's like it's not as serious as it is, but if you think you'll be safer and have no other option, then I guess I would do that for the short-term."

But I don't know which way is the best way to prove I am NOT lying, I am not mentally ill, and we are literally being tortured and harmed by people here and it's happened other places too. I filed a criminal report against Patty Otterbach and I would never do that without strong evidence.

They were saying it's defamation and then I said, "Okay, tell me this...are you still saying there is no technology or use of technology to harm at this house and that you've never been abused?" and they said, "Yes, nothing is happening to us." And I said, "Then I know you're not telling the truth if you say no one is harming you or using technology because I've walked into this house and felt it myself and so have you." (not to mention they have had evidence of this on their bodies and they're not even allowed to let me take family photos)

My mom said, "Either we're telling you the truth Cameo or your whole life has been a lie." I said, "Well if I have to choose between what is happening right now to all of us and believe it's not happening, or believe my whole life has been a lie, then I guess my whole life has been a lie." My mom said she remembers plenty of good times and of course I do as well, and that doesn't mean that something didn't happen to my parents and I never knew, or to me when I was very young, and even if I was tortured only in the last decade or so, most severely in the last 5 years, I would have to take my whole life is a lie over accepting our being tortured any longer.

I said, "And I'm defaming anyone. That's what they've done to me. Why do you keep saying this? It's like Bill Reilly wants to use his show as a podium to preach to our family...I saw his program with the "anti-defamation league" after I took down my posts and I haven't defamed anyone--why does he even care about our family unless it's more like he's part of wanting to cover for people HE knows.."

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