Monday, October 31, 2011

Uncle Howard Opening Eyes & Obama

My Dad got back and I guess all he was able to do was open his eyes, but he did this a few times. For about 5 or so minutes at one point.

I was right about getting an idea that he wasn't in a coma but doped up on medications because that's the entire reason, I found out, he was "out" and whenever they lowered his medications, he was opening his eyes and more alert.

I hope Obama Barak believes me, now, that I really did see his femur the way I said I saw it. There is no way anyone in any government or military anticipated my prayer and then had something set up on a video that showed Obama's body and then had a vision going through the skin, then through muscle and tissue, to the living bone of a living being and showed me there was a problem there. I am not a govt. trained person either and all I did was pray for something from God that would convince someone my son was to be returned to me. And that's what I got.

I want my son back.

With my Uncle, I wasn't sure about everything going on with him but one thing I had "seen" was his eyes opening. And they were saying he was in a coma. And then I felt no, he's not in a coma, he's in a drug induced sedation and not responding right now because he's doped up.

I asked if they found any swelling of his brain or anything else and my Dad said not that he was aware of, but I still wonder. I know one radiologist's report can be completely different from the interpretation of another radiologist. I had all kinds of tests done on my miscarriage and with a broken knee, and the doctors told me nothing was wrong, and THEY, the "experts" were wrong. In some instances, they were hiding things from me. I had to keep looking and get the next doctor who finally confirmed yes, that I was right and the other ones were incorrect.

1. With my broken knee, they hid an X-ray from me and said I had just pulled muscles when I had actually broken off a piece of femur that showed up on the X-ray they hid from me, and had damage under the patella. I later had an MRI that proved there was new damage but the first radiologist who interpreted the MRI hid this and said there were no new changes when any other doctor could read the report and know it wasn't true.

2. With my childbirth, they lied and said it was natural and spontaneous and it wasn't. It was an extremely traumatic and invasive and abnormal delivery for both me and my son and I later got records to prove it and was tortured before I could put the evidence into court--I was later blocked by public defenders from adding this evidence and proof to the public record.

3. With my miscarriage, they kept saying it was completed and I couldn't feel any pain and nothing was going on and I knew this wasn't true. The radiology reports showed something was wrong too, but the first person interpreting wasn't being honest. I had a prolonged continued labor, literally, labor with contractions, for over 6 months until someone at another hospital finally got the radiology report right and correct and said it was not completed and I needed a surgery because the natural course had not gone as it should have. And I was lied to at first, at another hospital, about having a twin. No one wanted me to know and I later found out.

So when people say "leave it to the experts" I think it's not a good idea. From my experience, if I had not been proactive myself and done my own investigations and known my body and known that something odd and political was going on, I would not be a healthy person today at all. I'd probably be crippled.

All that to say, I would have to see my Uncle's reports with my own eyes, and see the actual scans (the photos, not the reports) before I would believe anything fully.

I think probably my Uncle Howard was tortured with technology. I didn't get to hear how or what time he collapsed in Bonner's Ferry.
I gave my gave my Dad my milk thistle tincture tonight with the sylibicyian extracted naturally (this process is how you draw it out). It's really mine but he's free to try it, and it's one of the best things they have out there in research right now, for men's health and prostate. He doesn't have problems, but it's still really good.

My batch looks really good, and it worked out great but I realized I made way too little. I tried it myself, a very small taste, days ago, and it was okay. It's been over a month and then I just put it away to give to my Dad, after I had a tiny sip about a week ago or less.

I need to make more so I think I have to buy some Everclear and make a much bigger amount.

Since it's an herb, it's not practicing medicine at all, but they are using the same thing in expensive pharmaceutical applications right now.

I saw some photos from a long time ago, in 2008, of a chair with french blue and cream design, and last night I saw the same thing but it was white with gold design over it. It was last night or the night before. I thought it was a wall maybe or a bedspread but it was white or cream and had large sort of stencil-brocade like patches in gold over it and then I saw a photo of a chair today that had almost the same design, but the colors were different. The only part that was weird is that I wondered who's house it was in, and why this particular design and then I saw a chair with the same thing today, in baby blue-french blue with cream design over it. I clicked through photos of my family and saw one of my son and then forward past the recent photos and my Dad asked me to hand it over so I did and it was just then on a photo of strands of wheat in front of a large rock formation. It looked strands of wheat but maybe it was something else, but I looked it was while looking at photos of Northrup Canyon and then it was this one and I gave it back when I was on that one.

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