Monday, October 3, 2011

Deletion of UN Email Contact With Ingrid

I just checked my email records and someone deleted my United Nations contact. I am going to look again, but from what I can tell, they deleted a response I got from the UN in regard to my inquiry about reporting torture and black sites, and it was made on the 3rd or so of last month.

Someone left a general response that was sent later, after I emailed again.

The U.S. threatened the UN with the 22 billion dollar cut off on September 6, 2011.

I made my inquiry report on September 3, 2011 and received a response from a woman who signed her own name.

Then I wrote again, on the 6th, and the response from the UN on that date is still there.

But it appears someone from the U.S. wanted to delete the record showing I had written to the UN earlier, and reported my family was being forced to work for the United States and we were all being tortured.

The woman who replied had a name that sounded Eastern European or German. I thought, Russian or German. Her first name was Ingrid and her last name sounded more Eastern European.

It's missing from all my email contacts.

I sent it on the 3rd or 4th of September but I believe it was the 3rd.

I got her personal response, with her name attached.

Then, after she responded to me, I wrote again, and sent an email not addressed to her specifically but to the general mailbox where I first sent my email and I got a general response, with no name attached at all, on September 6, 2011.

Which pretty much proves the United States attempted to bribe the entire UN with a threat on the 6th after I asked them to conduct an inquiry into torture of my family on the 3rd.

And then they went in and deleted my email correspondence with her.

Since then, my parents have been forced to go to Roseburg and have a scar removed from my mother's face that was evidence, and the FBI has been involved in beating up my parents along with others and came up with a sudden set of "passports" to try to fend off my claim that my parents are being held hostage and tortured, along with me, my brother, my son, and possibly others.

The United States is apparently so worried about my report of literal torture and hate crimes against my family, and the fact that the U.S. is forcing us to work for them and blocking our flow of money, that they had a man threaten the UN with 22 billion dollar threat, deleted my email correspondence from the 3rd or 4th wherein a woman from the UN personally responded, and want to make it look like they are not obstructing justice and trying to bribe people and cover crime.

It was the 3rd that I sent the first email of inquiry. And then as I was writing this, another one of my emails disappeared from my records.

After I made my report, the FBI beat my parents up and issued fake passports. I saw them and they are not, I guess "fake" but they have fake dates on them. They were issued in the last week or so to cover up what is going on.

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