Monday, October 3, 2011

Police and Military Use Parent's Property

Apparently, the Coquille police department, U.S. military, or Catholic church thinks it owns my parent's trailer park.

I noticed when I went in a few times, that the guy at the front of it is military and his "out-of-town girlfriend" who was there with an entire military squad and U.S. government cars, told me she was "U.S. Army". Her plate number is 605 DET, red jeep. She was there when I went over to find out what was happening to my Dad because he'd come home with something wrong with his knees. The next day I went out and all it was, was U.S. government vehicles, U.S. military, and a couple of Red Cross vans. And that's when I discovered there was no "roof" that could cause this to happen to my Dad.

My parents own a trailer park which is actually a pretty property, and it's quiet, wooded, has a stream you can hear on one end, and goes pretty far back. It's very private and you have to pass by this U.S. military guy at the front of it, to drive in.

All of a sudden, I notice almost every single person living there is Catholic, indicated by things like crucifixes hanging from the mirrors or big icons of Mary on the backs of the car. I know my parents wouldn't discriminate on account of anyone's religion, but I have this feeling some of these people moved in and are getting a pretty good deal. Like, "free" is a pretty good deal.

While they're there, they target my Dad to torture and assault him on his own property. I have seen it with my own eyes.

And this might be why this morning, my Dad said I wasn't allowed to go into the trailer park anymore or the residents have "been instructed to call police."

That's not what my Dad would say or do.

I told my Mom, "Dad wouldn't do that. Dad would ask me first if I had done anything and check my side of the story, so now I know the police and those residents are controlling that park and telling you and Dad what to do with your own property."

My Dad would NEVER call up one day and tell my Mom to tell me, "If you go back they'll call police." My Dad would listen to one side and then he'd go home and ask me about it and hear my side, and then talk.

What happened, is that I wrote my post about Kathy Hathaway this morning, and the Sheriff's department, and all of a sudden my Dad is being forced to call from the shop and tell us I can't go to the trailer park without being arrested.

So I said, "Dad would never say that. First the FBI gives you guys fraudulent passports, and then I'm told to not go to the park where Dad's been assaulted, or to check on him?"

I witnessed who was there when my Dad's back was being targeted with laser and covered all the way across with red marks. It was his tenant and also appeared to be his coworker.

They didn't know I was watching from the above road, and I saw my Dad flinching from some kind of blow to the back, repeatedly, and then he got home that day, and his entire back was COVERED in red laser type marks, over 100 of them. There was a woman who has a boyfriend on one side of him and then his coworker Bob on the other side. No one else was there. And it was a force that was coming from straight across, not, apparently, from the sky. The marks on his back were also consistent with someone aiming directly at his back, from a standing position, not from above.

I have the plate number for the woman written down but I'll have to find it. The last part is "EGG" and then there are 3 numbers before it but I have it written down.

The other things I've witnessed are use of military technology on my Dad that caused the ink in my pens to burst and affects the heart.

Sometimes, I've found my Dad is not even there, and it appears someone in the U.S. government is torturing my parents, out of hate like I said, and then covering it up through other auspices and excuses.

The woman and the boyfriend on the other side of my Dad are U.S. government.

They are using other locations to torture my Dad. One is my Dad's shop. It has almost no windows and you drive in and it's private and I have strong reason to believe some of the things have happened there when he's not "working at the park".

So now, after I started blogging about some of the people here, someone wanted to do worse to my Dad and keep me from knowing about it or discovering more, and my Dad was forced to tell me I can't go back into the park without one of the free-loading torturing residents calling the torturing and corrupt police.

The residents in that park have tortured my Dad from one end of the part to the other. I witnessed them doing something to my Dad's back when he was trying to work on one trailer and then when he was at a different end, they had the military technology going and once, someone had just spilled gasoline all over my Dad's truck. Like, half of a huge can of gasoline. My Dad said it spilled on the way over driving, but that's not true. My Dad wouldn't leave a lid open and let it spill and it was too conspicious. Someone else had done it on purpose.

When I saw someone doing something to my Dad's back I mainly saw that it occured when his back was to the woman's house. I wasn't sure if it was maybe happening to the other side though too. I later went over there and knocked after she had approached me on her own. She came out of her place and asked me if I was buying. I said no. Then I noticed she was a suspect for torturing my Dad when she thought no one was looking. So the next time I was there I knocked on the door and instead of her answering, it was her boyfriend, some military guy. His eyes were sort of darkened but I thought, "It's been about a couple of days and I blogged about my Dad's back and noticing him jerk with the impact so they are maybe covering for themselves."

It was my Dad, this woman who had come out onto the porch to talk to me of her own volition, and my Dad's hired help there. No one else.

So guess why I'm not supposed to go back? because one of the tenants complained that I knocked on the door. Her. A week after what she did or more, and right as I am writing about Kathy Hathaway and others and what they're doing to my parents and how the U.S. military and FBI is using a technical excuse to cover up for hate crimes.

Is it "research" to cover my Dad's entire upper back with laser marks while he tries to work on his own property? Or is it hate crime. I saw my Dad jerk, his back contort, when he had his back to her place and she was home. Her boyfriend could have been home too, but I didn't see him and only saw her that day. And then his hired help was there on the other side. First I see my Dad's back jerking and reacting to something and then the next thing I know, I find it's covered in red marks. And now THIS woman is wanting to keep me off of my own parent's property. I already got her plate number.

The police here are corrupt.

If they weren't corrupt, they wouldn't be beating up my Dad for their friends who are here to torture and use my parents, and steal from them.

It looks like almost everyone there is Catholic. I mean, see for yourself if they are. It's not like someone couldn't find out if they wanted to.

This is what I mean by "hate crimes" with the cover of "government research". The woman who was lasering my Dad's back is some kind of government worker or her boyfriend is. But they're there, torturing my Dad. That's what it looked like. And I am forced to suspect my Dad's hired help is being paid to do something too, but I really don't know. I can't say at all.

So yeah, the police here are calling the shots.

If my parent's are free to leave, why are they being forced to stay here and be tortured? Why are they not allowed to liquidate that assets and have cash and travel? They have a house and property, which makes it look like they have money but someone ties up all their money and tells them to not even help their own kids.

If my parents try to help their kids, they get tortured.

And now someone is trying to work on my parents to have me leave so I can't report what is happening over here. I guess they're worried about me because I have been able to identify a few people who are committing crimes against my family and using government friends as a cover.

They started talking about how they are thinking of having me leave but I know they don't want me to leave. The only people who would want me to leave would be the people here who are torturing them, the FBI, because I'm able to document what they're doing to my parents, and police. I already know my parents don't want me to leave.

I said I wanted a plane ticket out of here so I can report to another country what the U.S. is allowing. And basically, the FBI and military forced my parents to say all they would offer is a bus ticket in the U.S. Like that does me or my family any good at all. I'm not going to Canada or Mexico because there is no point. They work with the U.S. They didn't help me and my son before, my son, a baby, who was being tortured. Why would they help us now?

So basically some group here is trying to pressure and force my parents to have me leave so I don't even have a place near my Mom and Dad. I guess they want me out in some other part of the U.S., with no work, no college, no child, and open to be further tortured and held hostage and used, and not be able to report what:

Debbie, and

do to my mother, and what some of these other people have done to my Dad.

I said, "Right. I saw those passports the FBI made, at the drop of a hat. And THEY'RE telling YOU what to do with your own property and kids, as if you're NOT being held hostage?"

The FBI isn't covering for my parents. They're covering for THEMSELVES. They realized people might wonder if it's true my family is held hostage and being tortured and used and they came up with phoney passports, issued from the Department of State, to try to dissuade me from reporting the fact they are commiting hate crimes.

My family is being held hostage in the U.S. and I can prove it.

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