Monday, October 3, 2011

Amanda Knox

I don't know how this case got as far as it has.

How should I know who is guilty or innocent, but you're not even supposed to bring a case on something where the evidence has been clearly tampered. And it sounds like circumstantial evidence too.

I haven't followed it or heard about it at all until today and clicked on the headline. If that's how people bring forth cases, the next time around, and it's you, and they use THAT for "case law", how will someone like it then?

On tampered evidence alone it never should have been a case. You can't dig through stuff and leave it sitting around for over a month and then poke at things, and transfer bits around, and then say, "We found this on this." It wasn't even slightly tampered evidence, it was completely contaminated evidence. And of course it's possible someone is going to be trying to frame someone.

It sounds political.

Maybe someone is pushing so hard for this, against the evidence, because they were more concerned about what someone discovered about the victim so they're trying to discredit people.

This is the kind of case where you look at what was done with the evidence from the start and say, "We don't have a case. We can't use any of this."

Investigator: "I think I'll poke my finger into this, and then I'm going to look at this, hmm...what's here? oh, I don't like how that looks. I think I'll move it around a little. And then, ahem...I need to right back! don't touch anything! Okay, back, after 6 weeks, and now let's move this here and that there and...hmmm...where's Waldo? hey, and how did this blood get on this item? oh I don't remember but let's fix it up a little...what does the computer have on its file? let's delete all of that."

If someone is messing around with evidence, or not handling it properly, or leaving it for a long time or destroying parts of it, and contaminating it, and then writing a report, how accurate is the report even?

You can't build a case on evidence you don't have, and you can't build a case on evidence that's been contaminated either.

I know what they did with my case though. They had zero evidence to use against me. So they made up some things. And they've been hauling it all the way to Appeals with falsified paper records. The entire thing is papered up with lies.


Anonymous said...

It's in Italy. United States law doesn't even apply there, like any foreign land. Just like there are lots of other people in foreign jails because of circumstancial evidence, etc. Just like the 2 guys that came home from Iran, after being in jail for 2 years.

Mama said...

What do you mean U.S. law doesn't even apply there?

It doesn't apply here either.

U.S. law seems to apply only if you are in the 1% top income bracket. Otherwise, forget it.

From what I have witnessed, there is NO SUCH thing as application of U.S. law.

All of my defense attorneys were corrupt and worked for the State. The Judges were corrupt. They withheld evidence and bought my son as a slave for the U.S. Department of Defense and military, along with the rest of my family.

The U.S.has shown me nothing of justice, and that's after using my parents for decades and making money off of me as well.

So far, what I've witnessed, is hate crimes and religious persecution under the cover of "U.S. research confidentiality".

We've been tortured and it's hate crime, but they have gotten cover for it under "national security" and research interests.

We're hostages and not even free to leave the U.S.

So, I guess when I look at Italy, I think how can allow this kind of case to develop? in front of the whole world, but then you reminded me that the laws don't even apply here.

Probably for most people, in general they apply, but my entire family has been specifically targeted and if someone wants to ruin your life in America, there is no "American Dream".

The difference between Italy and Iran and the U.S. is that the U.S. is currently operating a justice system that's no different from Italy or Iran, but they lie and claim to be superior.

They've allowed personal interests to ruin the system.

In my family, we deal with hate crimes. But what's bad is that the hate crimes and those committing the hate crimes have used a claim of "government research" and "national security" as a cover to prevent someone decent from investigating.

None of us are free to leave this country and they froze all of our assets and blocked cash flow to prevent us from being able to leave or even defend ourselves in court.