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FBI Issues Fake Passports

. I have been talking about how my parents and my family are held hostage in the U.S. I kept saying then where are your passports?

The FBI has been beating up and torturing my mother and father and allowing others to do it, while the military has been deployed to assault us and experiment on us.

I kept saying, "Then where are your passports?" over and over.

It appears like the FBI forced my parents to have passports made after they or their friends stole the other ones from my family.

And it looks like these fake passports, courtesy of the U.S. Department of State, were issued about one week ago.

I had said, "If you have passports, then why haven't you traveled anywhere?" and my mom told me, "We did. We went to Mexico."

I looked at these passports I was shown today and said, "There's no stamp from Mexico." (They went to Mexico in 2010 or 2011). They said, "They forgot to stamp it, I don't know." And I smelled them and said, "They smell like they were recently issued." The paper was hot off the press and smelled like it.

And the photos of my parents looked like were taken within the last 2-3 weeks. I said, "Your eyes have the darkening on the insides and you never had that until about 2-3 weeks ago." My mom's nose looked broken as well. My mother's eyes never had that dark skin on the insides until the last 2-3 weeks and specifically, after Patty took my mother out for a "day away" in Roseburg.

On my Dad's photo, it looked recent and his eyes looked like he'd been injected with Haldol, one slightly larger than the other one and he was looking down, sort of like someone from the FBI thought it would be funny to photograph him that way after I joked on my blog about asking the dog, "Are you a good dog?" and he looks straight ahead or "Are you a bad dog?" and he looks down. They had my Dad look down in his fake passport photo to cover for FBI crimes against my family. They mocked my father. I said to my Dad, after noting this and looking at how he was wearing a white t-shirt and had his hair looking shorter, I said, "When did you get your hair cut?" and he said, "I cut it myself about a week ago." The photo was taken sometime after I put up a post on my blog about the "good dog-bad dog" thing and the FBI and Department of State mocked my parents.

They had my mother wearing a black shirt in her photo and my Dad wearing a white t-shirt in his. My father would never have a passport photo taken in a white t-shirt. And the collar of the t-shirt looked like someone had just grabbed the collar and yanked it around. It's not a new t-shirt, it's like one he's been wearing to work everyday for the last few weeks, since about August 2011 since I've been here.

I know my Mom and Dad. They would not wear these shirts for passport photos. My mother would never wear black for a passport photo because it's not her color. I know how she is about color and how she knows what her flattering colors are. She thinks black is fine, but that it darkens the face or isn't the best lighting around the face, and I know that my Dad would never wear a plain white t-shirt with the neck stretched out.

Not only that, my mother's face in the photo looks puffy and shiny like I've seen it recently, since her "friends" forced her to remove evidence of a knife scar from her cheek, when this was one of the forms of evidence I was able to point to, to prove my mother and father, and brother, and me, and my son....and potentially some of the Avilas, are being held hostage in the United States of America and tortured.

They have illegally kidnapped my own son and been torturing my entire family and yes, we are hostages in our own country. The U.S. is creating fraudulent passports to cover for the fact that they stole the passports my parents used to have, and have restricted their freedom to travel.

Guess who supposedly took them to have these passports done, at least my mothers? Debbie and Kathy, the same women who have been poisoning and torturing my mother.

I looked at the issue date and it was March 31, 2007 for my mother and August 16, 2007.

But when I looked at the photos I saw these photos are recently taken after my parents were subjected to torture (not that it hasn't been happening). I guess the U.S. wanted to backdate them so they could get a photo of my mother's eyes with the dark spots and claim she always had this problem and they didn't do it.

They did it. They tortured my mother and father in this country, in violation of all domestic and international laws. And they have been doing this to me and my son as well.

I also noticed that if these were issued in 2007, the scent of the press wouldn't still be on them and it is. They're hot off the press, courtesy of the United States Department of State.

I rest my case.

The United States is holding my family hostage, has been using us for experimentation and research, has tortured all of us, has illegally kidnapped my son and forced family to defame me for their own cover, and they have mocked us and made fun of all of us. We are U.S. citizens.

I said, "This shows you that if the U.S. wants to cover something up, they can do anything."


My parents said, "Have you looked up paranoid schitzophrenia or borderline personality disorder?" and I said, "Yeah, that's what the Catholic church first tried to pin on me and it took them 10 years to try to get it to stick and they resorted to using friends in intelligence to do it."

Not only are we being tortured in the U.S., we are all victims of religious persecution and hate crimes by those who have used their connections in the U.S. government, military, and intelligence, for personal gain.

The receipt that I found while going through some things, for a passport issuance in Coos County, though I don't know which parent it was for, was made June 28, 2005.

I think Judge Wasson doesn't want anything tying her scheduled hearing for the 28th to the date my parents were attempting to leave the country. She is in on it and the entire court of Appeals in Washington is in on this. They're stealing my son and torturing him just because they can and because their own buddies in the FBI, Department of State, and military, are the ones who are responsible for freezing all of our assets, and torturing us with military technology and then literally beating us up while they want to keep using us for research.

Does anyone from the public believe me now? Or anyone from the international community?

I had said, "If the FBI isn't restricting your freedom of travel and torturing us, then where are your passports?" I said, "You don't have them. They won't even let you obtain passports." And my mom said, "Yes we do." I said, "If you have them why haven't you used them?" and she said, "We had to get them to go to Mexico or something and yes, we have them and we've used them."

No Mexico stamp.
Smell of paper and ink that was off the press in the last week.
Photos of my mom and dad that were taken in the last week or two.

So why did Debbie, Kathy, and Patty want to pair my parents up to be wearing black and white? Some kind of Catholic theme? Like, the colors a priest wears? black and white?

They have used their church, and religious hatred, to go after my entire family.

I said, "I don't believe anything the U.S. says anymore. The only way I would believe you are really free is if they allowed you to sell all you had and liquidate your assets, and I knew no one was going to steal those assets once it was done, and we all are standing at an airport, with plane tickets in our hands, and no one steals our money from a bank when we try to deposit there."

The United States is covering for a bunch of religious hypocrites and liars who have literally tortured and assaulted my entire family, and who used church members they knew in intelligence and high positions, to authorize assault and deprivation of justice.

My parents said they don't want me to leave the U.S. and said the laws here protect us and I said, "Yeah, what laws. They're not following any of the laws."

Is anyone interested in hearing how the FBI likes to torture little kids?

It's been reform Jews around my family since 1997. And then some of them colluded with Roman Catholics in intelligence fields and military after they sent one of their guys out to rape me in 1998 and put Carmen Wilson, who was connected to Jewish interests, into my family with the Army in 1998.

I have had people mainly from the Catholic church assaulting me but then I recall being surprised to find out many of the people involved were not Catholic but Jewish. So I believe there was a Jewish interest in some regard and then a Catholic interest for other reasons, and it appears they colluded, with political motives and religious hate, to try to repeatedly defame, falsely imprison, malign and attempt to entrap my entire family. They used their connections in U.S. military, in the CIA, Department of State, and FBI. If you're religious, and affiliated with a group, you can cover a lot of ground just by being a member of a church.

Catholics and Jews colluded internationally and on American soil, to torture my entire family. And they used government resources to do it. There have been a few Protestants, but not many, and they came into the picture much, much, later, after Catholics and Jews had already used media and government connections to defame us and try to cut us out of money.

We were all being tortured, with use of the U.S. military through both Jewish and Catholic channels. They tortured us and excused it as "research" and claimed it was top secret when really, it was a way to interfere with my lawsuits and my attempt to make a living in this country honestly, and have my son and my good reputation as well.

My parents were not forced to agree that I was "mentally ill" until the U.S. continued to use Catholics and Jews together, who had government contacts, to torture us. So then my parents started to lie and agree with them, hoping they'd back off and knowing there was no recourse because they had all the power and were using it against citizens. It was almost impossible to prove so they thought there was no way to help.

The jewish interests wanted me to sound mentally ill because they were keeping my parents down and raping me and doing weird things for, apparently, UK interests even. The Catholics didn't like me when I stated my religious opinions in 1990, about wanting a Protestant, and then really hated me in 2001, or thereafter, when they assumed everything the priests and monks and their lawyers were telling them about me was true. It wasn't true.

I thought at first I had only Catholics against me but I realized some of the jews were working with them.

My parents went from having a pretty open mind or sounding fairly normal, in 2001, to suddenly telling me, after being forced to move to Coquille, to stop the lawsuits. They never once agreed I was mentally ill, even though that's what the Catholic church was encouraging law enforcment they knew, and FBI, to put into a formal record against me.

It was basically hate crimes. At first, I guess the jewish interest just let the Catholics handle most of the defamation, though they contributed by publishing a false article about me. But they allowed the Catholic church to have most of the blame because I had litigation with them so it looked logical and was a good cover--I did not suspect jewish interest for awhile until I started noticing, bit by bit, some of these people telling me they were Catholic and doing horrible things and wanting to entrap me in something, were actually jewish.

From 1997-2005, almost all of the harassment was coming from only Catholics and jews. If anything bad happened to me, or if I found out someone was trying to smear me to local police, FBI, or anyone, I kept discovering these people were Jewish or Catholic. And I wasn't automatically assuming anything. I was wondering what in the world was going on and then discovering, oh my gosh, and they are Catholic too? I couldn't figure out why so many of them were going out of their way to harass me and defame me. They were the ones saying I was mentally ill, not one Protestant did, ever.

So for 8 full years, from 1997-2005, I was slowly being maligned and discredited, and stolen from, but every time I found out who was behind it, they were 80% of the time Catholic and 20% of the time reform Jewish. I never found even one person to do anything wrong, during this time, who was of Protestant faith.

So this is why, after 8 years of this, I began to believe I was a victim of religious and not just political persecution.

I found out someone was trying to start an investigation against me with local police and I would check to find out who, and it was someone Catholic. I would try to find out who was defaming me in a newspaper and then feeling confused because I thought all the problems were Catholic but then why was this a jewish-owned and edited newspaper? I had at least a dozen incidences happen like this, and finally realized, it seemed to be religious-based and maybe that affected politics. Because why was not even ONE person who was behind smearing me Protestant christian? Not ONE. NO ONE was!

Then, I am thinking either money came into play, or that some Protestants just started to believe the defamation against me. Part of the reason, was probably because then my parents were being tortured and forced to say I was mentally ill when I wasn't. So I think hearing how my parents weren't helping me, and not knowing my parents were being forced to do and say things, led some Protestants to go along.

And that did not happen, at all, until 2005 when I was then living in Wenatchee, Washington.

I swear to God, on my honor, I never once found one single Protestant, non-Catholic baptised or born or jewish affliated person ever saying anything bad about me. Never.

It was solidly Catholic and Jewish harassment, false accusations, and attempts to entrap. But mainly I only noticed the Catholic involvement because I couldn't figure out why anyone jewish would care about me at all.

Then I noticed, when I had my lawsuits, which were all about members of the Catholic church and some jewish I guess (since they owned the paper), I was being targeted with military technology.

All of a sudden, in 2002, my parents changed abruptly from being honest and trying to support me and knowing I had been grossly defamed, to lying for others. I started to get angry with them and we had serious family problems but I had no idea the only reason they were doing this was because they were being tortured and forced to discourage me from pursuing reinstatement of my good name. I was only attempting to prove I was innocent.

But I believe then the people who hated me started torturing my parents first.

After the religious-connected U.S. military and government used their resources to take personal aim at my family, it looked like I had no family back-up. So then I think Protestants started to think there was something wrong with me. They assumed, "Well, if her own family is saying there is something wrong, maybe there is."

It was not until 2004 that I believe police really began torturing and taking advantage of my parents, without my knowledge. It wasn't just police though. It was military and FBI. My parents were not forced to say anything against my mental health when I moved to Wenatchee, Washington.

Not once did they agree with anyone that I was mentally ill. The only thing that changed was they kept telling me to stop the lawsuits. I didn't realize they were being tortured over it. I told them, "I did! and they're still trying to defame me with police and harassing me!" It wasn't like the neighbors were a problem. What they were doing, was calling up government workers they knew, and defaming me. It was going into local police and FBI records and making me sound like I was this horrible, mentally ill, and criminal person when I wasn't. And then that was happening undercover, or without my knowledge at first. On the surface, what they did at the same time, was start following me around, surveilling me (and then calling me crazy if I said I was being surveilled), vandalizing my cars and property, stealing my belongings and assaulting me. So I was then calling police to report things and getting the strangest response, that they weren't going to take a report.

From 1997-2004 thereabouts, every officer I found out who was put on my case and trying to say nothing happened to me, or who was writing me up as nuts or "unstable", was Catholic or jewish. Mostly Catholic. Every single one.

I thought, "How in the world are they picking up every single report I make and getting to the front line on it?" It was like suddenly the entire police force, in every county, city, and FBI office was Catholic. I kept wondering how I was getting all of the catholic officers, at every single call and on each report. That went all the way up to 2004 and the first time I ever met or spoke with an officer regarding my person, that was NOT Catholic, was when 2 FBI agents came out to take a report of misconduct and one of them told me (I don't know if it's true) that they were Mormon.

Out of maybe 50+ police contacts on various vandalisms, tickets I was receiving, and undercover "investigations" against me, ONE was Mormon. Another 50 of the incidents was picked up by a Catholic officer and then never reported on the record. I was pulled over and stopped a number of times, with no one making a record of it. Or, I would call in to report a new crime, and finding out later, no one was making a report for me for the record. At least half of the incidents were covered up or never documented, but I was still making contact with a Catholic officer, each time.

So I wondered, how is it possible they know I'm about to call, or they always want to send a catholic officer on it, this many times? It was starting to look like the entire department was Catholic.

In 2004 I met a few token Mormons.

Dan Gatti had initially helped me on a couple of legal things and I liked him but then I started to not trust him because I thought, "I don't know if he's really a christian because he was baptised Catholic and all of my problems are ending up with the catholic church members." So it made me wonder. Just as I then had to wonder about my "friend" Christa Schneider, who said she was protestant christian but her entire family was baptised catholic and her sister married a catholic and lived in Texas.

I started loudly asking why all the law enforcement smearing me was Catholic. And then I also looked into the Willamette Week and noticed the editor and possibly the owner was Jewish. I said to my parents, "I thought they were all Catholic but then I don't know why this Jewish newspaper guy is refusing to retract the defamatory comments". That was 2002. I first approached the Catholic reporter and her photographer and tried to get somewhere with it and then the supervisor but I was shocked because no one wanted to correct the story at ALL. So here I am, thinking it's all Catholic smear, and then I found out the guy controlling the thing was actually Jewish. He refused to correct the defamation, even though I appealed to him personally and called him and sent him an email, asking kindly and pleading with him to correct the defamtory comments.

I guess he was working for the Middletons in the UK and The Roses and Rose-Lewises. They wanted to smear me for one reason and the Catholic church lawyers wanted to smear me for another reason. But even though I picked up on a few jewish things here and there, I couldn't understand why, and mainly blamed the Catholic church members.

So I started openly and loudly talking about all this "Catholic" defamation and how all the police were and how I was being defamed underground and they weren't allowing me discovery so I was able to correct or refute it.

It was true, so then in 2004 I met the token Mormons. The token Mormons were maybe accessed by catholic members who knew they were not very good Mormons and could either be persuaded incorrectly or bribed. I still wasn't ever being met or greeted by any Protestant christians. So it was token Mormons. I got a Wes with the FBI in Wenatchee, a couple corrupt officers in Wenatchee, a Sgt. Austria (I think was Mormon) in Portland, Oregon, and an FBI SSA from D.C. And none of them helped and in fact they colluded with more monied interests. They were corrupt. I actually don't know that much about the one from D.C., but all I can say is that my feeling is that I have to include him into the corrupt category simply because whatever they wrote in their report after that contact, led to my being chased around by law enforcement and mocked. He was also supposed to get back to me and didn't. Does that mean he's "corrupt"? Not exactly, but it's more that what happened to me after I made the contact was so bad, and I heard about how I had been smeared by so many different law enforcement personnel, it is my belief that if you smear someone and leave a person out in the open to be tortured and can't even make a return call or give someone their FOIA so they can attempt to validate themselves, there is corruption there. And then I was disappointed by a couple of other Mormons who dropped the ball on things--one being a lawyer and who was intimidated out of helping me and the other who refused to help me defend my right to housing but was pressuring me to sell my eggs, and another woman who worked for the state and used a religious platform to claim someone else should have my son because I was a single mother. Some of the Mormons are very good, and some are not. The Mormon church in Wenatchee, was, in my opinion, corrupt. It was my impression that something strange was going on with the leadership for that church, in that specific town, like prostitution to pastors or for pastors and deacons or something. It was just a very weird vibe I was getting. In other areas, I met really good Mormons. I also met an Irish Mormon in Seattle whom I felt was connected to FBI in the area and I didn't get a good feeling from him at all. I had a weird feeling he was using the religion as a cover for something else maybe.

I was constantly being directed and connected to the wrong people.

When I was in Wenatchee, all the problems that began there were with Catholic people. Catholic doctors, nurses, Judges, lawyers, and police. Every single time, and every single person. It was Catholic people who were trying to carry on the defamation that began against me in Oregon, to Wenatchee. And then things got worse for my parents at the same time. Catholic doctors and nurses claiming I didn't have real migraines and refusing to treat me for severe pain. Catholic nurses hanging up on me repeatedly and then claiming I was harassing them and they needed a police escort to their car. Catholic Judges (Warren) illegally suspending my driver's license. Catholic judges (Nancy Harmon) insulting my son, a baby, in court, and yelling at me while her husband was an officer whose team constantly pulled me over for driving violations I never committed. They pulled me over at least 30 times or more on false reasons and then never documented it. They were constantly harassing me. While the Wenatchee police and County police harassed me constantly, and the Catholic medical personnel refused to treat severe migraines after their friends triggered them, I was having my property vandalized again, and people trying to take my son.

It was Jewish and Catholic, people and then, after I had several reactions and outbursts which Protestants saw, it influenced the way I was being treated by Protestant christians then. And then at the exact same time, in 2005, when my parents were trying to apply for a passport knowing we might need to leave because of the corruption, my parents were being forced to agree that I was "mentally ill". I got into a fight with my family because I couldn't believe my parents told me not to fight a false charge of a misdemeanor against Granny. I also couldn't understand why they refused to help with certain things. I had told Schneider what bothered me about the catholic church was that they had deliberately tried my patience. Iwas so nice to them, for months and months and then they were deliberately lying about me and trying to provoke me and saying one thing and then taking it back.

All of a sudden, my parents who are the type to stand by what they say, started doing the same thing. They would say they were going to do something and then not do it. They were jerking me around like the catholic church members did, to provoke me, and I really thought this was my parents free choice. But it wasn't. I know now that they were being forced to do this, and by forcing my mom and dad to lie, the catholic church and reform jews, with their FBI, CIA, and military, police, justice system connections, were trying to alienate and distance our family.

They tortured my parents to say these things. And they were trying to control all of us and what public perception was. Because for over 8 years, the public perception was sort of leaning to believe that yeah, I was being defamed and persecuted by a group. So to correct this and cover it up, they used my own parents and family against me.

I had no idea whatsoever, that they were pressured to do and say these things. When my parents started to agree I was maybe mentally ill, I thought it was the grossest betrayal and thought they really were responsible for trying to discredit me and just didn't want me to have my son for some reason.

Now I know, they were being forced to discredit me.

My parents never thought I was mentally ill. They knew I was being tortured and they were being tortured too. But the people torturing us and using government resources to assault us, were proving to be almighty and powerful and it looked futile to fight it. So my parents, to try to save us from worse harm, were pressured to say I was mentally ill and that nothing bad was happening to any of us.

They tried to get passports and they were blocked by the FBI, which was partly responsible for some of the torture and assault occuring to my family. The Catholic church and reform jews who had defamed me and done some incredible things to my family, were using all of the United States resources to harm us. They used people they knew in mafia, in FBI, CIA, and military as well as local, county, state law enforcement, lawyers and judges.

And since my parents had been used for government research and experimentation, they tried to use absolute immunity and "national security" arguments as a cover to prevent anyone from investigating crime of torture and false imprisonment against my entire family. The Catholic church and reform jews that had started the problem and illegally used U.S. government resources for personal gain, and to persecute us, attached arguments against us for involving others who had no interest in wanting to keep us down.

It suddenly switched from being a story about massive persecution and hate crimes, and assault under color of the law, and defamation of my character, to some kind of "U.S. CIA and military sponsored research program." With the FBI covering up everything and allowing local police to trash everything I said, and using an argument about the importance of using my son Oliver, for research for their program and how using me was of national importance and scientific research interest.

They combined religious hate and jealousy and greed, and used government programs as their cover and excuse.

While I have been writing this, by the way, the military has harmed me. About halfway through my post here, the military decided to amp up what they were doing, and use technology to harm.

And this is what they've done to my parents, because I've been over at their house when it's happening, at day or at night, and I've seen the effects on their bodies. It's U.S. military.

This entire town is an underground military research site and they have CIA and FBI personnel here too. No, I'm not exaggerating.

Just last week, as I've been talking about what's going on, who wanted to have me evaluated before my son's case was lost?


The religious people want me discredited for political and religious reasons, and they they tapped into the people running illegal U.S. research programs to get protestant christians and others, to also go along with the idea of discrediting me.

Yeah, we're not "hostages".

Oh, sure. I saw passports too.

Real, bona fide U.S. Department of State passports. Brand spanking new ones with false dates on them and no stamps from travel to Mexico.

And the entire country and world is supposed to believe THEM instead of ME.

Everyone is supposed to think I'm lying or delusional to claim my entire family is being tortured. Why? because the religious interests who are using U.S. government office for their own cover, say so. How do they say so? They say so by falsifying records.

They falsified these passports and they falsified any and all legal documentation about stealing my son from me. They drugged me to keep me from fighting them because they decided they wanted me to be degraded, and my entire family degraded, while we are forced to be human subjects for U.S. research.

Which is nothing more than an excuse for political and religious hate crimes.

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