Saturday, October 1, 2011

Held Hostage: Deep Underground U.S. Military & CIA

I found out they're trying to do something about me again. The U.S. persons who have committed crimes of torture and corruption. I'm talking about things the military and CIA don't want me to talk about, and how religious groups are currently controlling intelligence.

The FBI is responsible for the torture to my parents, because they know it's happening. My mother's eyes are changed in the last 3 weeks, my Dad's eyes are changed, my Dad's hands were broken by cops (Ray McNeeley was on duty that day, and the Chief) and FBI after I reported torture being done to them, and my mother's teeth are now looking like she was forced to drink something that ate away the enamel and just overnight. I saw her teeth yesterday and there was nothing wrong with them before she went to Patty's for "tea."

The people who are wanting to get close to me right now are connected to the U.S. military.

They were torturing my parents before, because I could feel what they were doing to them and it was the same thing done to me. But then someone just went all-out and decided to make it show and they didn't care. Right now, they are making a point, or trying to prove a point, that they will torture my parents anyway they want, and even with evidence, no one is going to do anything about it.

Who does this? The U.S. FBI gets away with it and allows others to get away with it. But the programs are military and CIA, not FBI.

We are all being held hostage in our own country.

After I reported what was happening to my parents, the FBI and local police came over to break my Dad's hands and to watch.

The CIA is trying to make all of us sound crazy right now. They are trying to break my parents too, and the evidence is that while before they tortured them to lie about me and my being tortured with my son, now, they are torturing my parents and trying to drive them crazy.

They are trying to put my parents on the same trajectory they put me slowly make them sound like they're becoming mentally ill when they're not. And they're trying to torture them to break of their own accord, from what they're doing to them now.

What is incredible, is that in the middle of this, they're still forcing them to work.

The neighbors around them are U.S. military and part of it.

My Dad went into a U.S. military office when he was 17 years old. I don't know if this is true, but he told me he had an appointment in Seattle, Washington and went in and they told him he could sign up but only with his Dad's signature. And then I think his Dad agreed but then he was on some list and it wasn't part of the draft list, I can't remember, they didn't call him up or take him for some reason.

The U.S. military and CIA lie. They have had my entire family in deep underground research for decades and used us, I guess, for PSI research and mind control. They forced my parents to lie about me, about what they think about me, and how they feel. After they tortured me and my son, through religious channels to the military, when I got a lawyer, it was a Navy lawyer.

The only problem I was aware of, when I went to Canada with my son, was the local FBI.

I was thrown back from Canada and the lawyer was Navy and at first he said he'd take my case and then he was telling me to do everything on my own, Pro Se. He had over 20 years experience in the military.

The torture has been Italian mafia known, and Irish known, but the authority who is aware of everything is the DOD. The Department of Defense knows about my entire family and they have allowed the FBI to persecute us and torture us. The FBI took my parent's passports. The FBI had someone steal my passport in 2002, in Portland, Oregon, right after I looked into flying to Vienna, Austria. And my brother's passport was stolen by the FBI in 2009 or 2010, after I split with my Ex.

My brother's passport was stolen, he said, when he was in Miami, Florida.
(Which is where Brad Uhl, the DEA guy in Nashville, was from. And where Bujanda, FBI agent, liked to live. Chris Rozollo, and a few others.)

Not only has the FBI stolen passports for my entire family, they blocked and allowed others to retrict our travel too. The FBI had passport agencies stall and delay on processing my passport because they didn't want me to leave when they were still experimenting on me in Tennessee and wanted a wedding to occur before I got away, out of the country. They used me. And in the meantime, they tortured my Mom and Dad and brother and allowed others to torture us.

The FBI stole my brother's passport, withheld me from getting mine until now, after they cut off any possible way for me to have any money, and they have my Mom and Dad's passports in their own possession.

Not one person in my immediate family is free to travel.

Even when I was in the U.S., I was being blocked from leaving one town to the next by transportation officials at different times.

While the FBI holds all of our passports (except mine, but they made sure I can't travel because they cut off all our money), they are torturing my family and allowing people to torture my son and the Avilas in Wenatchee, Washington.

The definition of "hostage" is when one is blocked and restricted from traveling freely, or imprisoned in some form, against their will. My entire family is being held hostage in the U.S., by the FBI, and who do we have to turn to?

They forced my parents to travel to Mexico and a little bit in the States, to make it appear as though nothing was wrong, and that they were able to travel. But the FBI forced them to make the trip, and go along with things, for the cover. They did this when I was blogging in TN about being blocked from leaving the country and stalling on processing of my passport.

I have asked my parents to show me their passports if they are not held by the FBI and they can't, because they are being held and restricted by the FBI. I found a receipt but I don't know if it's for one of their own passports because there is no name on it, it's just a receipt.

But it says it was applied for June 28, 2005. One month after my son's 1st birthday and my parents came out to visit.

If it is the receipt for a passport for my Mom or Dad, it means someone may have thought one or both of them were planning to take a vacation, or a trip, around that time.

This was after a small amount of torture with technology had already started against me and my son. And my parents came to visit us once, on his 1st birthday after seeing me after I delivered, and afterwards, someone applied for a passport.

The FBI is maliciously and brutally involved in the beating and torture of my entire family. Which is why they have had all of us lie to protect so many people, and why I have not been able to get help from anyone in the FBI. The FBI has been involved in having me sent to psych ward and trying to say I'm mentally ill, when they, were involved, before my Mom and Dad even applied for passports, in

June 28, 2005.

It's starting to look like someone thought someone was going to leave and blocked them. Blocked the entire family so that the entire Garrett family could be held in the U.S. and tortured.

What also occured, in 2005, is that Russia and some other countries became aware of the U.S. and other countries that use military and FBI technology against their own citizens and they passed laws to prevent the same thing from happening there. Or at least, put a law into place.

The U.S. military and CIA have used my family, and the FBI has been poisoning, beating, and torturing us while the military says they'll just kill us. And then they prove what they can do by colluding, the FBI and military, with use of torture against men, women, and children.

My entire family is being held hostage in the United States of America.

I am the only person with a passport right now, and I am not free to leave because the FBI has told my parents not to give me any money. The federal government blocked me from even going to college and having money this way. They still haven't even paid me for 2 days work in this town for a military connected guy.

This entire town is underground military and CIA project and they have FBI torturing and interrogating my parents and threatening them with use of police and sheriff. My son has the same thing being done to him. Not only that, the people coaching my parents on what to write in emails is the same group that is coaching my Aunt in what to write in emails.

Why would my Mom or Dad apply for a passport on June 28, 2005 if they never used it until 2011?

It's more like, at the time I told them my son and I were being tortured with some kind of military or police technology, the same thing happened to them, and then they came to visit us and I told them more about what was happening and one of them went to the post office and applied for a passport.

The FBI is beating up my Dad. They are beating up my Mom. And they have personally punched my son in his face, when he was only 3 years old.

It started after I made a report of "misconduct" in 2004 with the Portland FBI offices. One year later, we were all trying to get out of the country, is what it's looking like. The FBI blocked all of us from leaving and sicked their CIA and military friends on us, while they watched and beat us up if we told on them. Like my son. My son tells on them and their mafia pals? My son gets punched in the face.

They know Judge Wasson. And they know all three of the other Judges in Washington, and Shea knows my parents. Shea, the Irish federal judge I appealed to for an injunction, to protect my rights to my son. From the September 14th hearing to the 28th, that's when my parents were visibly beat up the worst. And Judge Wasson was the one to decide to make the hearing date the 28th.

Kind of reminiscent of June 28, 2005, when someone applied for a passport. I mean, it doesn't have a name on it, so maybe it's not theirs, but it was in their belongings and I found it and that was the date.

Let's review some facts:

I reported FBI misconduct in June (I believe) 2004. I start having mafia-like people driving past my house all of a sudden. I get pregnant and tell my Dad, I've already quit the litigation against the different groups but someone is still causing problems. I have a baby and start being tortured with my Baby. I email my Mom and Dad to let them know. I am in the middle of repeatedly asking the FBI to turn over their FOIA about me, because I've been in danger and harassed by police and law enforcement ever since I made a report against FBI agents. I start thinking about applying for political asylum for me and my son and start looking up ideas online.
My Mom and Dad come to visit me May 15, 2005. They hear from me what is happening and deny knowing anything. They apply for a passport one month later on June 28, 2005. For me, it's all about my son. My parents hear that yet one more generation is being tortured by someone in the U.S. government, and now it's them and their daughter and son too, all at the same time, or maybe it didn't happen for my brother until his Army wife left. Then Judge Wasson has all the people she knows, beat my parents to shut them up until the next hearing date, which she scheduled for the 28th. Nice round even number to match the day on a passport someone applied for.

Judge Wasson is a liar. And so is and was the Koch firm.

Sure. My parents are not lying. My parents are not being told to lie. Right. They want to leave the country and apply to leave but they're not being tortured or told to lie about torture to their kids. The U.S. military never worked with the CIA or FBI to get to us.

It's been religious too, not just political. It's mainly been religious and then having these groups using their connections with police, FBI, CIA, and military.

Do you know what they're trying to do now?

By the way, I am being seriously targeted with military technology right now. I started writing about the FBI stealing and taking all of my family's passports and money, and it started up.

These things happened since I talked to Wasson in Washington on the 14th (oh, by the way, Patty knows the Washington people and my Mom gets calls from WA too):

My mother came back from Patty's house yesterday, for "tea" and her bottom teeth look like they had the enamel taken off. I looked at my mom's eyes in natural light today and they are totally ruined. The skin inside her eyes and around her eyes is permanently damaged and changed color. The insides of the whites of her eyes has changed from normal opaque white to pale yellow throughout and with ridges on the sides, of thickened whites like glaucoma effect. My mom's toenails changed color from normal to abnormal showing signs of torture and acute overheating and poisoning. The brown long scar on her forearm was from a laser because today I noticed it's off and underneath the skin is pink-white like my arm where I had been lasered. It's not an age spot. And it wasn't from burning herself with a pan. It was a laser burn and it has developed like the laser burn that happened to my arm, which I photographed. My mother also got lasers all over the side of her face by her jawline. I don't know if this is true, but it is possible that my mother was also raped when the door was broken down and then people laughed about it and mocked her. I am not sure about this, but if this happened, she would be forced to even lie about that.

This morning my mother's eyes were normal one minute, and I was looking at her the whole morning, and then she was being attacked while trying to just get some cooking done, by the laser or technology where they have blasted me on one side of my head. My mom came back to the livingroom and I knew that's what happened, because all of a sudden, one of her eyes wasn't focused straight ahead anymore and was cross-eyed to the outside, not crossing in but crossing out. And that's what has happened to my eyes when the military has likewise targeted me and done something to one side of my head and brain. It affects the eyes.

Then this military pastor came over and the whole time my parents are being told to write as if they honestly believe I'm crazy or mentally ill and then the military people are writing back and confirming they agree and visiting the house to agree.

After the U.S. cut me out of going to college and having any money, and did this at a time they had Wasson rule against me because of the horrible job the Koch firm did on purpose, they then tried to tell my parents I now need to go to counseling. Why? because now they only want to try to diagnose me further because I'm reporting torture that's being done to my parents. They forced my parents to not even help me with printing things out for court and tortured them with their eyes ever since I wrote a post about how certain people are blind, just like the Israeli boy was pretending to be, who walked forward and then someone grabbed him and killed him. I wrote this post about how a group was blind, and people started trying to blind my parents.

This is what the FBI and military did to my family with our money:

1. My brother: His "Army" spy-wife took everything from him after lying to our entire family. She is what caused my brother's poverty and debt. She took the cars and left him with the payments. She lied about everything. Then the U.S. told him he owed them $13,000 backpay for overpayment of unemployment money. They got police to start following him everywhere and ticketed him for not having his driver's license after he got a speeding ticket he couldn't pay because Carmen Wilson had screwed him over with her friends and put him into financial poverty. And then my brother got screwed over and infogated by his next girlfriend. The FBI knew that if he had no money after the divorce, and they took away other things, they could cut off his cash flow.

2. My parents: My parents' money is controlled by the U.S. military and FBI. The "friends" who are not friends, take more than a little additional money and then resort to their FBI and Sheriff pals when they want to threaten. My parents are not only told to lie, or all of us are tortured worse, they are told not to help us with money. And their "friends" clean them out of the money they make. They have no liquid assets and are not allowed to even use their own property as they want. Their property is occupied by people who think my parents owe them something.

3. Me: If I want to work for the U.S. government at minimum wage, for more Catholics who control the intelligence and FBI and have spearheaded torture against my parents, I might find work. Anywhere in town is fine, because the entire town is underground military. I quit after the second day because the owners were not using me to work a normal job, they were using me for their own personal military research and they used technology on me and I didn't appreciate it. So I quit. I think someone in the government hoped I would work there and then claim I was never forced to work at Logan's in Tennessee. But that's not true. I was forced to work at Logan's, for U.S. research and most of the people there using me were Catholic. Pretty much, all of them. The FBI blocked me from getting my passport on time, and they drugged me and allowed others to drug and medicate me. They knew this would make it impossible for me to protest about what was done on my custody case Appeal, or be able to keep up. They drugged me repeatedly and tortured me and prevented me from leaving the country to get help before time was up. Then they brutally tortured my family up to the hearing date of September 28, 2011 and said I lost. It was a joint effort and they broke my Dad's hands over it too. So now, the U.S. knows I have no money for college or living expenses. They gave me my passport after they had my college blocked. And after they showed me how they were blocking my money or ability to do anything normal in life, like attend college, they gave me my passport, knowing I couldn't go anywhere. They did this after I called Linda and John Hartley "sleeper spies". So basically, when I had money, the U.S. either stole my passport or delayed processing, and when I had my passport, they cut off my money. Thereby, imprisoning me in my own country where they have tortured my whole family and continue to use us for experimentation and illegal research. Then, after they cut off my money and cut off my ability to leave the country, they "lost" my Appeal and are trying to formalize cutting off my parental rights. This is what the Catholic church has done to my family, along with a few other groups, by using their FBI, CIA and military contacts.

The FBI has stolen and taken all of our passports, cut off our money completely by taking even drastic measures of "overhauling" an entire department of the U.S., just to block me and my family from having money to protest what is being done to my son Oliver Garrett and to get at us all psychologically.

The FBI has also gone in with others to torture my Mom and Dad and they have made them so afraid, because of what the military powers are, and FBI abilities, in torturing with technology that you can't see or prove, they lie.

Now, the next step they have made, is to force my mother and Aunt to write emails to eachother and to friends, to gradually make them sound like THEY are possibly losing their minds. And they're doing it slowly. They force them to exchange letters to eachother that the sponsoring party knows will be understood and interpreted as intimidation and announcements that people are being tortured in Dryden, Washington just as they are being tortured in Coquille, Oregon. Not only do they have family exchanging emails, lying to eachother and knowing they are being forced to lie to eachother, they are having to write disturbing things that let the other one the family is not okay and that people are suffering.

In addition to this, my mother has people instructing her on how to write her emails to others, and they are telling her to say lies, about how she thinks I'm mentally ill and then military people are writing back agreeing yes, it's true, that all these military and CIA people who have been in the business 20 years all agree that I am paranoid schitzophrenic. These military people who have been doing this for over 20 years a piece and who then come over to my parents house to talk about how fast a bullet to the head can be. Basically, wanting my parents to cover for the torture and research and then threatening all of us with death and bullets to the head and worse torture with technology. And then my parents get beat up and come back and do what they're told to do.

Not only are my parents forced to lie and say I'm mentally ill and lie about themselves behind tortured, they are being forced to write notes to other people that make themselves sound like they're losing it and then they're getting emails and phone calls from people who harass them, making fun of rape even through media contacts, others writing about alzheimer's when my parents have had military technology used on them, and given medications including sodium penthanol.

My parents have people forcing them to sound like their extreme or gradually turning nuts. And they are forcing my parents to read things that are intended to trigger anxiety and fear about family members.

Meanwhile, all these people force my parents to keep working while they torture and assault and medicate them, and tell them to write stuff that makes it sound like they really think there is something mentally wrong with me.

The same people who are tortuing my parents and I here are doing it over in Dryden, Washington. It's all connected people, and a lot of their connections are from FBI.

The CIA and military are being controlled by religious groups that hate us. And they tell us what to do because they are in control. They have gone to such extremes, and hate us this much, and make this much money off of making fun of us and torturing us, the FBI has stolen and taken all of our passports and cut off all of our money. The U.S. has done this. They also issued a 22 billion dollar threat to the UN not to get involved and stick their nose in their own business or the U.S. will cut off funding to other countries--over what? my family.

It is literally that bad. What is being done to my family is so incredibly bad, it is literally worth a 22 billion dollar threat, and much more. The FBI has been allowing assault to happen to all of us since late 2004, and my parents heard what was being done to my son.

The other part is that it involves mafias too, because people who decided they didn't like us, used their friends in the mafia who had ties to U.S. government to get to us. However, the U.S. government is proving to be the biggest mafia because it is the group doing the research and experimentation and torturing us to go along with it.

2002. I started looking at leaving for Vienna, Austria. My passport was stolen. I reported it stolen but the FBI and passport people wouldn't send me confirmation they got my report. When I was having passport photos redone in 2003, the woman in the Portland passport post office grinned when I said, "Why are you asking me to verify who I am? you guys already know and have my information." She grinned like she was shocked I already knew the U.S. had my passport. She was telling me I couldn't wear a headband over my hair and I said I wanted to leave it on. I said, "Why can't I wear a headband?" and she said, "We can't have you using anything that covers your head or hair because we need to see who you are." And I said, "You guys already know who I am so I'm leaving the headband on." And I was polite about it and had her take the photo and she grinned over it. It was a normal headband, not a scarf covering. My hair had been shorn, like the girl in the movie "Spy Games" and I wore a headband because I thought it looked more feminine. I had the photos taken but didn't reapply until later.

June 28, 2005. One of my parents applied for a passport which was confiscated by the FBI.
(This was applied for after my son and I were being tortured and they started being tortured too)

August 2005. I move with my son to East Wenatchee and while we are being tortured, my birth certificate and identification papers are stolen from my house. I happened to have an extra one which was how I was able to still leave. I had extras for both me and my son, but someone got into my house and stole all identification papers for me and my child while we were being tortured and I had to use extras to leave for Canada. Most likely, whoever stole the records did what they were told to do and believed I wouldn't be able to leave. It's possible that police in the area got warrants to search my house since I said we were being tortured and I was being accused of prescription pill addiction (which wasn't true). I knew someone was getting into my house but I didn't know who. It might have been that I just had one for my son and two for me and someone assumed if they took the sealed original one for me, I couldn't leave. But I had two of them and I used the other one to leave with my son, and used his original birth certificate too.

Which could get really interesting, because I was accused of being in Canada illegally when I wasn't, and if the police in the U.S. , or FBI, had taken my birth certificate from my house, they might have thought I had entered illegally. But I had all my papers and showed Canadian immigration at the window and at their offices later.

Someone in the U.S. was trapping me and my son to stay there and be tortured.

And they did the same thing with my Mom and Dad.

2009 or 2010. My brother's passport was stolen.

Not one of us is free to leave the U.S....We are all being held hostage and tortured if we talk about it. And my son was illegally kidnapped and taken from me.

One time when I noticed someone had been in my house in East Wenatchee, they left a chapstick behind, but it was my Granny's chapstick and I know she wouldn't leave it behind like that. It's not something she would do.

It was left in the basement of the house for me and my son and it was a cherry chapstick. It wouldn't have fallen out by mistake and my Granny or Grandpa wouldn't leave it behind for any reason. When I saw it, I remember I thought, "Police". It was more like something a police officer would leave behind to make me think the person coming into my place and who had taken my birth certificate was my Granny. Granny wouldn't do that. If she came in to look around, she'd look around and she's not going to leave a perfectly good chapstick lying around for no reason. It was maybe not even hers, but it looked like something she would have.

Someone had stolen my birth certificate and then left behind a cherry chapstick when they came back later. After my passport was stolen first and then I was trying to reapply. It's not easy to reapply for a passport or leave the country, when ones birth certificate is stolen. I looked for it everywhere and it was gone.

Next thing we know, no one can explain how I got into Canada because I was being illegally obstructed from escaping.
TORTURED in the United States, held hostage, cut off of money, illegally defamed as mentally ill, son stolen by U.S. officials to be pimped out to the military, police/FBI, and CIA, and there we are.

Forced famly separations and trauma and living in an underground research base for the CIA and military while the FBI has been all too happy to let us be (I'll make a list to include everything that's happened to me, my mom, my dad, my brother, and my son):

1. sexually assaulted,
2. raped,
3. tortured repeatedly--almost every single day with military and police technology,
4. hypnotised
5. stolen from
6. freedom of pursuing college or having money cut off
7. threatened with death threats
8. almost drowned
9. poisoned
10. drugged with psychotropic drugs
11. medicated
12. exposed to bacterial viruses and toxins
13. forced vomiting
14. slashed neck
15. slashed cheek
16. cut fingers
17. acid burns from hydrochloric acid
18. poisoned cigarettes
19. destroyed singing/vocal abilities
20. broken hands
21. non-police station restraints
22. choking
23. refusal of treatment with necessary antibiotics and medications
24. refusal of diagnostics
25. punched in the face
26. punched in the gut
27. kicked repeatedly
28. hit
29. sexually molested with U.S. oversight as toddlers
30. exposure to pornography as toddler
31. long-range laser target
32. ultrasound target
33. EMF target
34. use of ionic and non-ionic LTL weapons
35. use of infrared
36. sonic pulsing to harm eardrums
37. lasering and pressure to head and eyes
38. broken noses
39. forced blame of other family members
40. forced letters out of character
41. forced lying with threat of torture, further imprisonment or psych ward, or death
42. repeated attempts to trigger psychological trauma
43. blame for torture crimes committed against other family
44. introduction of religions and values that violate our own beliefs
45. murder of unborn and born babies
46. sleep deprivation
47. forced starvation of children
48. forced to be restricted and confined in small places unnecessarily
49. tied down
50. broken/fractured knees
51. lasered in the face and on arms, leaving marks
52. exposed to bacteria and toxins that cause warts or blisters overnight, after covered in toxin
53. military triggering of migraine to coincide with legal hearing dates
54. gassed to be unconscious and not remember
55. injected with sodium penthanol
56. forced to spill gasoline over our truck and told if they start a fire or cause an accident you're dead
57. injected with Haldol without cause
58. threatening family members about doing spinal taps on other family members
59. forced to be silent while others suffer extreme pain
60. pressured into marriages and alliances and friendships we do not want and would not choose
61. tampered water given to children and adults
62. mocked by media paying for torture and info to gloat over, rather than paying to end torture
63. forced to pretend friendships in order to survive and not be tortured worse
64. watched while conducting private and intimate activities
65. videotapes made of torture and degradation done to family members and told "no one cares" 66. made targets of voodoo and wiccan ritual
67. false imprisonment behind bars
68. falsified records to malign members of family to create an inaccurate history
69. administered electrical shocks to genitals and hands
70. forced to sign consent forms for things one is not freely consenting to
71. injected with substances by law enforcement while detained without first seeing doctor
72. forced to expose private parts of the body in U.S. government facilities, including courthouses
73. sexual harassment by jail guards, female and male, in the presence of others
74. forced to change prayers and be mocked upon threat of permanent harm to children
75. forced to lie and say we are harming ourselves when others are doing it or forcing our hand
76. children lied to & harmed by U.S. worker and then condition blamed on child, in front of child
77. children forced to perform sexual activities on U.S. government workers
78. given or offered U.S. CIA sponsored food and products that have been tampered with
79. fertility impaired and in other cases, forced breeding, stealing of eggs while under anesthesia
80. forcing family to do something illegal and taping it for blackmail security

That is just a short list of a few things the United States has allowed and done, in its own name and with its own workers, to my family. I am not exaggerating and the only thing that I suspect more than I know for sure is the part about stealing eggs and I have a hunch about taping but not sure. So yeah, the stealing eggs is a guess, though I've been pressured to SELL mine just to have housing that was supposed to be a federal right.

The rest of the above list, is not guesses or exaggeration. It's fact and I've witnessed almost all of it. I have personally had at least half of the things on the list done to me and I've experienced and witnessed (combined) almost all of the entire list. A few things are suspected but I don't have full evidence, and then the thing about eggs or taping illegal activities for blackmail, that's a guess or an idea.

I am not exaggerating about the other things. These other things have all been done, and there is more as well.

My entire family has been tortured and everyone lies about it to stay alive and not be tortured more, except for me. I am the only one in my family that doesn't lie about being tortured. And I'm the only one who has been wrongly thrown into a psych ward too.

I imagine they blast my parents here and there and then psychically torture them with people present too, to keep them quiet, telling them they will kill our entire family if they don't keep their mouths shut.

I personally would rather we all speak up about what is being done, and testify and make our group testimony known, and face death, than live like this and allow my son and other generations to be tortured by fanatical military nazis.

My parents think things will get better but are doubtful if I don't "forgive".

Forgive who? they say the Catholics but it's a few reform jews too that I've noticed, and some straight-up military power and greed mongers.

I had someone say the group torturing my son was real estate and power connected.

There is no excuse for torture like this, period, and being protected from this treatment doesn't require forgiveness. It's not a privilege to not be tortured, it's a right. I don't have to say "I forgive you" or excuse what people are doing who are criminally corrupt. I don't have to pray for them either. My prayers for them would be a plus for them, and a privilege. The right of my family to not be tortured is a clear right.

We don't have to do anything, for anyone, to secure our right to not be tortured.

I do notice the approximate date things got bad for my family coincides with the year 2002 and then we were all applying to get out in 2005.

The FBI went from being worried about my complaints of what was going on, to doing favors for others.

It comes down to this: My parents have been forced to be part of CIA and U.S. military programs for research. My brother and I never knew and I never thought about it. Then one day, I make a church mad, and another religious group mad, and they used their connections in the CIA, which were in place by 2004, to torture us. One does not get tortured in this country, the whole family, without someone in the CIA and military knowing about it.

Leon Panetta was the head of the CIA in 2004. He got his appointment then. And we started being tortured. Then, he moves from the CIA to the Pentagon and continues his regime. There is no possible way that Leon Panetta and Joe Biden do not know what is going on with my family.

It's impossible for them not to know. And all of the media journalists who have lately been mocking my family and how we're being tortured, have been Catholic.

Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly,...most of the journalists and then 700 club I can only guess has their ties to CIA which is around the corner from them and predominantly Catholic and then they get a lot of their money from jewish interests because they support Israel.

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Anonymous said...

You seriously need to get a life or some mental help IMMEDIATELY!!